Packing clothes for a move

Packing clothes for a move

Packing clothes for a move is usually underestimated project
Packing clothes for a household move is a tedious project that requires timely and efficient approach

As the moving day is approaching, you are getting more and more skilled in packing your household. So far you probably sorted out those items and areas that you don’t use that often and considered the best way to pack fragile items. Now you may be wondering how to pack your clothes for the upcoming move. Compared to other tiresome activities, packing clothes for a move may seem like a breeze.

Moving house involves a lot of hard work and difficult decisions. The fact that you don’t have previous experience in packing and moving house shouldn’t prevent you from having a smooth and successful relocation. Besides, if you don’t think that you can handle everything until the moving day, you can reach out to the professional packers. Moving costs can add up quickly, therefore, you should ask for an on site moving quote before settling for additional packing services.

If you decide to DIY, at least some part of it, take a look at some advice from the professional moving company. We will now reveal some tips and tricks on how to organize the mess when packing and moving clothes. Therefore, make use of our moving guidelines that can make the entire packing process much more bearable.

Guidelines for packing clothes for a household move

As it turns out, some packing projects tend to be underestimated during the moving process. Regardless of how much time you have until the moving day, each packing task should be handled thoroughly. Some people would say that packing clothes for moving is not a big deal. However, at some point, they do realize that they should’ve paid more attention to it.

The good thing about packing and moving clothes is that they are not delicate or fragile and cannot cause any damage to other delicate items in the moving truck in case of some accidents. Although you have packed your clothes so many times before for vacations and trips, packing for a household move requires a more serious approach.

Packing clothing for moving is not always as simple as it may seem at first. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to our comprehensive packing guidelines to complete the process as efficiently as possible.

Things to do before packing clothes for a big move

packing for a household move requires a more serious approach
There are several stages when packing clothes for an upcoming move

Plan ahead

Packing clothes for a move is not just replacing your closets’ content into suitcases and moving boxes. As it turns out, it usually takes more time than expected, so you need to start on time. The complexity of the packing process should not be underestimated, even when it comes to packing clothes. Go ahead and download a moving checklist or make one yourself. Include all of the packing tasks, together with time frames. It doesn’t have to be a strict timeline, as long as you have a general idea about your progress.

Sort through your closet

Moving all your clothes to the new home has proven to be both pointless and expensive. As a rule of thumb, the very first action you should take is to decide what goes with you to the new place. That being said, sort carefully and get rid of unnecessary items. Sooner or later you will realize that there’s no point in moving outdated or outgrown clothes you will never wear. As a general rule, any piece of clothing you haven’t worn for over a year should be thrown, sold, or donated.


A household move is a perfect opportunity to clean out your closet and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in a long time. Create ”donate” and ”sell” piles and arrange your clothes accordingly. Don’t limit yourself to clothes only. Remember that your storage spaces probably have a lot of unnecessary clutter. Outdated furniture or pieces that are too large for your new home should also be considered. Go through one room at a time, including kitchen and bathroom. Pots that have never been used, old lipsticks, newspapers, everything that you don’t use should not go to your new home.

Whether you are moving long-distance or just a couple of blocks away, there’s no point in transporting everything you own.

Comprehensive packing tips for the upcoming move: part 1

Having completed all pre-packing tasks and tedious activities it’s time to get the packing project going. Now that you are aware of some basic procedures and tricks, you can organize and pack up your closet like a pro and enjoy a smooth packing and moving experience.

Different Sizes of Moving Boxes
Get enough moving boxes for your upcoming move

Get enough boxes

First things first! Stock up on quality moving boxes to transport your clothes safely and efficiently. If you opt for getting cheap or free moving boxes NYC, just make sure they are clean, sturdy, and in good condition. Aside from moving boxes, consider using suitcases and travel bags to transport valuable and delicate garments. Furthermore, vacuum bags have proven to be a cheap way to transport your clothes, since they usually take little space in the moving truck. In case you are on a very strict budget, visit your local grocery or liquor store and for sure they will give you some cardboard boxes for free. You can also get online and research the best places to find free moving boxes. However, it’s not a big secret that they do not provide sufficient protection and tend to tear easily during the transport.

Pack smart

Pack smart by grouping your clothes according to the material, season, and size. Bear in mind that delicate and expensive garments should be handled with the utmost care. Also, get plastic containers to move and store off-season clothes. It’s no secret that the process of unpacking will go much smoother and faster if you do the packing properly. As it turns out, it’s in your best interest to introduce some structural organization into the packing and moving process. It will be an incredible timesaver once you move into your new home and start unpacking.

Consider specialty boxes

Stock up on quality wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes
Packing your hanging clothes has never been easier with quality wardrobe boxes

Get specialty wardrobe moving boxes to keep your hanging clothes on their hangers while in transit. You can move your dresses and coats right from your closet without folding them. Your fine garments will reach the new home unwrinkled and in perfect condition. Wardrobe moving boxes are equipped with hand holes for easier carrying and they are durable enough to hold the weight of your hanging clothes. If renting wardrobe boxes will overwhelm your moving budget, you can opt for making your own specialty boxes.

Comprehensive packing tips for the upcoming move: part 2

Keep it clean

Make sure all your clothes are clean and dry before you put them into moving boxes and suitcases. A layer of clean packing paper placed on the bottom of the boxes can go a long way towards protecting your clothing additionally.

Pack an essential clothing bag

Prepare your outfit for moving day (don’t forget to check the forecast). Pack separately clothes for the first couple of days at your new home. It’s always a good idea to have a few things handy in case anything goes wrong or you don’t have enough time to search through the clothing that’s packed. Select comfortable clothes that will provide flexibility and sufficient protection on moving day.

Mark your boxes

Label your boxes properly according to the content and their destination. This will significantly speed up the unpacking process and prevent you from losing your precious time when trying to find items that you need.

best packing tips begin with labeling
Use sticky notes, colorful markers, and colored paper for labeling moving boxes

Check with your movers

If you are moving locally with a reputable moving company you may not have to remove clothes from your dressers and drawers.

Separate footwear from clothing

Do not pack your shoes along with the clothes. Pack them separately instead of always making sure they are clean and dry. If you have saved them, make use of the original boxes since they usually provide the most reliable protection.

Make use of suitcases for packing clothes for a move
Suitcases and vacuum bags can be used for packing clothes for a household move

Use fabrics for protecting items

When you pack your belongings in a box, the next step is to fill any voids left inside. This step is important because it prevents items from jiggling and scratching one another. Usually, bubble wrap or packing paper is used, but you can also save a few bucks and use fabric instead. Repurpose your clothes – use them as padding and cushioning material when packing fragile items.

Check if you need storage

If your move-in date doesn’t align with a move-out date, you will need to rent a storage unit. Your moving company is usually able to give a recommendation, but you can also find one yourself. In case you are storing away sensitive items for an extended period, you can even rent a long term storage NYC or a climate-controlled storage unit. If some of the moving boxes are going directly to storage, make sure to protect your clothes against moths and other insects.

Is your moving day approaching, and you haven’t got the chance to organize and pack? Did you know there are full-service movers available, offering not only transportation but packing services as well? Dumbo Moving and Storage might be just the right solution for you. We will take care of the entire packing and moving process for you. Contact us today to get moving quotes for your upcoming move.

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