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Moving long distance means starting a new chapter in your life. However, until you get settled in the new home, your patience may be put to the test several times. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC is here to ensure that you patience remains intact. This is why our NYC long distance movers are at your disposal. We can help you relocate long distance with ease and with no stress. If you’ve made the decision to move, then you’ve come to the right place to do so! Contact us now or fill out our quote form to receive a precise moving estimate for your upcoming long distance move within minutes.

With the right NYC long distance moving company , a long distance move can be a breeze. The good news are that our reputable nyc long distance movers will take the stress out of the equation and assist you throughout your moving adventure. Experienced movers are trained to cope with the specific challenges that may appear during the long distance move. Not only will they take care of the moving logistics, but will also inform you about some aspects and tiny details of the move that people tend to overlook.

What to look for when researching for Long Distance movers in NYC?

While moving to a new country or state may seem appealing and terrifying at the same time, embarking on this kind of adventure requires proper preparation and thorough planning in advance. No matter how far away you are moving, professional long distance movers can help you get through the relocation process smoothly.

If you are moving more than 100 miles away from your old home then your relocation is considered as long distance moving regardless of whether you are crossing a state line or moving within the same state or country.

Choosing the company you will entrust your household belongings is a process that requires your full attention and dedication. When you get in touch with the moving companies of your choosing, it’s extremely important to ask the right questions so as to determine whether they meet your standards and criteria. Chances are that you are going to bump into different kinds of movers, but not all of them will be suitable for your specific situation and requirements.

At some point, you will learn that there are a lot of dishonest movers and fraudulent moving companies who are looking to take advantage of you and your possessions. Hopefully, the following tips will prevent you from falling victim to similar companies. 

Are NYC Long Distance Movers registered?

Stay away from rogue movers by performing a detailed background check on the moving company of your choice. First, you need to determine whether you are looking for intrastate or interstate movers NYC since they are regulated differently.

Long distance interstate movers should have a USDOT number. They should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA). Intrastate moving companies should comply with the local regulations, so make sure you are familiar with them.

Across State Lines: Our Long Distance Moving Expertise

When it comes to seamless long distance moving, our team at Dumbo Moving and Storage is your dedicated partner. Our expert long distance movers specialize in helping you transition smoothly across state lines. We understand the intricacies involved in long distance moving and are committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience. Whether you're searching for dependable long distance moving services or experienced long distance movers, our team has the expertise to meet your needs. Trust us to handle your long distance move with care and precision, ensuring your belongings arrive safely and on schedule at your new destination. When it comes to your next state-to-state move, count on Dumbo Moving and Storage for quality service and peace of mind. From careful packing to efficient transportation, we go the extra mile to make your long distance move a success. Discover why we're the top choice for those seeking reliable long distance moving services and experienced excellence.

Choosing a reliable NYC Moving Company

Hire a moving company that you can trust

The ideal would be to get a recommendation from a friend or relative who has recently moved house. Many times have we heard that our friends need to change their place of residence. If that is the case with you as well, pay a visit to those friends and ask them for their experiences. Good or bad, they will help you choose the right long distance movers NYC for you. Dumbo Moving and Storage will surely meet the set requirements.

Alternatively, in the case that you do not happen to know anybody who moved recently, do not despair. Helpful guidelines and suggestions can be found by reading online movers’ reviews and ratings. Browse them and gather the information that you find the most useful. Since people tend to share both positive and negative moving experiences, online reviews and testimonials may give you a clear idea of the quality of the moving company you are interested in and what exactly to look into when searching for a reputable moving company. It’s always worth spending some extra time researching moving companies and their business policy so as to ensure your belongings are in good hands.

What to look for in a moving company when moving within NY state

Now, in the case that you are not crossing state borders, you will want to make sure that a moving company that you are about to hire actually is registered. When it comes to long distance movers NYC, you should look for companies that are registered with the New York State Department of Transportation.

The New York State Department of Transporation is the local government’s agency. It regulates moving companies in the State of New York. Obviously, they regulate moving companies that are registered with the state. In the case that you are looking to move in or out of NYC with the help from a local moving company, this certification should be one of the criteria upon you will make your choice. Dumbo Moving and Storage is a moving company that is registered with the New York State Department of Transporation. We are a reliable moving company that will ensure that your move is done the right way.

Look for an insured moving company

Professional movers should be able to compensate you in case of any kind of accident that may happen while on the road. It’s not something that you would gladly think about when organizing a move. Still, things may go wrong on a moving day. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and your possessions may get damaged along the way. This is something that may happen even if you are dealing with one of the best NYC local moving companies. Experienced and properly trained movers will not only handle your items with extra care, but they will also provide an appropriate coverage in case of any damage.

What kind of insurance should you opt to buy?

This is the reason why you should make sure that the moving company you are looking to hire is insured. Insurance policies can come at different rates and levels. When choosing an insurance policy for your move, you should open your mind and think about everything that could go wrong. Obviously, you will need to take into account the probability of suffering damage as well. You should make sure to take the following into account:

  • What kind of items long distance movers NYC are transporting for you? If moving precious items, make sure to choose the safest insurance policy

  • How far do you need to move them? If you are moving not far away, the chances of damaging your objects will be slimmer than if you were moving a long distance

  • The weather. In the case that you are moving in the winter, the chances of anything suffering damage rise

The thing that you should make sure not to do is to discard the option of insurance just like that. Many people do this thinking that accidents happen to other people, but not to them. This is the worst approach that you can take in the moving process. No matter what you are moving, accidents can happen. Therefore, we suggest choosing an insurance policy that is going to fully cover the value of your items. It is much better to spend some money on safety than to spend a lot of money on buying something entirely new.

Do they offer additional services?

Dumbo Moving and Storage employs some of the best long distance movers NYC locals have the chance to hire.

Professional long distance movers NYC offer various types of services:

  • Free estimates

  • Moving preparations

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Residential moves

  • Commercial moves

  • Storage services

The Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC teams offer the complete set of relocation resources that you might need to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving for yourself and your loved ones. Our long distance movers are known across the tri-state area for the premium services they offer to customers.

Free estimates

Our free moving estimates NYC is one of the basic services that long distance movers NYC offer nowadays. This service allows both the customer and the mover to meet and make a moving assessment. The mover will get the whole picture of what needs moving. On the other hand, the customer will receive a piece of reliable information on how much his move is going to cost.

Moving estimates based on weight tend to be more precise. They can give you a clear idea of how much the move will cost you. The least common type of long distance moving estimate is based on the time required to execute the move. The last thing you want is to pay additionally for the services you haven’t required. Therefore, you should request a moving estimate in writing before you actually hire a moving company. The success of an entire relocation process depends on the organization and coordination of moving tasks. Only trustworthy moving companies are able to carry it out smoothly and efficiently.

Moving Preparations

Moving is a process that lasts quite long. You need to make a quality plan for it. Our long distance movers NYC can help you with it. We have been in the middle of numerous moving processes. Therefore, we have the knowledge and insight that is valuable both to our customers that are moving for the first time and for those who have done it before.

As one of the best long distance moving companies NYC offers, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC can help you relocate with your family

Packing and unpacking service provided by long distance movers NYC

Packing and unpacking services are perfect for those customers who do not have time to bother packing their items. Sometimes customers simply have a lot of things to do and cannot fit packing into their schedule. Other times, people simply may not feel competent enough to take on protecting their items by themselves. Packing and unpacking NYC is a perfect kind of service to include in your moving package in either case.

Residential moves and long distance movers NYC

In the case that you are looking to move with your family to a new city, Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service. We can help you plan and execute your move. Let us know when you need to move and we will be with you right from the start.

Dumbo movers can help you relocate with your family

Commercial movers and long distance movers NYC

Alternatively, in the case that you need to move your business, look no farther. Dumbo Moving and Storage is an experienced moving company in the commercial sector as well. No matter whether you are in hospitality, IT or manufacturing, we have the tools and the knowledge to help you relocate with ease.

Storage services

When asking for a moving estimate, you need to understand what moving services the estimate includes. Simply, you need to know what you will get for your money. Moving a long way from your home usually calls for different moving services. Impeccable organization and execution are a must. Chances are that you are not able to transport all of your large and cumbersome belongings at once. Due to the distance or the size of your new home, you may want to discuss affordable storage NYC with the moving company you are about to hire.

How to calculate your moving costs?

We offer you a quick and simple way to calculate moving costs for your NYC relocation.

A moving budget created in advance will help you keep track of your moving expenses. The moving costs usually vary depending on the following:

  • The moving distance

  • Amount of items that you are taking with you

  • Moving services included

Long distance moves usually cost more than the local ones.

So, you may want to budget for all the expenses well in advance. In most cases, long distance movers NYC will base their moving estimate on weight rather than the volume of your possessions. Therefore, in order to cut moving costs, you should make an assessment of your belongings.

You should let go of all the items that you don’t need anymore. It’s extremely important to decide what’s worth the moving hustle and what you should leave behind. Selling, giving away and donating unnecessary and unwanted items may seem like a good idea.

The longer the moving distance, the better off you are with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC

People tend to neglect the important role that long distance moving companies have when it comes to their property. This is why we are here to remind you just how important it is to ensure the assistance of proper professionals. Dumbo Moving and Storage knows what it’s like to hire and work with the best because we are the best. Contact us today to receive an estimate or use our instant moving quote calculator to learn your moving cost within minutes