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Vacant long term storage units turn out to be one of the most wanted things in New York City. And while some people use it when decluttering their homes, others use it when relocating or renovating. For whichever reason you need long term storage NYC, if you need assistance finding one, then you should turn to a company you know will be able to help you with this task. You should reach out to Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC. It is vital to rent a unit of high quality that will satisfy your requirements. And our company offers just that. Contact us today to book your storage units in NYC in a matter of minutes!

Benefits of using long term storage

Using long term storage NYC is highly beneficial

We already mentioned a couple of situations when people mostly use the services of storage units. And the reason why it’s become so popular is because of the following:

  • The feeling of complete safety for your items.

  • Storage provides a lot of conveniences

  • Efficiency

When all three are combined, you get ideal long term storage in which your items will be kept safely. But, for even better results, you will need to find a suitable unit, among other storage NYC. Additionally, we recommend you make a good preparation for your items. Do this, and you will ensure that your items remain in good condition long after you’ve rent a storage unit.

Decide how many things will you store

The quest for finding the perfect long term storage NYC begins with making a list of items that will find their place inside the storage unit. To help you make the decision easier, we’ll give you a hint – ask yourself what your priorities and needs are. Based on that, it will be somewhat easier to figure if you need a large storage unit, or a small one will just do. And if you think that there’s no reason to rush with this question, trust us that there are so many things that will depend on this decision. For starters, it will influence the result of the free estimate NYC our company offers.

Proper packing for long term storage NYC

To secure your items while they are inside storage, you will first need to make sure that you packed them right. And since this is a time-consuming process, we suggest you to start doing this task on time. You will need it to pack everything well. We want to draw your attention to the careful packing of fragile items. These need to be handled accordingly, hence wrap them with appropriate packing materials and place them carefully inside moving boxes.

Use quality materials for packing items

When it comes to packing, the trick is using materials that will serve well the purpose. That means that all moving boxes should be sturdy and without damages. It is absolutely necessary given the fact that your items will be inside long term storage NYC for a longer time. Furthermore, you need to pay attention to how you stack boxes. The golden rule is never to place heavy boxes on top of the lighter ones, as there is a fear that the boxes will collapse.

Because we understand that all of these tasks seem a bit overwhelming to those without experience, we urge you to give a call to professional moving and packing crew. With their help, handling your items will never be easier. They will make sure to raise all the boxes off the floor if it is possible. Moreover, by placing boxes neatly, your packers have significantly reduced the chances for any damage to happen. Consequently, you will be stress-free knowing that your possessions are safe, especially if you are storing your belongings during the winter.

How to know which long term storage facility suits you?

Think about which storage unit fits your needs

As it turns out, not every long term storage is of the same quality, nor it offers the same conditions. That is why no decision should be hasty. It is solely on you to determine which long term storage NYC suits your requirements. To do that you can either consult your chosen moving and storage company, or you can try to draw your own conclusions. Either case, you will need to give answers to some questions, such as:

  • What size of the long term storage do you need? We mentioned something earlier that you’ll need to know the exact number of items you intend storing. This will give a perfect idea of the size of storage you’ll need. It should be neither too big or too small as both can cause issues in the long run.

  • Do you require maximum security facility? In most cases, this is precisely what every moving and storage company would recommend. The safety is definitely one of the biggest issues for everyone who’s renting a storage unit. And since you’ll be renting for a long time, it is necessary to secure it additionally with a sturdy fence, and reinforced locks. In addition to this, look for storage with 24/7 surveillance system.

  • Are your items climate-sensitive? Before making a decision, do check whether this storage unit is climate-controlled. Temperature can cause great issues whether it is too high or low, especially if you plan moving antique items.

Understand the difference between long and short term storage

As the name suggests, the main difference is in terms of the time the storage is being used. Most people opt for short term storage if they are certain about time they will be using it. On the other hand, those who are not quite sure when will they need their items again will instead opt for renting long term storage NYC. It could be due to a longer trip, or because you want to place your items safe until the construction of your home is finished.

In terms of days, if a storage unit is being used more than 90 days, it can be considered as long-term storage. And just to make it clear, in case of long term storage, you are allowed to leave your items for as long as you need. Contact our company today and ensure the best protection for your belonging