Where to get free boxes for moving

Where to get free boxes for moving

If you have a household move lurking somewhere in the near future, you are probably feeling all the weight of the world on your shoulders. And that’s only natural considering how many things actually have to be done before moving. You are obliged to shop for moving supplies NYC, get professional help, and perhaps even begin your hunt for the perfect storage unit. Who is supposed to pay for all of that? Luckily, NYC is a pretty amazing place, filled with all sorts of opportunities. You can find free wardrobe boxes, as well as other types of specialized boxes, and thus save a great deal of money on this expense. It’s something at least, don’t you think?

Different types of specialized moving boxes that will be essential for your move

Take a quick look around the room you are in. We bet you will be able to see at least a dozen of different-shaped items, made out of different materials. All those items won’t simply fit in a standard cardboard box. Instead, there are some items in the house so complicated to transport that people made specialized moving boxes for handling them. We here at Dumbo NYC give you a quick overview of all the different types of boxes we think you should buy the next time you move. Then, we’ll switch to major leagues and tell you exactly where to find them – for free!

A pink piggy bank.
Specialized moving boxes can be pricey – but, there is always the possibility of finding free wardrobe boxes, as well as all the other types.

Mattress boxes

If you have a king-size bed, you can probably imagine that moving it will be a hassle. Mattress boxes help you in that endeavor, as they come in sizes that can accommodate every type of mattress. Usually, they have handles on the sides, making mattress moving an even easier process.

Wardrobe boxes

With wardrobe boxes, long gone will be the days when you worried about wrinkled clothes. With a hanging rod that allows you to neatly hang all of your clothes, they will be one of your greatest allies during the moving and packing process. They are on the expensive side, but there are ways to find free wardrobe boxes and, thus, significantly cut the cost of your move.

Mirror boxes

Arguably, mirrors are the most difficult objects to move, as well as store in short-term storage NYC. That’s why you need mirror boxes – because they will snugly fit your mirrors. These boxes are also a great choice when moving pieces of art; of course, you just have to make sure the piece in question fits well. Just like with free wardrobe boxes, there are places to find these too. Just stick with us.

A woman looking at herself in the mirror.
Mirror boxes will make the undertaking of moving mirrors an easy endeavor. Well, as easy as it can be.

The importance of finding free moving boxes for your move

If not planned properly, a household move may turn out to be a very expensive undertaking. Therefore, an efficient plan made in advance can go a long way towards saving money on your big household move. Once the moving date is set, probably the most obvious concern would be where to get free moving boxes and how many of them you will need for your household belongings

Using free moving boxes will not only help you cut moving costs in the long run but it will also make your household move more eco-friendly. If you keep your eyes wide open and do a little research you may come across a lot of ideas on where to get free wardrobe moving boxes, as well as all the other specialized types. It’s actually a cost-effective strategy, especially if you are performing a DIY move. Moving on a limited moving budget requires special measures and you will be glad to know that there are different ways to keep your moving expenses under control.

However, even if there are plenty of moving boxes available, you don’t have to assume that you should automatically use them. Moving boxes and packing material should meet certain safety criteria – you need to make sure that they are in good condition and sturdy enough to handle the weight of your belongings.

Alternatives for free moving boxes

If you decide to hire an NYC moving company, the entire packing process may be taken care of by professionals, which means that you can run your personal errands in the meantime. For example, here at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, we both sell and give away moving boxes and supplies depending on the type of agreement with the customers. Professional moving companies provide all sorts of moving boxes and moving supplies, including specialty boxes for some of your treasured and most delicate belongings.

Full-service movers may be the right option for the people who need to move suddenly and don’t have enough time to pack up the entire household and move on their own. Hiring full-service movers is an expensive endeavor, and while weighing your options, you should figure out whether having someone else take care of all the packing and heavy lifting is worth paying some extra cash. Hey, sometimes you won’t be able to find free wardrobe boxes no matter how hard you look. That’s when you should ask for professional help.

The many benefits of hiring professional movers

The truth is that your funds will mostly determine the entire course of the relocation process, so the ideal would be to set up the moving budget as soon as your relocation becomes imminent. Afterward, you will get a clear idea about the services you can afford. There are a lot of benefits of getting a professional moving company involved. It’s certainly a time-saving project since the moving company will make sure the boxes are shipped directly to your home address.

A group of professionals.
Ask anyone and they will all tell you the same – hiring a reputable moving company for handling all the moving tasks is the best decision.

Also, while you may guess how many boxes approximately you need, professionals will help you establish the amount of moving boxes and supplies required for the move. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC crew may also provide plastic moving containers that will make the entire relocation process more eco-friendly. Plastic containers will be delivered before the move and picked up at your new residence once the move is completed. There are several benefits of using plastic moving containers:

  • you will receive completely assembled bins;
  • plastic bins are reusable;
  • less remaining waste means an environmentally friendly move and more time for other moving tasks;
  • strong and sturdy containers provide better protection to your goods than free boxes for moving;
  • plastic containers are stackable and they will fit perfectly into a moving truck;
  • plastic moving containers create no additional waste.

Furthermore, using green moving bins will put your mind at ease since you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of used packing supplies after the move is over. That way, you will spare yourself the additional work and headache, since you’ve had enough of it during the whole relocation process.

Top 10 places where you can get free moving boxes (including free wardrobe moving boxes, free mattress moving containers, and free mirror boxes)

Finally, we got to the most important part of the story – the actual places where you can find free moving boxes – including free wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, and mattress boxes. Don’t worry – you won’t have to go out of your way to get them. Although, you will have to ensure you do it long before your local movers NYC come to pick up your belongings. By then, everything should be neatly packed and ready for transport.

The Internet is a great place for finding just about anything

Sometimes, free moving supplies are just a few clicks away. So, start searching for what you need on the internet as soon as possible. The earlier you get started, the less stressful the box hunting process will be.

Social media is the center of everything these days

Engage your social network to get free moving boxes by putting out a post asking for them. There might be someone who is willing to give away his moving boxes after a successfully completed household move. Just make sure to specify whether you are looking for free wardrobe boxes or just regular ones. There’s no way to find what you are looking for otherwise.

Ask around your neighborhood

Spread the word about the move – ask family, friends, co-workers, your friends’ friends if someone they know has recently moved house. Provided that the boxes are in good condition and functional, this would be the easiest way to get free moving containers. And yes, that includes free wardrobe boxes, as well as free mattress and mirror containers.

A group of people asking around for free wardrobe boxes.
Take a look around – someone might be offering free moving boxes. It’s up to you to find out.

Visit your local grocery stores for free cardboard boxes

You really want to check out for free cardboard moving boxes in different grocery stores since they get their shipment in cardboard boxes. If you can arrange to pick up the boxes when the shipment comes in, you may get a lot of solid boxes that may be put to good use during the upcoming move.

If you are not quite sure as to the size of the boxes that would be most suitable, always bear in mind the rule of thumb when it comes to packing – your move may go faster if you have several light boxes rather than a few big and heavy boxes. That’s the golden rule all international movers abide by. It should work for you too. And sure, grocery stores aren’t a good place to find free mattress boxes, for example. But, they are the best place for finding plain old cardboard containers.

Local bookstores are worth a shot (but don’t expect to stumble upon any free wardrobe boxes while there)

Check out local bookstores if they are willing to give away some boxes. As it turns out books are very heavy and you need to transport them in appropriate boxes that will hold the weight. Again, you won’t stumble upon any free mirror boxes there. But any box of any size will be of good use during your relocation.

Scavenge for shoe boxes

If you are looking for places in your neighborhood that would have boxes, try visiting places that sell shoes like boutiques, since they may have some extra shoe boxes lying around. Shoe boxes are usually smaller than most other cardboard boxes but they still may come in handy during your move for leftover stuff you forgot to pack.

All places that receive shipments are a good place to look

Bars, restaurants and liquor stores get shipments frequently, so visiting those places may be worthwhile. Why is it important to find places that receive shipments? Because those deliveries have to come packed into a box, right? Since that box usually has to withstand passing great length, those boxes have to be strong and sturdy.

A man pushing a moving box around.
Plenty of places receive deliveries, and they are your best chance of finding free moving boxes.

Even your office can be a good source for free boxes

Your office may be a good source of packing supplies. Your managers may be able to spare a couple of boxes and other supplies for you. Of course, you first have to assess the situation, and then ask the question. Otherwise, asking for this favor might be a negative experience.

Drugstores are an unlikely source of finding free cardboard boxes

Let the nearest pharmacist know that you are seeking boxes and ask him to inform you when the shipment arrives so that you can get there on time to take them. Since a drugstore can never be left without supplies, you can rest assured those deliveries are frequent.

Places you can go to for Free Moving Boxes

Just to summarize, free moving boxes can be easily found everywhere, just make sure to look in the right places. Inspect your surroundings so as to find available sources of moving boxes:

  • grocery stores
  • pharmacies
  • office
  • bars/restaurants
  • liquor store
  • bookstores
  • boutiques
  • social media and online sources
  • neighbors, friends, relatives

Feel free to recycle your boxes

Standing among the pile of used cardboard boxes is not a pleasant scene and one of the most common concerns when moving house is what to do with all those used boxes once your goods are unloaded from the moving truck and successfully unpacked. First of all, keep in mind that someone else may be needing those boxes, so try to keep them in good condition while unpacking. Instead of just throwing them away, contact the local recycling center and ask how you can dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. The good thing about hiring professional movers is that they will make sure all used boxes and packing supplies are disposed of properly and efficiently.

Finding free wardrobe boxes, mattress boxes, and mirror boxes isn’t as difficult as it seems

And we believe we demonstrated that, right? Just bear in mind that not all of the places on our list will have free wardrobe boxes or offer any mattress boxes. In fact, quite a few of those places will not be able to provide anything more than free cardboard boxes. But, when going through a local or a long distance move, there is no such thing as an unusable box. For that reason, all free moving boxes are more than welcome into your home. You will certainly be able to put them to good use!

If you can’t find free boxes for moving, we also have green bins to rent.

Plastic green moving box with Dumbo's logo

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