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Residential NYC Movers

nyc moversDumbo Moving is going to make sure that your moving experience is not only affordable and efficient, but most importantly, stress-free! We have over nine years of experience in moving and have the biggest moving fleet of moving trucks in New York. We are the premier NYC movers. We charge by the square footage (how much space your items take up) rather than how much they weigh like other moving companies. This insures that the price that you are quoted for does not change on you move date.

Well do you want a free moving quote? Since you are on our website already, just click here. If you prefer someone to walk you through your moving quote, you can either call us at 718-222-8282 or email us at

To keep your mind at ease, we will contact you before the move and confirm the entire moving plan: the time, both addresses, the list of items to be moved and the fixed price. Every move has a moving consultant assigned to each move. Any problems or concerns just contact your moving consultant and he or she will be happy to answer any of your questions. Anywhere in or out of New York, let us know, we are the best NYC Movers money could buy.

Commercial NYC Movers

movers in nycWe strive to be theĀ best NYC movers in the business. Our objective is to relocate your business and offices as efficiently and cost effectively as possible while minimizing any interference in your day to day work. Commercial relocation requires skillful training that comes only from commercial movers.

When moving from office to office sometimes we will need to dismantle cubicles, shelving, or other installed furniture. Depending on the size of the business we may need to split the move into two days: the first day for furniture prep & packing, and the second day for moving & unpacking. It is our knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction that makes Dumbo Moving & Storage the best choice for all your moving needs.

Contact us if you have to move artwork or statues in your gallery, museum, business or place of residence. We are experienced at relocating and setting up museum pieces and artwork. Whatever you have move, we are you the right NYC Movers for you.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Move

movers-from-new-yorkFirst thing first, try to relax. New York is a hectic place but our nyc movers are experienced. The move will be over a lot faster than you think it will be. If you noticed you have more items than you thought or if you left out a few pieces of furniture call up the office and let them know. You will receive a text message from the foreman of your move letting you know what time the movers will arrive. We recommend that you take your money, phone, and portable electronics (laptop or tablet) with you. Once your foreman arrives, he will go over your contract then he will start the move. The movers will focus on packing or moving your boxes first then once they have more space (since the boxes are not taking up space anymore) they will begin wrapping and moving your furniture. After the move is finished at the first location, they will meet you at your second location and move your items back in your new place. If you have any questions during the moving process, just ask the foreman. Our nyc movers will get done with the move in a flash.