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Top NYC Movers for Residential Relocations

At Dumbo Moving, we provide an affordable, efficient, and stress-free moving experience with over nine years of experience and the largest fleet of moving trucks in New York. As the leading NYC movers, we charge by square footage, ensuring a fixed quote that won't change on your moving day.

For a free moving quote, simply click here or call us at 718-222-8282 or email us at

To ensure a seamless move, our NYC movers will confirm the moving plan with you, including the time, addresses, items to be moved, and the fixed price. Each move is assigned a dedicated moving consultant for any questions or concerns. Choose the best NYC movers for your relocation in or out of New York. Full list of neighborhoods we serve

Expert NYC Movers for Commercial Relocations

As the top NYC movers, our goal is to move your business and offices efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our skilled commercial nyc movers have the expertise to handle office relocations.

We can dismantle cubicles, shelving, or other installed furniture, and depending on the size of the business, the move may be split over two days: one for furniture prep and packing, and the other for moving and unpacking. Our dedication to customer satisfaction makes Dumbo Moving & Storage the best choice for all your moving needs.

Whether you need to move artwork, statues, or museum pieces in your gallery, museum, business, or residence, our experienced team can handle the relocation and setup. We are the right NYC movers for any moving requirements.

Corporate NYC Movers
Our Quality NYC Movers will ensure a seamless move
Our Quality NYC Movers will ensure a seamless move

What to Expect on Your Moving Day

First and foremost, try to relax. While New York can be hectic, our experienced NYC movers will make your move smoother and faster than you expect. If you have additional items or forgot to mention furniture, contact our office. You will receive a text message from your move's foreman informing you of the movers' arrival time. We recommend keeping your money, phone, and portable electronics (laptop or tablet) with you during the move.

Upon arrival, the foreman will review your contract and initiate the moving process. The movers will focus on packing or moving your boxes first to create space for wrapping and moving your furniture. After completing the move at the first location, they will meet you at your new location to unload and set up your belongings. If you have any questions during the move, feel free to ask the foreman. Our NYC movers will complete your move in no time.

Moving Checklist
Be stress-free with our trusted NYC Movers
Be stress-free with our trusted NYC Movers

Ensuring a Smooth Moving Experience

Throughout the moving process, our team of NYC movers will remain committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to your new location. To assist with this, we offer the following tips for a stress-free moving experience:

  1. Organize and label your boxes by room or category to make unpacking easier.

  2. Prepare an essentials box with necessary items such as toiletries, clothes, and important documents to keep with you during the move.

  3. Disconnect and pack electronic devices carefully, ensuring all cords and accessories are kept together.

  4. Communicate any special requirements or requests to your moving consultant ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

  5. Review your moving plan with our team to avoid any misunderstandings or delays on moving day.

At Dumbo Moving, our priority is providing you with a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Our team of professional NYC movers is ready to handle all aspects of your relocation, whether residential or commercial. Trust in our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, and let us make your move a breeze.