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Being so close to NYC’s five world-famous boroughs, New Jersey is a desirable destination. People from all over the world have been packing their bags and moving to this very populous part next to NYC. If you are already living in the Big Apple, you have an advantage over other people relocating from distant parts of the country – you have Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC at your service. As a long-standing and top-rated NYC moving company, you can rest easy knowing your relocation is in our hands. There are not too many hands that are safer than the ones of our movers NJ. So, contact us today or get a free moving estimate to receive the assistance of our team!

Avoid any potential complications, and move with the best – move with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC. Our team offers various packages and deals for your relocation. You can choose the option that suits you and your budget.With us, you get the chance to employ one of the best moving companies NJ locals will even recommend.

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You deserve only the best for your upcoming New Jersey relocation.


Given the fact that relocation is considered to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, it’s easy to see why so many people dread it. After all, even when you disregard all the moving-related tasks, moving is still difficult. You are leaving the known and plunging into the unknown. While we can’t help you cope with your nostalgic feelings, we can be of use with your moving tasks. And there are plenty of them.

There are simply too many things you will need to do before the move, and they might turn out to be more than you can handle. Without a doubt, the best thing you can do for your New Jersey relocation is to call us. Our team will provide irreplaceable moving assistance – one that you will be thankful for at the end of the day.

State of the art moving equipment

As a long-standing and reputable moving company, we consider it our duty to provide those who entrust us with something as delicate as relocation with top-notch moving services. How would we be able to deliver the promised quality were we not well-equipped for such an undertaking? With our team of movers NJ, you get only the best, and that includes modern moving trucks and other moving equipment.

Moreover, we are far from understaffed. Our team is numerous, and we have moving trucks to spare. Whether you need us to relocate a studio apartment or a mansion with a countless number of rooms, rest assured that we will rise to the challenge. What’s more, our team will exceed your expectations, be that team composed of two individuals or of ten men and more. Our high level of quality is not preconditioned by the number of movers you need. The only thing that will differ will be your moving quote NYC. However, taking into account our reasonable and competitive prices, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting us into your moving budget. Being able to afford the most reputable moving companies NJ recommends for your relocation has never been easier than now!

The streets of New Jersey are our playground

The end goal of every move we do is to do it quickly yet efficiently. To be able to do that, we had to learn the streets of New Jersey by heart. Of course, we know the streets of all five NYC boroughs well enough, but the focus right now is on our NJ movers. How do we achieve quick and high-quality service?

  • Our team of movers NJ knows the safest routes that lead from your current residence to your new one.
  • We know which roads are busy at a certain time of the day, so we expertly avoid congested traffic if there is an alternative. 
  • If there are a few routes to get to your new home, rest assured we will be able to choose the best one.


Our moving team truly knows no limits. Starting with our NYC local moving team and going all the way up to our New Jersey movers, we have gathered only the most experienced people and employed them as the members of our crews. Moreover, there are no limits as to what we can move. Whether you are an owner of big business offices or small ones, it doesn’t matter. If you need to relocate your business to New Jersey, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC report for duty. If you are ready to entrust us with your items, we are more than ready to expertly relocate them.

There is no need to worry whether we can relocate every item you have in your home – we can! Our team of NJ movers can relocate big and bulky items, as well as the most fragile ones; all the while taking good care of your possessions. Our team members have a tender touch and approachable personalities. Having in mind that every person is different, we can’t say with certainty what it is that you need. But, if you need to feel comfortable around your movers, and have the comfort of knowing that you are safe, then you need us. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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Our movers NJ are well familiar with the streets of both NJ and NYC.
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Our movers NJ value you, our customers, above all else!


Moving can be a tough ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be – not if you are moving to New Jersey, at least. If you are, you know you have one of the top-rated moving companies NJ at your disposal. You have us. At Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, we do everything in an attempt to please you.

Our goal is for you to come out of the relocation process with a smile on your face, and with good memories only. And, that is what relocation should be about – creating new memories for you and your family and getting a chance to turn over a new leaf. Let our team of movers NJ help you with that! Call us now or get a free moving estimate for your relocation on our website!