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Fine art pieces usually add charm and character to your home. If arranged and displayed in a tasteful manner, artwork can make your place feel like home. Since those one-of-a-kind items usually have great monetary and sentimental value, their owners would like to take all precautions to keep them safe on a moving day. And that’s when our fine art movers NYC enter the scene. Our moving services NYC will ensure the relocation of your artwork with absolute certainty anf protection!

Worry not about your art pieces – they are safe in our hands.

When the time comes to move house, you should know that fine art moving requires a specific approach. Not only should you get proper moving supplies, but you should also have a deeper understanding of artwork itself. Not being skillful enough to move all precious items themselves, most artwork owners decide to hire moving companies experienced in art logistics.

Hiring professional fine art movers NYC is always the right call

Whether you are going to store or move your artwork to another home, you need to find fine art movers qualified for this kind of job. They should be properly equipped and trained to provide the highest standard of fine art moving services.

Now that we’ve established that hiring professional fine art movers is indispensable to get the job done, you should assess your options, find the most suitable moving company and figure out which fine art movers’ services you need. The full-service option includes assessing your fine art pieces, deciding which kind of supplies are needed, packing, transporting, unpacking. It’s their responsibility to find the safest way to transport your artwork, antiques, and collectibles and ensure that every aspect of the move is handled in the right manner.

Reputable fine art movers know how to accommodate all your needs and take good care of your valuables whether they are stored or on the way to your new home.

What makes Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC the best choice?

Before we delve into the matter of fine art moving, let’s first familiarize you with our moving business and its background. For twelve years now, we have been providing the residents of NYC with the finest moving and storage services. It’s those same services that have built up our reputation and made Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC the company you turn to when in need.

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC – where ability meets competence, and where experience meets knowledge.

What once started out as a local business with one truck and a handful of movers is now a household name in the area and a bigwig in the moving industry. We have assembled many moving teams over the years; one of them is our team of fine art movers NYC which we are so proud of. When looking for someone to transport your valuable artwork, don’t give it a second thought – call our team and we will take it from there!

Picking our team of fine art movers NYC offers only benefits

What can our team bring to the table? Why should you entrust us among many other moving companies? How will we aid you in your relocation? Those are all the questions you will soon get an answer to.

#1: You get art movers with decades of experience and knowledge

You are already aware of the fact that art moving is a tricky business. All it takes is one wrong move and your precious pieces could be damaged beyond any repair. That’s why it’s never advisable that you do it by yourself even if moving locally in NYC. However, those that make the smart decision of hiring our team, get to enjoy a stress-free and a rather safe relocation. As experienced movers that we are, moving your collection of masterpieces possesses an easy task for us. After all, we have done it time and time again; so you can rest assured we will rise to the challenge once again.

#2: You get a personalized art moving experience, from beginning to end

The biggest challenge when it comes to art moving is the planning itself. Sticking to the plan is easy, but making a good one may be a challenge. While it might be a challenge for some other teams, it’s just another day in the office for our fine art movers NYC. We will begin our partnership by creating a moving plan tailored to your needs; also, we will make sure that not even the smallest of details escape us. From the safest routes for transporting your pieces to the proper packing and use of moving boxes NYC, our team will make sure no area is left uncovered.

Once we become moving partners, all of our loyalty and devotion goes toward your move.

#3: You get the finest packing assistance and top-quality packing materials

Once you pick us as your art movers, you did your job. All you have to do is relax, as your move is in the safest hands. Our team of fine art movers NYC will come to your home armed with the necessary packing supplies, which are of the highest quality. You will not only get premier packing supplies, but you will also get first-rate packers. We know all the tips and tricks of securing your artwork for transport. You don’t have to worry about anything after hiring our team. Surely, you already know that we are well-equipped and more than capable for your move. 

#4: You get the unconditional support of the best movers NYC offers

Yes, our first and primary task is to ensure your art pieces arrive safely from point A to point B. But, as some of the best fine art movers NYC has, we go beyond that. We strive to provide each of our customer with a positive moving experience; one that you will be happy to reflect on in the years to come. That’s one of the main reasons why we have such positive moving reviews and testimonials – because we give 100% effort towards every relocation we conduct.

All you need to do is ask for our help.

Our art movers will be there for you before, during, as well as after your relocation. Yes, being a professional is the most important thing for us. But, we also know that you won’t feel comfortable with grumpy faces of your movers, which is why our team is approachable and friendly. We can’t wait to meet you!

#5: You get the best moving quotes NYC offers

It was never our intention to set prices no average person would be able to afford. Instead, we worked on creating fair pricing, as fine art moving is expensive on its own. What Dumbo’s reasonable prices get you are top-notch moving professionals. Professionals that know which type of truck will be best for which artwork. Pros that know all the ways one art piece can suffer damage. Thus, don’t doubt for a moment that we are the right fit for you – we are!

Important guidelines when moving fine art

If for some reason, you cannot or won’t hire a moving company that will help you move your high-value artwork, the following considerations may be helpful to you. If you have already moved your valuables on several occasions, you are probably familiar with the procedure.

To move artwork, you need to have a gentle touch and a lot of skills.

  • Have your fine art pieces appraised and insured by a qualified professional.

  • If you are moving during the summertime, make sure you rent a climate controlled moving vehicle or storage unit. In order to stay intact, temperature-sensitive items like oil paintings should be transported under specific conditions. If you are not willing to pay extra for a climate-controlled moving truck, organize your move in the fall or winter. This decision also comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure you are completely aware of each of them when you are planning your big move.

  • Learn how to pack your valuables. Although you can use original packaging or modify large moving boxes, wood crating seems to be by far the most suitable option. Custom crates are usually offered by professional NYC movers who perform an on-site assessment of the goods that need to be transported.

  • Wrap artwork with a lot of packing paper and air bubble. Also, refrain from using newspapers, since they can leave ink marks on your artwork. Use fine tissues, cushioning wrap, packing peanuts, double-walled cartons so as to keep your fine art safe while on the way to your new home.

  • Adjustable boxes should be lined and stuffed with lots of air bubble and padding material. Fill all the gaps so as to make sure your valuables cannot move inside the box.

  • If you are moving paintings framed with glass, make an X with the masking tape over its surface so as to keep all pieces together in case the glass gets broken during the relocation process.

  • When you close the boxes, mark them as fragile. That way, your helpers know that they should be handled with the utmost care.

How to get in touch with our team?

It’s simple. You can either give us a call or pay us a visit at our office. Either way, you will be welcomed and well-received. If you don’t feel like waiting to give us a visit in person to see our prices, you can take our online moving quote calculator. Put in the details of your relocation and you will get a rough price estimate. For a more accurate quote, don’t be afraid to schedule an in-home price estimate. Our team of fine art movers NYC is here for you, ready to jump in and help you when necessa