Tips for labeling moving boxes

Tips for labeling moving boxes


Failure to label properly the moving boxes is often considered as one of the biggest mistakes one can make during the moving process. Although labeling boxes first may seem unnecessary, you will eventually realize that it is a crucial factor for unpacking once you reach your new home.

Process of labeling boxes seems to be underestimated by those who have no experience in household moves. On the other hand, everyone who has moved house before knows that this important step shouldn’t be skipped at all. Once you figure out an efficient labeling system the whole relocation process will become more manageable.

How to label moving boxes properly?

First make sure you have everything you need for labeling your moving boxes. A couple of permanent waterproof colored markers as well as color stickers will certainly help you stay organized throughout the move. Labeling your moving boxes is an efficient and easy way to keep track of your belongings during and after the moving day. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where to start unpacking or you just can’t find what you are frenetically looking for. Even such small inconveniences can lead to more stress and frustration.

– Give each box a color. In order to point out which box belongs where, choose different colors for each room. For example, if you have dedicated blue to the living room, use this color to mark all moving boxes that should be placed there.

– Make a floor plan. Whether you are moving with friends’ or NYC movers‘ help, make sure they are familiar with your moving codes. Create a floor plan, put a corresponding stickers on the door, so that your helpers can deliver the boxes where they belong.

– Make sure the stickers are clearly visible. Use packing tape so that they won’t come off during the transport. Also, as soon as you finish packing each box, label it! Otherwise, postponing labeling task may create even bigger confusion if you are not able to remember what’s inside the fully packed and sealed box.

– Assign a number to every moving box and make an inventory of them. Have a list of the boxes and their content always on hand.

– Create your labels. Some moving companies offer printable label templates on their websites, so you can use them as well, along with some ”traditional” tools.

– Provided that you have marked the boxes on at least three sides, you and your helpers will be able to recognize immediately the content and the purpose of each box even if the boxes are stacked up. If you are reusing moving boxes, do not be misled by already existing inscriptions. Put your own label over it try to mask potentially confusing signs.

– Indicate further instructions. Label the boxes that should be unpacked immediately as ”high priority boxes”. Also, some boxes will certainly need special care, so make sure to label properly the boxes with fragile and valuable items like china, glassware, antiques, lamps,…

Labeling the boxes correctly will save you a lot of time and effort on the moving day. A good-organization may prevent headaches and frustration throughout the relocation process, and a few pre-move precautions are certainly worthwhile.

If all of these moving tasks seem too demanding and overwhelming for you, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. There are a lot of trustworthy moving companies providing additional moving-related services like packing and unpacking. Should you decide to let the moving company handle your belongings, know that they will do it in the most professional manner.
They will ensure your peace of mind and provide safe and efficient transition.

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