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These days, you will often hear that people are looking for good and quality storage units. And it is true, more and more people require this convenience for many different reasons. Most usually, it is due to relocating or renovating. Storage units also come in handy when downsizing. However, one of the biggest issues is finding reliable storage in NYC. Simply, you need to be sure that your items will be safely stored until the next time you access them. Dumbo Moving and Storage is your reliable partner in this search. We can help you find the best short term storage NYC, and you can be sure that your preciousness will be safe inside. Contact us today to learn more about the terms of renting our storage units in Brooklyn.

Short term storage NYC is an excellent momentary solution

Short term storage has many benefits

One of the most significant advantages of renting short term storage is to have relief at the very moment. People who rent this kind of storage know that they will access it in the near future. That’s why the majority of those who rent such storage are people who are in the process of moving out. If you are thinking between long term and short term storage, you will first need to figure what exactly you need.

That is especially important if you are renting storage for the first time. If you need it just for a while, then the answer is definitely short-term storage. This storage is a brilliant solution for everyone who doesn’t wish to keep belongings locked somewhere for an extended period of time.

For residential or corporate relocation use short term storage

Your expensive office equipment will be safe inside storage

When preparing for moving out, you will probably need a separate place to store away some of the things for some time. In this way, you will avoid clutter and too much mess. Moreover, you will know that your belongings, whether you’re moving antique furniture or any office equipment, will be kept intact so that you can continue using them once you’re done. In most cases, short term storages are used during a 3-month time frame. That is more than enough to finish all of the moving-related tasks.

Commercial relocation is yet a story to itself. People face challenges on how to organize everything and set a perfect timing. In addition to that, they need to think about moving their expensive office equipment. Short term storage NYC has turned out to be an as very appropriate solution, especially if dealing with temperature-sensitive equipment. Another problem is bulky pieces of equipment. They occupy too much space. But if you put them away inside storage, the problem is gone.

Finding appropriate storage is essential

Once again, one of the main preoccupations when it comes to renting storage is finding the one that can meet all the requirements. Sometimes it is not the easiest job. On the other hand, with the right assistance, even this task is manageable. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC are at your service to give you a hand with finding the proper short term storage NYC. Our company employs professionals with experience who know where to look at to spot a storage unit by your standards.

How satisfied will you be with the service depends on how good of storage you will rent. Not everyone requires the same. Therefore, it is of great importance to tell us as many details. Based on the information you give us, we will be able to offer you tempting options and all to provide you with an even better service.

Follow-up services that go along with short-term storage

We’ll make sure to have you covered

In the package of our services, we will also make sure that you are absolutely covered. You will receive everything you need, including:

  • Careful planning

  • Complete moving preparation

  • Exquisite packing services

  • Quality packing supplies

  • Truck loading and unloading

  • Cargo transportation in our specialized vehicles

Leave the packing to professionals

If you want the best experience with short term storage, the packing needs to be done impeccably. Unfortunately, not many people are up to the challenge. But that should not worry you. With our excellent packing services NYC, you can be sure that all of your belongings will be safely packed. First, we will list them all. After that, we will sort them and begin with systematic packing. Our best men will work on this task. In this way, you can make sure that each and every one of your items will be handled with care.

Handling packing with quality packing supplies

Proper packing is necessary. Even though you’ll be using a storage unit for a shorter period of time, you will still access it regularly. That means that you will need to know where each item is placed in a storage unit. And you can do this only if you do your homework beforehand. That is where our company can assist you with. Not only will you get top-notch packing services, but we will also supply you with all the necessary packing materials.

No matter what kind of items you require us to pack, rest assured that we can pack them all. We are prepared for every situation. Therefore, even your fragile items and sensitive office equipment will receive kingly treatment. We guarantee you the best quality. After all, this is what all of our clients deserve. As you can see, with us by your side, there is nothing to worry about. Our job is to provide you with top quality services and to guide you all the way.

Choosing the appropriate size of short term storage NYC

Last, but not least is dealing with this part of the task. Right before we begin with the search, we need to know the exact number and size of all of your items. We don’t want you to pay for a bigger storage unit than its necessary. On the other hand, too small a storage unit won’t do you much favor either. That is why it is vital to have a storage unit which size will fit your needs. And with Dumbo Moving and Storage, you can get the best short term storage units in Brooklyn and New York. Give us a call today to secure your top-rate storage uni