How to Prepare for Professional Packers

How to Prepare for Professional Packers

Tackle all pre-packing tasks before professional packers arrive
Create a checklist of all pre-packing tasks before professional packers arrive

Packing for the upcoming move is probably one of the most laborious and time-consuming tasks. Having decided to hire professional packers to give you a hand, you are probably wondering what you should do before they arrive. Although full-service movers will take care of all stages of the relocation process including arduous packing and unpacking tasks, there are activities you are supposed to complete before professional packers arrive. Even if experts will complete their part of the job in a timely and efficient manner, you are still responsible for preparing your household for the move. The proper organization makes moving much easier on you and your family, so hopefully, you will be reading the following moving tips before the moving day arrives. Learn how to prepare for professional packers.

What to do before professional packers arrive

While professional packers will relieve the moving stress and tension, you won’t be able to just sit back and watch them do everything. It’s up to you to complete some pre-packing tasks.

Preparing your household for professional packers – phase 1

Declutter before professional packers arrive
Organizing a garage sale will help you declutter before professional packers arrive

Let go of useless items

How long the packing process will take depends on the number of your household belongings. Just do the math – the more items you decide to move with you, the higher the moving costs will be. Remember, moving quotes are based on your inventory, so make sure to downsize your belongings in order to save on your packing and relocation. After all, what’s the point in keeping and moving all those useless items that you are not going to use in the future? Some household items are just not worth the trouble – deal with it! As it turns out, people usually have trouble letting go of the sentimental clutter when moving house.

Take your time to go through each room and inspect the content of each cupboard, drawer, and shelf. Start from those rooms that are not used often, such as the basement and attic, and proceed to rooms with more traffic like the kitchen or living room. Chances are that you will find items that you haven’t been using for years, and there’s no need to pay extra for packers to take care of those as well, rather use their help to pack items you’ll really use. Set aside those things and decide whether you are going to sell them, give them away or donate them to charities. You can make a yard sale or post your extra things online and use that extra cash to pay one part of the packing service fee.

Get some extra packing supplies

Learn where you can obtain moving boxes for free and stock up on them in advance just in case. Professional packers will use their packing supplies but it’s better to have some supplies on hand if any change of plans happens.

Preparing your household for professional packers – phase 2

Make inventory list

Have an inventory list ready before your packers arrive. If some of your items go missing or get damaged throughout the process it will be easier to check off the items against the comprehensive inventory list and identify potential issues. Making a home inventory is a bit time-consuming, but it is always a smart thing to have when moving. Simply download a free inventory app for your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to enter your items, their details and pictures, and get a customized inventory.

Have an inventory list ready before your packers arrive
Prepare an inventory list for your packers in advance

Safety precautions

Due to safety reasons, the moving crew may refuse to pack items that may jeopardize the entire moving process. Just make sure to get the list of non-allowables before you start packing and act accordingly. Your movers/packers will refuse to deal with the following items:

  • hazardous items
  • plants
  • perishables
  • valuables – documents, jewelry, electronic devices,…

Dispose of potentially dangerous items. Use up your food supplies before the day of the move and transport the plants yourself.

Prepare appliances and other large items

Empty, unplug, and clean major household appliances: washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, etc. Also, drain the fuel from the fuel-powered equipment and remove batteries from electronics. Remove all bedding before professionals arrive so that they can disassemble and pack your beds in no time. You want to have all the items prepared once packers arrive, otherwise, you’ll pay for that extra time, so it’s better if packers can go straight to packing instead of waiting for things to be prepared.

Preparing your household for professional packers – phase 3


Mark each room so that your packers can label the moving boxes accordingly. A proper labeling system will save you a lot of time and energy when unloading and unpacking moving boxes at your new residence. Also, place all the items that will be traveling with you in one specific room and let your packers know about that.

Colorful Labels
Use color-coding when labeling moving boxes

Pack essentials bag

Imagine finally arriving at your new place only to find out you need to search through all the boxes to find a clean bed sheet or a sweater. Avoid that by preparing an essentials bag to keep with you on a moving day. Pack your overnight bag with clothing, toiletries, medication and other essentials you may need during the first couple of days until you unpack all your belongings at the new home. Important belongings like personal documents or jewelry should also be transported by yourself.

Invest in moving insurance

Although professional packers and movers will handle your possessions with the utmost care, consider purchasing additional moving insurance for items that have high monetary and sentimental value. Your moving crew may advise you on the most suitable type of coverage for your precious belongings.

Be a thoughtful host

Be a thoughtful host. Keep your packers energized and hydrated. Prepare some snacks and drinks and tip your packers and movers if they have provided extraordinary service.

Take COVID-19 precautions

Being thoughtful during the entire relocation also means taking necessary precautions to protect everyone involved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before your packers arrive, clean all surfaces and objects that will be touched and pay special attention to doorknobs – sanitize them as often as possible, or even open all the doors to avoid contact with doorknobs. Arrange for easy access to the restroom so that packers could wash their hands with soap and use disposable towels instead of the regular ones. Don’t forget to place a few sanitizers throughout your home so that everyone could use them frequently. Eventually, follow all the same guidelines you would for any other closed space. Wear a face covering and keep a distance between yourself and other people involved. You can also contact professional packers you’re eyeing to hire. Ask them about all the precautions they’re taking to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

Dumbo Moving COVID-19 Precautions for Safe Moving
It’s important to take necessary precautions for moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to handle children and pets when expecting packers?

Have a plan for kids and pets

Arrange for a friend or relative to take care of your children while professional packers are operating through your home. Try to maintain their routine undisturbed somewhere else, away from the packing hustle and bustle. If that’s not an option, plan their activities in advance to keep them entertained and out of the packers’ way. Consider confining your pets to the safe area or enlist a neighbor or friends to look after your furry friend. Take all necessary steps to protect your pets on moving day and allow your packers to do their job without potential obstacles and distractions.

Arrange for a friend or relative to take care of your children while professional packers are operating through your home
Have your children taken care of by a trustworthy person while professional packers are sorting your belongings

Using professional packing services- yes or no?

Hiring professional packers brings along a lot of benefits, but let’s shed some light on potential disadvantages. Depending on the number of your belongings, the cost of packing services can go up to several thousand dollars. Hiring full-service movers is a pricey affair that pays off eventually given all the benefits. An increased cost of packing services is the main reason why people choose to pack up their household themselves instead of getting professional assistance.

Also, no matter how trained and experienced packers are, you may not have the same ideas on how to sort and pack your belongings. If you are not comfortable letting them take control of the major part of the process, then hiring professional packers might not be a suitable option for you. Also, if you are reluctant to let a group of strangers sort through your possessions, online reviews as well as a personal recommendation from friends and relatives can go a long way towards hiring a reputable and trustworthy company. Dumbo Moving and Storage may be a perfect solution if you’re looking for a trustworthy moving company. Get in touch to chat about your move and get a free moving quote.

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