A complete guide to packing fragile items

A complete guide to packing fragile items

Packing fragile items requires your full attention and dedication
Packing fragile items is an ideal task for professional movers and packers

Packing fragile items for a move requires special attention, dedication and patience. Whether expensive or of a great sentimental value, delicate items may easily get damaged due to improper preparation or carelessness.

Hopefully the following tips will help you make sure your most delicate items survive the move in one piece. As we all know, some items are more susceptible to damage than others. Irrespective of whether you are moving locally or long-distance, protecting your most delicate goods should be your top priority. In most cases, packing fragile items is better left to the experts, since they have done it thousands of times before.

Common misconceptions about packing fragile items

There’s one thing to remember – packing fragile items should not be underestimated. However, sometimes a false sense of self-confidence can make you believe that everything’s under control.

– Assuming that large and bulky items are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of other household items. This may be a bit hard to believe, but some furniture pieces may seem heavy, yet delicate, due to some special characteristics and components.

– Failing to protect corners of delicate wooden items. When carrying large and bulky items your floors and walls may easily get damage, so make sure to take all necessary precautions beforehand.

– Leaving packing to the last minute and forgetting to wrap your breakables properly. As it turns out, you should set aside a reasonable amount of time to handle your delicate household items.

– Assuming that you can handle packing of fragile items on your own. If you are unsure as to how to protect your valuable items before moving day, you may want to make use of professional packing services.

– Exceeding the limit of moving boxes. Over-packed moving boxes can cause not only a damage to your goods, but also various back injuries. And always keep in mind – the heavier the item is, the smaller the box should be used.

– Forgetting to label moving boxes according to the delicate content. How are your movers or helpers supposed to know that certain boxes require special handling if you haven’t marked them properly? Packing fragile items is an important task that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

– Moving everything you own. Before you even start packing, ask yourself whether you need all the delicate and breakable items you own. Has it ever occurred to you that not all of your household possessions are worth the transportation effort and expenses?

– Using newspapers as wrapping material. Newsprint can leave black marks onto delicate surfaces. Therefore, unless you want to wash each item individually after unpacking, invest in appropriate quality packing supplies.

Tips and tricks for packing fragile items for a move

– Getting appropriate packing supplies is one of the most important prerequisites for keeping your fragile household possessions intact during the move. Stock up on following:

  • quality moving boxes in various sizes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • padding material
  • large pieces of sturdy cardboard
  • marker
  • packing tape

– Have patience. Don’t rush to pack everything at once. Take your time to take every necessary precaution to keep your fragile items safe and sound during the relocation process. A couple of extra minutes dedicated to the packing process can make a huge difference. Give each individual object all necessary care and attention while packing fragile items for the upcoming household move.

– Reinforce moving boxes by taping the bottom and each side so as to protect your household items against possible breakage. A layer of crumpled paper on the bottom of each moving box can go a long way toward keeping your fragile items safe in case of any accident.

Use quality packing supplies while packing fragile items
Quality packing supplies will protect your fragile household items against breakage

What are the most ”notorious” fragile items?

When preparing for your big household move, you may be curious about the items that are typically susceptible to damage during the process.

  • Kitchen glassware
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Paintings and mirrors
  • Electronics
  • Lamps
  • Picture frames

If you are moving treasured and valuable paintings, photos or other framed prints you should be aware of all safety measures you need to take in order to prevent them from suffering considerable damage while in transit. One reckless move while packing fragile items can lead to a series of headaches and issues.

It’s an undeniable fact that original packaging may provide the best protection during the haul. But, in case you haven’t saved them, you can take advantage of custom-built wooden crates and specialty boxes and containers.

Specifics about packing fragile items

Depending on your moving budget and finances, you can decide whether to make use of additional moving services. As strange as it may seem, packing fragile items can actually be a positive experience with the assistance of experienced professionals who know how to preserve the good condition of your delicate items. If you decide to pack everything on your own for one reason or another, make sure your already wrapped up delicate belongings won’t move inside the moving boxes. Other than crumpled paper, you can use cushioning foam, cotton balls or old clothes and towels.

Choose a suitable packing station within your house (wooden floor in your living room or large dining table) where you will be packing fragile items for the upcoming move.

Whether your big household move will have a successful outcome depends on the strategy and competence of your movers or helpers. Packing breakable items is a challenging endeavor and it’s in your best interest to do it right. If your packing skills are questionable, reach out to the trustworthy professional packers. In order to get the best possible deal, contact several affordable moving companies that have positive reviews and ratings and request moving estimates.

If not packed properly, fragile items can suffer serious damage
Handle your fragile items with the utmost care so that they can survive the household move

Carry full moving boxes with the utmost care and load them safely onto the moving truck. Use moving straps and ropes to secure them inside the trailer and prevent them from shifting. As it turns out, common sense and precautions may keep accidents and personal injuries at bay.

Planning a move?

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