On-Site Estimate

On-Site Estimate

Planning a move requires a set of skills, especially with the ever-busy New York lifestyle. It comes naturally to hire a professional to help you with this challenge. But how much does it cost, how is it calculated, and does this cost fits your budget? If you are wondering how much money you have to spend on the move in NYC, get a video or an on-site estimate before you hire a moving company.

On-site Estimate is the Most Accurate One

In case your schedule is extremely tight, go for a video estimate and get a quote via online chat. Do a walkthrough of your home over the phone and it will save a significant amount of time. However, the on-site estimate is still the most accurate one. It allows your moving company to see your home, its layout, and all the belonging to give you a precise moving quote. It is also helpful in case anything requires special attention, like complicated stairs, elevators or corridors, as well as items that might need to be reassembled.

Types of moving estimates

When getting an in-home estimate, your NYC movers will offer you different types of estimates. Choose one depending on your needs and your budget.

  • Non-binding moving estimate
  • Binding moving estimate
  • Binding-not-to-exceed estimate

Non-binding moving estimate

Most often people choose a non-binding moving estimate. It doesn’t bind the moving company, and slight variations in price usually happen. It is a good choice if you want a free estimate and you want to get a general idea of the total cost.

Binding moving estimates

A binding moving estimate is different than a non-binding one because it provides the exact price. Whether it happens that the cost on a moving day turns out lower or higher, it still binds your movers to the agreed amount of money. It is especially good if you are on a budget and want to plan all details of your cost.

Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimates

In case you have a limit that you don’t want to exceed this type of contract is the right choice for you. With the binding-not-to-exceed estimate, movers guarantee that you will not pay more than agreed upon contract.

How is the on-site estimate calculated?

Calculating On-site Moving Estimate

Several aspects determine the price of your cost. Different companies offer different services that are included in the contract. Here are some of the most often things to consider:

Long or Short Distance Moving

Moving cost is different if you are moving short or long distance. The long-distance move usually means that you are moving more than 50 miles away. The farther the destination is, the higher the price becomes. Naturally, when you calculate the fuel expenses for traveling a long distance and labor costs for people needed to complete the move, it makes sense that the distance is one of the most important aspects to consider. At the time of your mover’s visit, you should be able to provide information about your new destination.


The total amount of your belonging also affects the on-site estimate. Some moving companies base their moving quotes on the total weight, while others base it on square feet of your possessions. This is an important question to ask your moving company because it might change the way you choose to pack and potentially save some money.

Moving services

This is also an important aspect to inquire about because it can change the final cost. Know your priorities before you get an estimate, and ask your movers what is included in the price. Perhaps you prefer to save time and let the professionals handle the packing part, in which case it can be charged extra. It brings us to the part where additional costs might apply. Keep reading to see which factors might be charges extra.

Additional charges

There are some services that you might overlook while being busy organizing everything. Make sure to communicate with your moving company to find out if there will be any expenses that are not covered in the contract. The on-site estimate is a perfect situation for this, as you have a representative in your home and they can give you a firsthand explanation. Some of the services that might be charged additionally are:

1. Packing services

Packing Services Dumbo NYC

Packing services and packing supplies are usually not included unless you agree on it during the estimate. Once you choose the moving date, you would probably want to figure out where to get free moving boxes NYC as well. You can hire full-service movers if you want them to handle everything and not worry about unplanned expenses.

2. Heavy items

Bulky and oversized items require special handling, or more manpower, which can be charged extra. Consider this service if you own a piano or oddly shaped items.

3. Long carry

Long Carry When Moving is an Additional Cost

Long carry charges can be applied if the distance between your residence and a moving truck is too long. An on-site estimate is a good option since they can take a look personally whether the distance is near and if it requires this service.

4. Disassembling/reassembling

Disassembling/reassembling a piece of furniture will cost extra. If movers need to take a large piece of furniture apart and put them together at your new residence, it will bring additional cost. It also applies in case major appliances need to be disconnected and installed at your new home.

5. Storage

Moving Your Items Into Storage

Storage fees can apply if your household items need to be stored for some time before getting to your new residence.

6. Cancelation fees

Cancellation charges are service that you can get if you prefer to have a peace of mind in case any changes happen before your move. It gives you the freedom to change the date of your move or cancel services for any reason.

Getting an on-site estimate does require some time for scheduling the visit with movers and walking them through your home. However, if you choose this type of estimate, it does give you the benefit of getting a precise quote and planning a budget. Choose a reputable NYC moving company that will pay you a visit at the time of your convenience. Contact cheap movers NYC – Dumbo Moving and Storage to visit your home, assess your belongings, and issue an accurate in-home estimate. We also support a transparent payment system to avoid any surprise fees.

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