What to Wear on a Moving Day

What to Wear on a Moving Day

Once you start organizing your moving, numerous things require your attention. Certainly, priority will be finding the right moving company, making an inventory of your items, and packing in advance. However, you might overlook some details that will still come up at some point. One of the things on that list is a choice of clothing to be worn on a moving day.

Imagine having all set and once the moving day comes, you have to unpack and dig through the boxes to find something suitable to wear.

Wearing Comfortable Clothes on a Moving Day

It is usually recommended that you dismiss fashion while moving. This advice makes perfect sense because on this day clothes should be functional rather than fashionable. But why not compromise and make the best of both worlds-go ahead and mix comfort and style. Choose some of your comfortable clothes and mix them with stylish pieces.

Avoid your favorite silk shirt and very valuable pieces due to the possibility of your clothing getting torn or stained. Remember that you will be doing a lot of moving around, so while compromising still try to give the comfy side a bit of advantage.

Here are a few guidelines to begin with:

Mind the weather-wear layers

You will certainly dress according to the season, but keep in mind the temperature might change. Keep a few pieces of clothing handy, in case it gets chilly along the way. This can also add some style to your look, just grab a plaid shirt, wear it around your waist and you’re good to go.

Protect your face

Panama Hat and Sunglasses

Panama hat or any type of hat that you like

It is well known that details make all the difference. From simple to fabulous is a very thin line. Adding a head accessory makes any outfit better and most importantly will protect you from sunshine.


If you are the type of person who wouldn’t wear a hat, a bandana is a convenient alternative. It is suitable for men and women. Choose an interesting print or a popular red and white bandana. This will add a touch of uniqueness to your look, while also providing some coverage for sun protection.


If your most glamorous shades are also the most comfortable ones, go ahead and add a bit of glamour to your moving process. Just make sure they have an eyewear retainer because you don’t want your sunglasses to fall off while you are bending and get scratched or broken.


Yes, sun protection is not exactly a wearable piece of clothing, but it is still a must to wear on your moving day. Especially if you are moving long-distance it means you will spend hours exposed to the sun. If you hired a moving company to pack your things, and you will not be included in carrying, you will still have to be out and about. Make sure to block those harming ultraviolet rays and make a shield for your skin by using SPF, sunglasses, and a hat.

Allow your skin to breath


Avoid synthetics at all costs and go for absorbent textile instead. Any natural material will work. Consider fabrics like:

Cotton – it will be suitable to absorb sweat, and for sure you have plenty of things that are made of cotton. If you want to wear something disposable, pick an inexpensive cotton t-shirt and you will have no regrets if it gets damaged.

Linen – it is soft and will allow your skin to breathe. If you are opting for upgrading a look a little bit, linen fabric looks classy and creates a timeless fashion. Even if you combine it with simple pieces, it will still do a great job.


While moving you will be doing some lifting, carrying, and bending, so consider the clothing that would be suitable for some form of a workout. Any clothing that allows a wide range of body movements will work well. This means anything that is not too tight to prevent you from moving around and nothing that is too lose to prevent you from catching on things.

Protect your feet

Keep in mind that you will be doing a lot of standing and walking, so your feet deserve comfort. Give a rain check to your high heels and keep them for celebration dinner once the moving is done. Besides your shoes being easy to wear, they should also protect you because you might be exposed to a possible injury. In case anything falls it might fall on your feet, therefore closed toes shoes are a must.

Go for some of these options:

Running shoes:

Running Shoes

This will be the most comfortable and safest choice, as they are designed for protecting joints and feet during the workout.


If sneakers are not your cup of tea, slip-on shoes are an easy and convenient alternative.


If you find flats the most comfortable of your footwear, they will also serve the purpose, as long as your toes are protected and you are confident to walk around in them for an extended period.

Few ideas for the comfortable and stylish outfit:

  • Denim pants, slip-on shoes, a cotton t-shirt, bandana
  • Comfortable sneakers, leggings, oversized cotton t-shirt, baseball hat
  • Bale flats, denim shorts, linen shirt, Panama hat

Whether you decide to wear some of the old pieces that you are not afraid to damage or to add some style to the moving day, it is most important to keep yourself safe and comfortable. If you want to relax and leave all the work to the professionals, NYC moving company will do the packing and transporting of your belongings.

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