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Everyone’s first association with moving is the process of packing. And when thinking about packing, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of cardboard moving boxes. Good news is that you don’t have to spend your days roaming around NYC and buying different types of moving boxes. All you have to do is call Dumbo Moving & Storage NYC and order the exact amount you need. Our company has the means to supply you with all the moving boxes Brooklyn you need for your residential or commercial relocation. The fact that we can have your reservation for the number of boxes you need ready in record time makes ordering moving boxes NYC from top-notch relocation specialists that much easier.
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At Dumbo Moving and Storage, you will find the best moving boxes and plastic bins NYC offers. Custom-made to match your relocation needs!

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC’s services are at your fingertips

For our NYC moving company, there is only one objective in mind – to help you have a seamless and carefree relocation from point A to point B. We don’t want you to have to do anything more strenuous than direct what needs to be done. That’s why we offer a full-service moving experience where we take care of every moving task for you. Providing a full-service move definitely implies packing and unpacking one’s home down to the last item. In that situation, our sturdy moving boxes NYC are a part of the package. If your finances don’t allow it, you don’t have to opt for professional packing help. That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for reliable moving boxes our company offers and save yourself from a lot of stress. The process of ordering our boxes is simple. You either call us and place an order, or you order them online. We agree on the date and the amount, after which you can expect us to show up at the agreed-upon time with the precise number of boxes you ordered.

Moving boxes Brooklyn coming in all shapes and sizes

A home or office is a difficult thing to pack. There are many items in all shapes and sizes. Not every item will be able to fit in a medium-sized box, which is why versatility is the key. At Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, we have always made sure we are perfectly equipped to handle any and all requests our clients have. For that reason, our company offers easy rental of all types of moving boxes which are of premium quality. You place an order – our local NYC movers deliver the promised.
  • Small Box (1.5 Cubic Feet) – Perfect for books
  • Medium Box (3 Cubic Feet) – Perfect for storing clothes
  • Large Box (5 Cubic Feet) – Perfect for heavier items like dishes and fine china.
  • Wardrobe Box – 24 x 21 x 48 – They have a bar on top for hanging clothing.
  • Bin – 17 x 27 x 12 – We deliver these to your house and pick them up after you unpack. Our moving bins are easy to rent and even easier to use.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes NYC

Wardrobe moving boxes Brooklyn.

Packing and moving clothes is an endeavor that has never been easier.

We offer a variety of them. So if you want moving boxes in the NYC area, come by our office and we will be happy to sell some to you. Are you familiar with the wardrobe moving boxes – special containers designed for packing and moving your clothes? Wardrobe boxes are used for transporting hanging clothes from one place to another. Since wardrobe boxes are equipped with a metal bar, you can just move your clothes from the closet to the box and hung them. As a result, your clothes won’t get wrinkled during the move. Therefore you can just put them back into your new closet without doing the ironing. However, before you start packing, think about whether you really need to move everything you own. Leaving behind some personal items can be really hard, but there’s no point in moving some old clothes that you are not going to wear at all. In fact, you can put them to good use by giving them to charities. The number of your clothes you move will determine the number and size of moving boxes that you need. So, to reduce the effort and moving costs make sure you purge your closet and give away everything you don’t need anymore. Wardrobe moving boxes have this lovely bar on the top so that you can hang all your hanging clothes up on the bar. So do not worry about packing up your elegant dresses or coats. We will scoop those up and pack them for you. Specialized wardrobe boxes are just one phone call away.

Green NYC Moving Boxes

Green NYC moving Boxes

Our green moving boxes Brooklyn are a perfect solution for activists.

To make your move more environmentally friendly, you can opt for renting plastic moving containers which are reusable. Professional moving companies in New York City usually offer various types of plastic moving boxes. Once you get in touch with our NYC moving company and make all necessary arrangements, moving representative will deliver moving bins and then pick them up once the move is completed. Plastic containers are efficient and convenient for moving delicate and fragile items. Furthermore, your NYC movers will handle them easily since they are stackable and fit perfectly together. One of the advantages of using plastic moving bins is that they do not generate additional waste. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC is a company that worries about our planet and the effect we have on it, which we demonstrate by having eco-friendly plastic containers in our offer. Going with an environmentally-conscientious company is always a great choice. The best part? Being environmentally-friendly has never been this easy and affordable as with our premier NYC moving company.

High-quality, sturdy, reliable – three adjectives that best describe our NYC moving boxes

Whether you are moving an office in NYC or your household items, one thing is a certainty – you will need moving boxes which are strong enough to support all of your items. Even the massive ones, such as your heavy electronics and an entire library of books. When you buy our moving boxes Brooklyn based, you can rest assured that all of your furniture and precious possessions will have the support they need. Our moving boxes rarely get thorn or fall apart. As long as you follow the maximum weight limit that is not to be exceeded, they will be indestructible. Not only do quality moving boxes NYC prevent any moving injuries and significantly affect the overall safety of your move, as no items will be falling out of the boxes and on your legs, but they also ensure maximum security for your items. As long as you pack everything by the book, and use plenty of protective packaging materials, our boxes and bins will ensure everything stays intact inside the box. Upon opening the container and taking out its contents, you will be greeted by a lovely sight – the sight of all of your items in perfect condition, just the way you left them. Courtesy of Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC.

Oh, and affordable

When talking about high-quality services of any kind, people already have an image of bundles of cash they will have to pay. Not with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC and not for our cardboard boxes. Buying our moving boxes Brooklyn or renting plastic bins we offer won’t be the cause of your financial ruin. Our prices are actually quite reasonable, and they correspond to what an average New Yorker can afford. If you are interested to know how much to expect to pay for our services, just fill out our free moving cost estimator. It’s both user-friendly and pretty accurate.

NYC Moving tips: Packing Your Moving Boxes

moving boxes

If you can’t afford professional packing help, follow our tips.

Want to pack your own moving boxes Brooklyn based? That’s ok, but let us give you some tips to help you out:Mark your moving boxes on the sides, not the top or bottom. If you stack other moving boxes on top of each other, you will not know what room they belong to. An efficient labeling system will help you keep track of all your belongings at any point of the move. -If you need some extra moving boxes and you are not willing to purchase them, check out big grocery stores around midtown or hardware stores. They usually have extra cardboard boxes they are willing to give away. –Donate or use up all the food from your refrigerator before your move. Food is not allowed in the moving truck. In fact, it’s one of the non-allowable items. So make sure you are familiar with all the items your movers will refuse to load onto the moving truck. – Do not overpack the boxes. It’s much faster and safer to move two smaller and lighter boxes than one big and heavy. -To save time, instead of emptying removable drawers, you can remove the entire drawer and wrap it with the plastic wrap, which will keep the content of the drawer in place. – Protective material like padding, bubble wrap, cushioning material is highly recommended. Alternatively, old towels, blankets, or clothes may serve the purpose.

What to do with used cardboard moving boxes

Three stacks of coins next to a model of a house.

With easy to afford prices, our moving boxes NYC will be just what your household needed.

Standing among the piles of used moving boxes Brooklyn and other moving supplies is not a pleasant picture at all. Especially if you are not sure as to what to do with all that moving material. To attribute to our planet’s well-being, you can choose to act more environmentally friendly even after the move is completed. Used packing materials and cardboard boxes create a lot of waste. Some boxes can be reused for storage or shipping purposes, while others should be disposed of properly. If you are interested in making some money, you can sell moving boxes that are in good shape. A green alternative would be to contact your local recycling center and check their regulations and schedule. Instead of throwing the boxes away, give them to a friend who is planning to move house soon. Also, your moving company can give you a piece of advice and a couple of green ideas in terms of how to proceed and what to do with used moving boxes in New York City.

A gist of the importance of moving boxes Brooklyn

Moving boxes are among the very first things you should prepare when you decide to move house. To make your relocation more affordable, you should find out where you can get cheap or free of charge moving boxes in New York City. There’s a variety of moving boxes that are just one phone call away. Contact the New York City moving company that seems most suitable and find out more about what they have to offer. Bear in mind that plain cardboard moving boxes can be found anywhere. Friends or relatives who have moved house recently probably have some spare moving boxes. Also, you can visit local furniture stores, restaurants, book stores and arrange with the managers when you can collect the moving boxes. They usually have large, sturdy boxes NYC that you can put to good use. If you are looking for some green materials for your move, you can contact your moving company and find out how to make your move more eco-friendly. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC have to offer environmentally friendly green bins. The moving company representatives deliver the moving boxes Brooklyn at the agreed time and then pick them up after the move is completed. Furthermore, our affordable NYC movers can do all the packing and unpacking for you. Knowing which type and size of boxes to use for which items is a great advantage when it comes to arranging your household items for the upcoming relocation.

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With sturdy, high-quality, and affordable moving boxes Brooklyn being just a phone call away, there is no reason to wait any longer. There will be other moving-related issues for you to worry about, but moving boxes NYC based don’t have to be one of them. The process is simple – you call, we prepare. Any amount of premium moving boxes will be ready for pickup but with timely notice, of course. Every minute you waste is a minute you could have found a better use for if you only got in touch with us. Whether you wish to order only our boxes and bins or pair them with other services we offer is entirely up to you. In any situation, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC will be ready to rise to the occasion.