Moving equipment needed for DIY moving

Moving equipment needed for DIY moving

A DIY move can be quite an adventure whose outcome will be determined by your organizational skills and strategies applied during the process. If you are moving just a couple of streets away, you might think that you can do it without professional help, which is possible, provided that you are familiar with all stages of DIY moving. A proper moving plan created in advance as well as adequate moving equipment will help you stay on track during this challenging process. Possibly tense and stressful moving circumstances may put your patience and nerves to the test. During the self-move, you are responsible for making certain your items are transported safely to the new residence, so make sure you have everything you need to make that happen. So, to make it easy for yourself, learn what moving equipment is needed for DIY moving.


Moving van or truck

The size of the moving vehicle should be based on the number of items that are going to be transferred to the new destination. If you are moving locally, just a couple of blocks away, you may decide to make multiple trips to your new home and back to transport all your belongings in your car.

On the other hand, if you are moving long-distance, that option would be both expensive and time-consuming. If you eventually choose to rent a moving vehicle of an appropriate size, you should decide whether you are going to drive the vehicle or hire a professional driver. When calculating moving costs, make sure you include some additional expenses like road tolls, parking fees, and fuel costs.


Packing material:

The reason why you should use moving blankets is to protect your belongings from scratches, dust, and debris. If you are not willing to spend additional money on moving supplies, you can use old blankets, towels, and any other fabrics that can provide adequate protection.

Shrinkwrap or plastic bags can be used for keeping your cushions clean and dry during transport. You can also pack clothes inside large plastic bags. Just pick them from your wardrobe without removing the clothes hanger. Then, you can just place several pieces of clothes into the large plastic bags.

Bubble wrap is ideal for protecting glassware and delicate items like figurines, silverware. While bubble wrap is not one of the cheapest pieces of moving equipment it is worth every penny. Buy a whole roll of bubble wrap and apply it over electronic devices, mirrors, kitchenware, etc.


Moving boxes are the vital parts of moving equipment needed for DIY moving

Cardboard moving boxes and specialty boxes will keep your items from breaking. The former can be obtained even for free in the grocery stores, bookstores, and restaurants, while the latter is available at the moving supplies stores. Make sure to choose the right size of the moving box for your relocation.

  • Small moving boxes – Smaller moving boxes are perfect for heavier items such as plates, or books. Never fill up the moving box to the top, as you don`t want to risk any damage to it.
  • Medium moving boxes – You can transport tools, toys, souvenirs, linen, etc. These items should not be very heavy.
  • Large moving boxes – Large moving boxes are ideal for transporting clothes, pillows, towels, and linen.
  • Other types of moving boxes – There are also moving boxes specifically designed for transporting mirrors, as well as bottles. You can also choose to have your moving boxes custom made, but this may turn out to be an expensive option.

Straps and ropes

Straps and ropes are ideal for safely carrying heavy and oddly-shaped items and securing them to a moving dolly to prevent them from falling. Ropes are especially convenient when moving heavy items up and down the stairs and trying to hold drawers in place. Furthermore, by using moving straps you will keep injuries at bay – remember, your safety comes first!

Packing tape

Use packing tape to seal moving boxes, protect corners and keep furniture parts like doors and drawers together.

Packing Tape - A Piece Of Moving Equipment Needed for DIY Moving

Furniture dolly

A furniture dolly is an indispensable piece of moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. Furniture dollies are convenient for transporting heavy items like king-size beds, pianos, and kitchen appliances. Just make sure that the items are secured properly to the dolly and that you have an extra pair of hands when you are about to load them to the moving truck.

Floor protection

If you wonder how to keep your home undamaged on moving day, protecting the floors is a way to go. The reason why you should use furniture padding when moving is to prevent damage to your property. Plywood sheets, film protectors, and cardboard sheets usually provide sufficient floor and carpet protection and keep them clean and dry. Remember to tape them to the floor with the packing tape, to prevent any sliding.

Tool kit

Keep your tool kit handy in case you need it for furniture assembly. Apart from the tool kit, it is wise to have a first-aid kit in case an accident happens. Even a simple cut can cause you inconvenience and alcohol and gauze can fix the problem easily.

Permanent marker and labels

Labeling moving boxes is one of the most important parts of any relocation. Purchase a high-quality, waterproof marker to label your moving boxes. You can also download labels online for free, print them, and apply them to the moving box. Remember to write labels such as Fragile on at least three sides of the moving box. This will help you spot the label faster, and avoid any possible damage.

A Permanent Marker - A Piece Of Moving Equipment Needed for DIY Moving

Proper clothes for the moving day

Needless to say, proper shoes and clothes are indispensable, especially if you are moving in poor weather conditions. If you are moving during summer, make sure to wear a sun scream, as well as a hat.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are a mandatory part of the moving equipment needed for DIY moving. Keep some cleaning supplies on hand to leave the old property in excellent condition.

Ask someone to help you with the relocation

DIY relocation does not mean working without any help. Ask your friends or relatives to help you out with packing and loading items into the moving truck. Just make sure that the people you invite to help you are reliable. It often happens that people back out of the agreement for any reason. You can call several people to help you, and if someone does not show up, you will still have help. Furthermore, if you have younger kids or pets, it is great to find someone to look after them. Relocation can be very stressful for them, and they shouldn’t be at home during packing.

So, gather friends and family members who are willing to help you out. Teamwork is what makes a successful DIY move and ensures a positive outcome.

At the end of the day, you can always hire movers to help you

If, for any reason, your DIY move is not going right, hire a professional moving service Brooklyn to help you. They will provide the right moving equipment, help you with packing and moving heavy items, organize a stress-free moving day, and relocate you successfully.

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