How to keep your home undamaged on moving day

How to keep your home undamaged on moving day

Damaged or lost goods during the move - what to do?

Damaging your home while moving in/out is the last thing you would like to experience during the relocation process. A lot of people going in and out and carrying heavy and cumbersome furniture pieces may cause damage to the floors, walls, fixtures, doors,… Both your current and the new home deserve special attention on moving day. The fact that you are moving out doesn’t mean that you are allowed to leave your old home in poor condition. You will probably want your new home to look picture perfect, but remember that your old place is about to become someone’s home too. A few simple steps will ensure that both of your homes are properly protected against moving day accidental damage.

Guide to protecting your home on moving day

– One of so many advantages of hiring professional movers NYC is that they will make sure both your goods and your property are protected and handled in a proper manner. Reputable movers are trained to provide high-quality moving services and they will engage their expertise to keep your possessions undamaged during the moving process.

– If you are performing a DIY move, the truth is that accidents will most likely happen. From your end you can take all necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of any damage to your treasured home and its content.

– Measure doorways and hallways in both homes to make sure that large and oddly-shaped objects will fit through the door or into an elevator. If possible, take large furniture apart and carry them piece by piece. While dismantling the furniture take a couple of photos or notes that will help you reassemble it again at your new home.

– Make your home free from clutter and obstacles before the movers or your friends and helpers arrive. Speaking of potential obstacles, make sure your kids and pets are properly taken care of when the movers arrive. The best would be to have a babysitter or some other reliable person look after your kids and pets on moving day while you can run your errands smoothly.

– Prepare your furniture and appliances in advance so as to ease the process on moving day. Unplug kitchen appliances and clean them thoroughly before the movers arrive. Also, consider covering sharp corners of large furniture with the mask or some padding material so as to keep your walls and yourself safe on moving day. Replacing certain kitchen appliances can be really costly and by taking precautionary measures you can avoid additional expenses and unpleasant surprises.

– Large appliance and furniture pieces are likely to cause damage to to the doors, walls and floors, so you would like to plan each step thoroughly. Get as many helpers as possible to assist you with this challenging task.

– Protect high-traffic floor areas with a lot of cardboard. Also, get self-adhesive plastic covering to keep dirt and debris at bay as well as protect the areas susceptible to foot and furniture treads. Furthermore, tight areas like hallways are prone to damage, so covering the walls with drop clothes or bed sheets will keep them safe from scratches and dirt. Investing an extra money in protective materials and supplies turns out to be much cheaper than performing repair works when you realize that your expensive hardwood flooring has been damaged during the moving process.

– If you are moving with a toddler, you may want to child-proof your new home and make it a safe place for your little ones. Your new residence is still unfamiliar environment for your kids, therefore potentially dangerous. You as a parent should do anything you can to create a secure environment for your children once you settle into your new home.

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