Packing and moving heavy items

Packing and moving heavy items

A man carrying three moving boxes
Reputable movers will make packing and moving go much smoother

A household move has proven to be a challenging period full of different activities and potential stressors. With so many tasks to take care of, no wonder why so many people decide to entrust the entire packing and moving process to those who are qualified and trained to get the job done smoothly and efficiently.

Even if you optimistically believe that you can do everything on your own, as soon as your start packing you will realize that you could certainly use an extra pair of hands. However, even if you are capable of dealing with all moving challenges on your own, wouldn’t you like to relieve moving stress and make the transition easier on you? After all, if moving house was easy, then it wouldn’t be considered as one of the most stressful life events.

So unless you want to go down that road all alone, it’s highly advisable to hire professional movers and packers who will take the backbreaking task upon themselves. While handling some moving tasks is a straightforward process, certain aspects of the move require much more effort, time and eventually – professionals’ attention and expertise.

Without question, packing and transporting clothes, books and other small items doesn’t seem like a real hassle. But, when it comes to handling heavy household belongings you should take into consideration a great deal of potential risks that may follow. Not only will you have to make sure they your heavy and cumbersome items reach their new destination intact, but also you are responsible for the safety of everyone involved in packing and moving those large objects. So, don’t leave anything to chance and have each aspect of the move under control by starting ahead of time and having an efficient strategy in place.

Packing and moving made easy

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Enlist your movers’ help when planning to move a piano

Packing and moving heavy items of all kinds is one of the most arduous tasks one can face during the household move. Regardless of how motivated and organized you are, certain tasks are better left to the professionals. Having assessed your pre-move situation seriously, you’ve come to realize that moving your piano, hot tub or pool table will cause major troubles.

Aside from preventing personal injury, you need to take good care of both properties as well as keep your belongings safe and sound. Juggling and multitasking skills seem to be very valuable when trying to tackle one tough activity after another.

As it turns out, hiring reliable movers may make all the difference between a smooth and traumatic household relocation. If you decide to reach out to the full-service movers, don’t be surprised by an increased moving quote, since there are different services included:

  • packing and moving services
  • unpacking
  • disassembling and reassembling furniture
  • planning the logistics of the move

The final price depends on the distance, moving load and complexity of the job. So, unless you want to leave your large and heavy items behind, check if you can afford transportation costs.

As it turns out, sometimes it’s worth paying more for the service that will ensure your peace of mind. Not only will your movers carefully pack and transport all your odds and ends, but also they will provide suitable packaging and moving equipment.

While there’s a good deal of reasons why hiring professional movers is a good idea, no one said that self-moves are impossible. Let’s face it – sooner or later you will realize that it all comes down to a good organization and a couple of friends willing to lug around your heavyweight items.

Most important packing and moving principles for a successful relocation

When embarking on a DIY packing and moving adventure you may want to take advantage of the pointers we are about to outline. Take your time to think the entire process through before you start dealing with the most laborious of tasks.

Get hold of proper packing material

bubble wrap with scissors and tape on it
Stock up on large amounts of packing and moving supplies and proper equipment

The right type of packing supplies can go a long way toward protecting your belongings and keeping personal injuries at bay throughout the process. And consider the following as a rule of thumb – don’t mix heavy items with the light ones in one box. It’s highly advisable to reinforce the bottom of each box for some extra strength.

Also, bear in mind that small moving boxes are ideal for packing and moving heavy items like books, tools, appliances, electronics. On the other hand, large moving boxes are suitable for moving and storing lightweight items like bedding, toys, clothes, drapes. Use generous amounts of packing paper, padding material and bubble wrap to provide an extra protection.

Having established what to leave behind and what to move to a new place, it will be easier for you to figure out how many moving boxes you need. Remember, the more unnecessary items you get rid of, the less money and time you will spend packing up your household. As it turns out, a ruthless pre-move purge may have a huge impact on the efficiency of the packing process.

Lifting techniques for handling heavy items

Unless you’ve moved several times, chances are that you will have trouble figuring out the safest way to handle your heavy items.

Lifting and hauling around heavy objects is one of the inevitable scenarios when packing and moving to a new home. Adopting the correct technique is a good starting point for preventing personal injuries and potential damage to your items or property.

First off, start by taking all removable parts apart. Needless to say, it will be easier to handle your desk and other furniture without drawers, legs and any contents inside. Unless you cover your floors with anti-slippery film protectors, chances are that your floors will end up scratched.

red emergency button one should push when in need for help when packing and moving
Gather your friends to assist you with packing and moving activities

Do not underestimate the importance of your posture when lifting heavy objects. A solid base with your feet will help you distribute and endure the heavyweight. Also, lifting from your legs will ensure you are not at risk of any back injuries. Slow and steady movements without any hasty actions are your ally during this physically demanding process. Therefore, know your limits and do not overestimate your ability and strength. At the end of the day, you would be able to keep the move running smoothly with your friends onboard.

Planning a move?

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