Moving Equipment for a Safe and Smooth Move

Moving Equipment for a Safe and Smooth Move

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With a proper moving equipment and your friends’ help you can complete the move without major troubles

Besides having a group of strong helpers, having proper moving equipment and tools on hand could be really helpful when relocating.

Needless to say, moving with a professional moving company is far less complicated as they are properly equipped and trained. However, if you’ve decided to move on your own, there’s something you should know about DIY moves. Although in theory, you will be able to cut moving costs, you should invest much more time and effort to make it work.

Unless you are a moving pro who has already moved several times in the past, you should know that only a foolproof strategy will keep you covered all along. As it turns out, undertaking a self-move makes sense for short-distance, local moves. Otherwise, it may require a great deal of skills, experience, and resourcefulness to get the job done properly.

Having compared all moving scenarios (as well as quotes) that fit your budget, you can tell which moving option suits you best. Whether to hire professional movers or to perform a self-move is usually one of the major concerns that should be solved immediately.

While people tend to assume that DIY moves are more affordable, we suggest you give some thought to the matter. Jumping to conclusions without considering all factors like distance, time, the complexity of the move can be a rather expensive project. So, take the time to plan out your move step by step.

Tools and Moving Equipment That Make Relocation Easier

Provided that you’ve hired a reliable moving company, you won’t have to lift a finger as they are going to handle the most strenuous aspects of the move. Full-service movers will provide enough manpower along with necessary moving equipment to move you to a new place effortlessly. But, if you decide to organize everything on your own in spite of all potential safety issues and additional costs, here’s the list of necessary tools to obtain before moving day.

Renting suitable moving equipment will add to your moving costs, but also will give you momentum on your moving day. Needless to say, investing in moving tools may help you perform an efficient and, above all, safe move. While each piece of moving equipment has its unique purpose, let’s take a look at those you shouldn’t plan your move without.

Moving truck/van

First and foremost, how are you going to transport your belongings to a new home?

In order to cut moving costs, you can borrow a smaller pick-up truck and make several trips to a new home and back. It can be a viable option if you are moving within the same city.

Alternatively, there are truck rental companies that can provide a vehicle appropriate for your specific needs and requirements. In order to determine the size of the truck, you need to take into account the size of your home. Also, the size and type of the furniture, and the number of bedrooms. Make a detailed calculation in advance so as to avoid paying for the storage space you won’t really need. But, it can be even more frustrating to realize on moving day that your moving truck is not big enough to accommodate all your belongings.

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Choose the right size moving truck for your move

Moving boxes and packing supplies

Having decided to pursue the path of a DIY move, you will face another special task – getting as many moving boxes as possible. The good news is that you can get them completely free of charge. Of course, if you know where to look for them. In order to obtain free moving boxes, your best bet is to reach out to friends who have moved house recently. Chances are they will be willing to hand over a pile of remaining moving boxes in good condition. Also, stores that receive large shipments on a daily basis are a perfect source of free moving boxes. So, go to the nearest grocery store, supermarket, bookstore, or restaurant. Check if you could score some free packing supplies. In case you prefer to take care of things online, you can also visit one of the useful websites like Craigslist or a social platform like Facebook Marketplace – you’ll be able to find people near you who want to get rid of their moving boxes and they’ll give them away for free.

Moving containers

In case you don’t want to use cardboard boxes and want to avoid clutter after the move is done, check out moving containers instead. Moving containers can be a great solution if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your relocation because they’re made of recycled materials, plus, you don’t have to buy them but rent and bring them back after your move is complete. Also, moving containers are sturdy enough so you don’t have to worry about breaking and causing damage to your goods.

Packing supplies are also not to be overlooked when we’re talking about moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. You may feel the urge to just shove everything in a box and be done with the packing process. But, you’ll end up with broken things and additional stress. Make sure to get quality packing supplies, including packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, scissors, and sharpie markers for labeling boxes. When it comes to packing your appliances, electronics, china, or other fragile items, go ahead and check out tips from professional movers and pack like a pro. You’ll need to use proven packing strategies to keep your breakables safe and have enough packing supplies on hand.

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Locate the nearest source of free moving boxes
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Make use of all available moving supplies that will reduce the strain on your body

Moving dolly

However difficult and back-breaking moving tasks may seem, with the right moving equipment you will keep injuries and risks at bay. A moving dolly will undoubtedly make your transition much smoother when it comes to carrying heavy and bulky items.

Not only will your items be transported safely between your home and the moving truck, but also the strain on your body will be minimized. Depending on the nature of your household belongings, you can choose from several types of dollies:

  • Furniture dolly
  • Appliance dolly
  • Utility dolly

A furniture dolly is indispensable when moving a piano as it’s designed to handle up to a thousand pounds. The purpose of using an appliance dolly is to wheel out and move up and down the stairs large, heavy appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washers. Utility dolly is a multi-purpose piece of moving equipment ideal for transporting both small furniture and stacked moving boxes. There is a reason why professional movers use moving dollies, and you should do the same. Why break your back when you can simply load it and let the wheels do the heavy work.

Padding material and moving straps

When preparing for a self-move, make sure to budget for moving blankets and pads along with other moving equipment. In order to protect your belongings while in transit consider getting large amounts of padding supplies and moving blankets. That way you will keep your items safe from scratches and dirt and moisture. In addition to that, securing your items on the moving dolly and inside the moving truck is of paramount importance. Well, those materials are not that affordable. But, it’s certainly worth paying some extra cash for the sake of your belongings’ well-being. Also, having a lot of bubble wrap, packing paper, and other cushioning material on hand while packing will allow you to keep your items safe during the process.

As it turns out, one can never be too cautious during the move. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to have a successful and trouble-free move. If you consider yourself up to the challenge, start putting together your customized moving checklist. It’s never too early to start your moving preparations, so get to work as soon as your move becomes certain.

First aid kit

When it comes to must-haves everyone forgets about, the first aid kit is at the top of the list. Although a first aid kit is not necessarily moving equipment, it is certainly unavoidable for safe relocation. Sometimes, even with the utmost care, an accident can happen. You want to make sure you’re well prepared and equipped to handle it. Besides having a first aid kit, you should also make sure that everyone involved knows how to use it. Also, that they are aware of where the kit is placed during relocation.

Moving house is always exciting but can also be overwhelming unless you have an adequate plan. More often than not, creating a checklist is one of the most important steps for a successful relocation. Plan ahead and include all the tasks you need to accomplish for a smooth and safe move. Do not forget to include necessary equipment and packing materials. You’ll also have to get a few helpers because performing a move all by yourself is never a good idea. For a completely safe and smooth move, go ahead and hire professional movers. They’ll take care of your entire relocation so you don’t have to worry about moving equipment and safety. Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service – contact us anytime to receive a free moving quote.

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