6 Reasons Why You Should Use Furniture Padding When Moving

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Furniture Padding When Moving

Furniture padding, or popularly called, moving blankets is an irreplaceable part of moving supplies. All reliable moving companies know this and they will use it when packing your supplies. Relocation is a part of life, and most of the time we are moving somewhere better, whether it is for love, job, or education. The moving process should be done with care and high-quality moving and packing supplies to transfer your items safely. If you are in doubt whether to use furniture padding when moving, after reading this article you will know for sure if furniture padding is something you need.

Protective Furniture Pad
Use furniture padding to protect your belongings when moving

Why you should use furniture padding?

Furniture padding, or moving blankets, is a thick, heavy-duty material made from polyester or cotton, or a combination of both. The thickness may vary, but the function is always the same, protecting your furniture. Let us see some of the biggest reasons why you should use furniture padding when relocating.

It will protect the floors of your home

Everyone who has moved even once knows that how important is protecting the floors during the move. A damaged floor means that you won`t get your deposit back if you were a tenant. This can have a significant impact on your budget. On the other hand, if you were planning to sell the house, a floor with dents and scratches will decrease its value. Having furniture padding will prevent any of these mishaps when carrying heavy pieces of furniture. This is why they are an irreplaceable part of every relocation.

Apartment Protection When Moving
When moving, any floor protection is better than no protection at all

It will protect the walls, as well

Although the damage is not as serious as with the floors, you still don`t want to leave any marks on the walls of the house you are leaving. And it is quite easy to hit the walls with the end of a heavy item and leave a mark. Avoid this by using furniture padding of high-quality as it is worth it in the long run. We are certain that you don`t want to see a dent, a scratch, or anything else on the white walls, or beautifully decorated ones.

Furniture padding will keep your furniture clean…

From your old house to your new house, your furniture will come a long way. Disassembling, packing, transporting, storing, transporting again, and finally assembling it can easily take a toll on the cleanliness of your furniture. Even if you are moving next door, you still need to move your furniture and take it outside. Not to mention bad weather, as rain, wind, and snow can make your previously white sofa, a beige item you don`t want in your home. Avoid the dirt, grit, and grind by covering your furniture in furniture paddings on time.

And will protect it from breaking

It is not enough that your furniture arrives clean at your new home. You don`t want to see the furniture legs broken or damaged in any other way. Since these parts of furniture can be quite fragile, it is enough to cover them in heavy material such as a moving blanket and you will be on the safe side.

Improvised Moving Blanket
If you have no other options, use your old rug

You can easily slide your furniture with the help of furniture padding

Sliding heavy items across the room is way better than pushing them. And sliding becomes immensely easier when you have furniture padding on your side. There is no risk that the item or the floors will be damaged. The risk of moving injuries for yourself is also down at a bare minimum. Place a moving pad on the floor before placing an item covered in furniture padding and start sliding it in the direction that you need.

Furniture padding is reusable and durable

You can use furniture padding for all of your upcoming relocations, as they can hardly get damaged. Their thickness prevents them from being torn apart, so they will serve you in the years to come. Of course, you can give them to your friends and family members to use for their relocations. It is a great investment as you won`t have to worry about protecting your furniture. However, you can also use them for other purposes, not just for relocation. A furniture padding can easily become a yoga mat, or a dog bed, or a picnic blanket. In this way, you don`t have to wait for the next relocation to use them. They can become a part of your daily inventory.

Home Furniture Protective Pads
Investing in furniture padding is a good idea since it’s durable and reusable

How to use furniture padding?

While we have seen that moving blankets or furniture padding have numerous benefits, it is also important to use it properly. Only in this way will you get the best results. Always use original moving blankets. You can of course use your old blankets and towels, but for high-value items, we recommend using the real thing as a precaution. Cover the item in whole, making sure that there aren`t any exposed parts of furniture left. Once the item is covered (you might have to use more than one furniture padding for this), tape the padding carefully with a tape or a mover`s rubber band. After this, you are ready to move your furniture to the moving truck.

Where to get moving blankets?

If you decide to hire a reliable moving company for your relocation, they will provide you with the furniture padding. In this case, you won`t have to worry about having enough furniture padding, or about their quality. You will have professional moving blankets at your disposal. On the other hand, you can rent or buy them at various stores. Amazon and Walmart are great for buying moving blankets, and you can order them online without going to the store. Renting is also an option as moving blankets are not quite cheap.

A Moving Blanket
Moving blankets are widely available and affordable

Hire professional movers for the best results

Both local and long-distance movers NYC will take the stress away and will turn your relocation into a pleasant experience. If you don`t have time to worry about packing and unpacking your items, as well as assembling and disassembling your furniture, remember that you can always count on experienced NYC movers. Good luck!

Planning a move?

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