How to drive rented moving truck

How to drive rented moving truck


When you are performing a self-move, one of the biggest concerns is renting a moving truck. Now that you are about to move your household goods without movers’ help, it is time to get familiar with some of the most important aspects of the self-moves. Driving a huge rental truck with all household possessions might seem terrifying at first due to a huge responsibility and stress.

Hopefully guidelines provided below will help all DIY movers handle the rental truck driving successfully.

– Choose the right size moving truck depending on the moving load. Try to estimate the moving load as accurately as possible.

– Have your move properly insured. If your existing insurance doesn’t provide full coverage, purchase an additional one.

– Calculate how much fuel you will need for the rental truck while on the road. Make sure you know where gas stations are on the road.

– Know your route in advance. Be informed about the road condition and how long the trip will take approximately.

– Before hitting the road get to know the moving truck and its functions.

– Usually up to 3 persons can fit into the truck’s cab. However, moving with children in rental moving truck is not recommended, unless there is a back seat. The safest option would be to have someone drive the truck, while you can have a carefree travel to the new home in your own car.

– If there is enough space in the cabin, you can place there your pet in a carrier. Transporting pets in the cargo area would be against rental agreement

– Find out your options for transporting your vehicles (car, motorcycle, camper,…). You can either tow your car or have it shipped.

– If you are moving to another country, respect speed limit signs in each state. According to some moving advisers, if you are towing a car, you should drive at least 10 MPH slower.

– Make sure to take all safety precautions if you are towing a vehicle or trailer.

– If driving all along the long-distance move seems too demanding, additional drivers are usually allowed, but most companies will charge you extra for that.

– Are they loading ramps available? Most types of rental trucks do have loading ramps except for smaller trucks which are not equipped with one.

– Drivers should meet a minimum age requirement, which is 18 in most cases and have a driver’s license. A special license is not required, since moving trucks are not considered as standard passenger vehicles.

– Parking a moving truck is not easy at all. Lack of a back window can make it even harder, which is why you will need an assistant who will get out of the truck and give you hand instructions.

– It goes without saying that you should wear a safety belt all along.

– Stay focused and don’t get distracted while driving. Texting or talking on the phone while driving a moving truck (or any other vehicle) is absolutely unacceptable. A moment of inattention may cost you a lot. You certainly don’t want to jeopardize the whole move in any way, so stay focused behind the wheel.

– Keep a reasonable distance on the road.

– Pay extra attention if there are bad weather conditions. Remember that you are not used to this kind of vehicle and it could take more effort to control it.

– If you cannot drive the rental truck for some reason nor afford full-service movers, you can just hire a professional, experienced driver and do the rest of moving tasks yourself.

– Know your limitations. Decide how many hours you can manage to drive per day. Take a break whenever possible and whenever you need to freshen up. When you feel tired, pull into a rest area. Have some drinks and snacks with you all the way.

– Book a hotel in advance, so that you have a place to stay overnight when you get tired.

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