Guidelines for a long - distance move

Guidelines for a long - distance move


Long distance move includes certain logistical challenges and storing your possessions could be a viable solution. Reputable moving company can help you minimize the effort, unpleasant situations and delays during the moving process.

Since long distance move requires additional attention and strategy, Dumbo movers are fully dedicated to the moving process. We will be more than happy to assist you and make the move go as smoothly as possible all along providing high-quality professional service.

Dumbo moving specialists are available in case you have some further questions or concerns about moving costs, packing strategy, schedule,…

Being one of the leading moving companies in NYC, Dumbo moving and storage professionals will guide you through the moving process and provide you with all supplies needed for a successful outcome.

They will create a moving plan according to your budget as well as keep you informed about every action taken during the moving procedure. For the purpose of a successful move, customer’s requests and needs are absolutely respected.

Exclusive move vs consolidated move


The logistics during the long-distance move is a bit specific, which is why in most cases your movers cannot precise the date when your items will be delivered to the new address. When performing long-distance move, Dumbo moving and storage offers two options: exclusive move and consolidated move.

An exclusive move is a bit more expensive option which includes picking up your items at your New York City address and transporting them directly to your new home. The truck is reserved only for your items, which will reach your new place in a short period of time. For example, in case you are moving to Florida, your possessions will be delivered during the next day.

The other option is consolidated move. This solution is more affordable because you are not the only one whose possessions are transported on the same truck. Delivery time frame is a bit longer, since your items are first stored and then transported and the maximum delivery time frame is up to 10 business days, depending on the location of your new home.

Long-distance move – moving tips

Moving across the country or to a different country is a unique experience, much more complicated than moving to the other part of the town. That being said, you should make sure that everything goes as planned by following some of the tips for a long-distance move.

– The safety of your possessions depends on how carefully you have packed them. It will take a long ride and a long period of time until your possessions reach your new place. Dumbo movers will certainly take good care of them, but it is highly recommended that your items are well cushioned inside the box in order to prevent possible damage and that quality moving boxes and containers are used for packing. When packing some fragile items, ask your movers for further instructions. If agreed so, they can take care of the packing for you and save you a lot of troubles.

– When it comes to packing, there’s a list of items moving companies are not allowed to transport, like chemicals, gasoline, fire extinguisher, household batteries, paint, pesticides, oil, acids, cleaning solvents,…Also, perishables (frozen food, refrigerated food, plants) are considered non-allowable. The same goes for liquids. Not only may similar products attract pest, but they can damage the items in the truck. In certain cases, properly sealed and packed liquids can be transported, but it’s up to you and your movers to decide whether you will take a chance.

– Labeling the boxes and proper organization when packing can go a long way and save a lot of time once you reach the new place. And, since your moving company could transport some other people’s belongings on the same truck, make sure to mark your boxes with your name so that those can be easily identified.

– Make sure to purchase proper moving insurance. Inconveniences are likely to happen during the transport, so make sure that any possible damage is covered. Your moving company will inform you about the types of insurance.

– Pack an overnight bag with the essentials you will need during the next few days and keep all valuables and documents with you.

– Your outdoor furniture should be inspected carefully in case there are some insects or pests, because no one wants to move them too.

Planning a move?

Experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted, affordable moving service. Our team of dedicated movers is committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure your items arrive in the same condition they were in before the move. We work hard to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible and that your possessions are handled with the utmost care. With our competitive prices and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your move will be an enjoyable and successful experience.

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