NYC moving tips - Picking a moving date

NYC moving tips - Picking a moving date

A household move presents you with a number of difficult choices. Deciding on the ideal moving date can be challenging, especially if the entire prospect of moving came out of the blue. Ideally, you will have several options to choose from when picking a moving date. The more flexible you are, the more likely it is to score some good moving deals. Although hiring the right kind of movers NYC can largely affect the entire course of the move, selecting a convenient moving date is just as important.

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Keep in mind important seasonal considerations when picking a moving date

Since a household relocation will shortly be upon you, you should base your final decision on a number of important considerations. Moving date is one of the important matters you have to tackle as soon as you decide to relocate. Picking a moving date and coordinating the entire process accordingly is the very first challenge you will face during your moving adventure.

Before picking a relocation date, go through some basic questions that will help you set the final date (if you have the option to choose and you are not being forced by certain circumstances beyond your control). If you have the freedom to choose the most favorable day to perform all moving day tasks, make sure you are familiar with all those simple hacks that can ease your transition. Remember that your final choice can make all the difference between a smooth and a problematic moving day. Here’s what to pay attention to when deciding on the ideal moving date.

Choosing an auspicious moving date

Although there is no such thing as a lucky day when moving house, it’s a fact that some of them are more convenient than others. While most people embrace a pragmatic approach when picking a moving date, very few of them choose an auspicious date based on Feng Shui moving principles.

feng shui stones
Schedule your moving date based on personal preferences and circumstances

The truth is that not many people actually have the time to follow traditional rituals and superstitions when moving into a new office or home. Therefore, most of them consider the two most important factors while scheduling your move and setting a moving date: convenience and finances. Since Park Slope movers and other NYC moving companies typically charge higher rates during the national holidays, weekends, summer months, it’s good to know that there are some cheaper alternatives.

Here’s our handy guide to picking the most favorable and budget-friendly moving date.

Important considerations to keep in mind when picking a moving date

If you are at liberty to choose any date you want, you are privileged to organize your move according to your needs and preferences, without any external limitations. Also, bear in mind that timing is very important in terms of saving money. Summer is famous for being the busiest season in the moving industry, so if you decide to move during the summertime, then you should find storage Brooklyn and book a moving company well in advance and be prepared to pay more for their services.

On the other hand, moving during the winter season seems to be much cheaper, if you are ready to take potential risks. Moving house between September and May might be very convenient for your wallet, but due to unpredictable weather conditions, there are certain risks. Therefore, try to find the cheapest and the safest compromise. A very few people are willing to move in December in the middle of the preparation for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But those who are forced to do so usually spend the most cheerful period of the year packing and organizing the move.

Moving house on a weekday or during the weekend?

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People typically set weekend moving dates due to many conveniences

It’s a common dilemma for those who are moving on a tight budget. In order to avoid overcrowded streets and find available movers at a good price, it is always recommendable to schedule your midweek move preferably during the second half of the month. Although very busy, moving during the weekend is a common-sense decision due to many conveniences.

  • Your kids will be home and able to help.
  • You and your helpers won’t need to take time off from work.
  • If you are moving locally, chances are you will settle into a new home by the beginning of the new week.
  • Ideally, you will have some time to relax before your new workweek starts.

While weekends are the most popular time for moving house, many people try to avoid traditional weekend moves in order to cut moving costs. Aiming for a weekday move when there is less demand turns out to be cheaper. Since there will be more available movers who will want to secure you as a customer, chances are you will come across some really good moving deals. Also, as long as you avoid rush hours, there will be less traffic on the road.

If you reach your new home early in the afternoon while most people are still at work, you will avoid curious neighbors’ looks. Also, carrying heavy items through the halls and increased foot traffic won’t cause some major disruption to your neighbors’ routine.

Set a moving date according to the lease terms

If you are renting your current home, act according to the terms and conditions of the lease. Go through the contract once again and get familiar with your obligations. Sometimes tenants are not at liberty to choose the moving day they want due to some clauses of the lease agreement. Make sure to notify your landlord on time and find out how you can get your security deposit back. Fulfill all the responsibilities you have agreed to so that you won’t face any penalties.

Many landlords expect to be notified at least one month in advance. In case you are moving into another rental apartment you need to know the exact date when it will be available. Due to a bad organization or some circumstances beyond your control, it could happen that your new apartment is not ready when you move out from the previous home. Whether it is a period of a few days or weeks, you will need to consider some temporary housing options and probably have your belongings stored for a while.

When selling your house and buying a new one things can get a bit tricky. Picking a moving date mostly depends on the completion day and conveyancing process. Once the deal is closed and contracts have been signed you can start planning your move.

Follow your new school and work calendar

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Work around your kids’ school calendar when picking a moving date

If your first day at new work has been set and your new employer is not really open for negotiations, make sure to move well in advance so that you have enough time to settle into your new home and show up at work right on time. Organize the whole relocation process in accordance with the contract you have with your new employer. You will want to make a good first impression on your new boss and coworkers.

In addition to that, your kids’ school-start date may also limit your flexibility in terms of picking a moving date. If some members of your family attend elementary school, try to move ahead of time so that they don’t miss the beginning of the school year. Changing schools is usually emotionally challenging for children, so make sure to assess all your options and choose what’s best for you and your family.

The best-case scenario for picking a moving date

The best-case scenario would be to organize the move by working around your kids’ school calendar. That’s why most families are moving during the summertime, which appears to be the most convenient period to change schools. Also, moving to college requires perfect coordination and punctuality, so make sure to be there right for the beginning of the academic year.

Ideally, your little ones will have some time to adjust to a new environment, get familiar with the neighborhood and meet new friends. Moving with kids is always challenging, so be mindful of their emotional needs during the transition. Much of the timing, in this case, will be down to their school calendar, so make sure your kids are ready to join the group right from the start of the school year.

Staying organized is the key to a trouble-free move

As you probably know, flexibility is the key factor when organizing a household move. Unfortunately, in some cases, people are prompted to move by some unexpected circumstances that don’t allow much flexibility. Staying organized in spite of those sudden inconveniences and delays can keep you on the right track with your moving duties and responsibilities.

Whatever time of the week, month and year you choose as moving date, you will be faced with a set of specific challenges. Your personal preferences and specific circumstances will determine your final choice in terms of picking a moving date. So, surround yourself with a lot of reliable helpers and positive people who will help you get through the daunting relocation project without losing your mind down the road.

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