Safety tips for NYC moving in winter

Safety tips for NYC moving in winter

Cold and snowy weather doesn’t have to be an obstacle when it comes to moving house. It’s a perfect time to stay indoors and watch your favorite movie or drink tea. However, a winter move doesn’t have to be a disaster. By being aware of possible problems and scenarios during the winter move, you will be able to deal with them successfully or even prevent them. Although most of the household moves in NYC take place between May and September, some people would say that moving from New York in the winter has its advantages.

People who prefer cold weather are probably inclined to undertake similar actions (or those who are forced to move during the winter). If you are hesitant as to whether to move during the winter or not, just read on, because we are going to share some hints you may find helpful during the process. Follow our safety tips for NYC moving in winter to reach your new home safe and sound.

Benefits of moving during the winter

If you decide to move in the winter, you are likely to save on the apartment hunting and moving services. We’ve listed some of the advantages of moving during the winter months.

More affordable apartments

Rent is generally more affordable during the winter months because winter is considered a very slow season for the moving and real-estate industry. This is why you are likely to find a good and affordable apartment as well as cheap moving services. Your local estate agent can give you more insight and recommend the best month for finding a new home.

Cheaper moving services

Moving during the off-peak season has its benefits. You can get a much better deal compared to the peak season and summer months. Since these are slow months, moving companies offer massive discounts for their services, often even special discounts up to 30%. You are likely to hire one of the most popular and experienced cheap movers New York at a good price during the slow winter months.

Piggy Bank With Money

Possibility to negotiate with your movers

Having decided to move during the winter, you are in a position to negotiate even with the best moving companies in New York City and get a more appealing deal in terms of rates, additional moving services, and other benefits. Don’t be shy to bargain. Remember that it is in their interest to keep you as a customer during the off-season, which gives you the opportunity to negotiate.

Availability of the best moving companies

Moving in the winter months may bring a lot of risky and dangerous situations. That’s why you should weigh your options and decide whether it is safe for you to perform a DIY move, even within a short distance. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions, it should not come as a surprise that hiring a reputable moving company to assist you with your big NYC move is the wisest decision you can make. Moving off-season means that the most reputable movers will be available. Thus, you can choose exactly the one you want, as opposed to the busy season when you might only be able to choose from movers that have not already been fully booked.

Safety tips for NYC moving in winter

Follow the forecast

Start following the weather forecast at least one week before the moving day. Inclement weather may also affect the traffic flow, so you need to be informed in advance if there will be some unpleasant weather changes. Do keep in mind that the forecast is not always 100% correct, so be prepared for the worst weather conditions even if you are expecting a sunny day.

Check for safety

Once you have established your moving day route, make sure to get updates on the situation on the road. Find out if it is safe and passable because it could save time in case one part of the route is closed.

Have a backup plan

Due to the complete unpredictability of the winter season, your plans may be changed throughout the process. Should there arise any complication on the road, be ready for a back-up plan. If you are moving with a professional moving company they will certainly know how to manage sudden issues, which are not so unexpected, since they have a lot of experience dealing with similar complicated situations.

Create an emergency contact list

An emergency contact list may come in handy should anything bad happen on the road. Create a list in advance, including services on the road or close friends who can help in case of any accidents.

a blank notepad and a pen

Prepare your car

If you are moving short-distance and you don’t want your car shipped, you should take several safety precautions before you hit the road. Driving under difficult conditions may be very risky, which is why you are expected to take the necessary safety measures:

  • Service your car and have the battery, tires, fluids, oils, and brakes checked. Also, make sure to pack the following items into your car: emergency kit, tire chains, tow rope, ice scrapers, wipers, snow shovel, salt, extra warm clothes, blankets, and money, and keep them handy at all times.
  • Remove snow and ice from the car before the move.
  • Pack winter driving supplies.
  • Less-traveled roads are to be avoided because well-traveled roads are more likely to be cleaned and passable. Follow traffic reports so as to check the condition of the roads.
  • Maintain a safe distance between vehicles and brake carefully. The road can be extremely slippery during rain, snow, or ice.
  • Avoid driving during the night. If possible, always plan your trip during the daylight when moving in the winter.

Arrange utilities in advance

Prepare your new home by arranging utility set-up before you reach there. Have all utilities set up and the heating turned on. You to make sure that your new home is warm and cozy when you arrive after being out in the cold.

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