How to get the best deal on moving services

How to get the best deal on moving services

Make use of professional moving services to complete the move successfully
Moving services and expertise that professional movers offer will make the entire moving process easier on you

When about to embark upon the relocation process you may be interested in getting the best possible deal on moving services. While expenses tend to pile up constantly you come to realize that moving house is financially draining you.

How much you will pay for the entire relocation depends on several factors: moving company fees, distance, moving load, additional moving services. Like in many other service industries, you can try to engage your negotiation skills in order to lower moving costs. Sometimes hiring professional movers may overwhelm an already tight moving budget. However, you don’t need to give up on the idea at all. You can still make use of professional moving services without paying a small fortune.

Although they are not going to modify their rates, you can negotiate on additional moving services.

Affordable moving services with coupons

One of the most common misconceptions about household relocation is that DIY moves are cheaper than those performed by professional movers.

The good news is that hiring reputable moving company doesn’t have to be overly expensive at all. Find out about current promotions, coupons and special offers that are usually advertised on social media.

Use coupons and discounts on moving services
Find out whether your moving company has special offers, promotions or discounts on moving services

There are usually certain restrictions – moving coupons cannot be combined with other promotions. Once you get in touch with the moving company, let them know that you are entitled to a special discount so that they can adjust the moving estimate. Some moving companies are offering referral discounts – a special reward if you refer a friend or relative to the specific moving company.

But first things first! The fact that the company offers an amazing discount doesn’t mean that your items would be safe with them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of suspicious moving companies lurking around and hopefully you won’t become one of their victims. While trying to stay within your moving budget, you may easily fall for unreasonably low moving prices. You are going to get different quotes from various moving companies, but by following our comprehensive guidelines you will be able to distinguish reputable movers from the rogue ones.

How to get affordable moving services without getting scammed

As it turns out, there are a lot of horror stories about people whose household belongings were lost, damaged or held hostage until the ransom was paid.

That being said, you shouldn’t base your choice only on the moving quote. Low moving estimates tend to be very appealing, but you should take other factors into account as well. Unusually low offers may be a warning sign that a group of dishonest people is trying to rip you off. Hopefully you will be able to tell legitimate moving companies from the fraudulent ones after reading our suggestions:

– Check movers’ license and insurance. If they are not willing to share these information with you, something’s not quite right. Company’s USDOT number along with other contact details should be clearly visible on their website.

– Are they offering an in-home moving estimate or insisting on providing a quote over the phone?

– If they require a cash only payment and large deposit upfront they are likely to disappear with your household items or request a ransom.

How to stay away from rogue movers

Fraudulent moving companies tend to add extra charges for moving services that were not previously stated on the moving estimate. This is why it’s always a good idea to compare several moving quotes before you settle for a particular moving company for whatever reason. If their business practice doesn’t seem transparent, then think twice whether you will entrust them your household belongings.

A good rule of thumb is to read online moving reviews so as to be able to recognize trustworthy movers. People tend to share both positive and negative moving experiences and it’s up to you whether you are going to take advantage of those information or not. Whether you are moving to another state or just two blocks away, it’s always advisable to choose among top-rated movers. Also, a recommendation from a friend or relative who has moved house recently can go a long way towards making the right choice.

How to negotiate about moving services with your movers

Don't sacrifice quality moving services for low moving costs
Getting quality moving services goes a long way toward successful household move

First and foremost – don’t sacrifice quality for price when choosing moving company!

Having determined that you are dealing with a reputable moving company, there are ways to negotiate moving costs.

If you want to cut moving costs it is always recommendable to set the moving date during the off-season. For those who are moving on a tight budget moving during the off peak season can be a favorable factor to consider. Moving companies are not that busy during the colder months so they will be able to meet your needs and requirements. They will be more available and able to meet your specific moving demands. Let’s face it, you will have more attention from your movers than if you were moving during the summertime.

Furthermore, your flexibility about the moving date will affect the final price of moving services. Sometimes movers perform several small moves at the same time, so they may be willing to adjust moving rates if you agree to reconsider your moving date.

Saving on additional moving services

It’s widely known that by using additional moving services you will incur extra charges that may vary from one moving company to another. Although hiring a moving company is the easiest way to move house, you should take into account that the following services may burden your budget significantly:

  • packing and unpacking
  • moving large and bulky items
  • disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • shuttle moving services
  • long carry
  • storage in transit
You may incur extra charges due to additional moving services
Additional moving services may burden your moving budget, so plan for them in advance

In order to reduce the moving company’s fees, you can do all the packing yourself. Also, volume of the moving load will affect the final price. De-clutter a lifetime of your household belongings so as to get a good deal on moving services. The less items you move, the more you will save on your household move. The truth is that it never hurts to negotiate, but first do what’s in your power to cut moving costs.

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