How to prepare for moving to college in NYC

How to prepare for moving to college in NYC

Going off to college is never an easy step to make. Leaving everything you’ve known so far to go off and start that first stage of your adult life can be challenging. However, there are always those that will be here to help you make the transition process simpler and more comfortable. That is why Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC is here to provide you with a short yet insight guide into the steps necessary to prepare for moving to college in NYC.

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Prepare for one of the most challenging transitions in your life as a young adult.

13 steps to understand when moving to college in NYC

Moving to college is one of the most critical moments in every person’s life. That means separating from your family, friends, and your hometown. For most people, moving to college can be a very stressful and frightening experience. Here are some tips that can be very helpful for all freshmen looking for a simple moving solution:

1. Find a suitable apartment before moving to college in NYC

If you are not in a dorm, you have to find an apartment to live in during your studies. The best option is to rent an apartment from someone your parents already know. If this is not a possibility for you, checking on the internet what is available and contacting the owners will be good. Make sure to find a flat that is affordable and well located. It will be excellent if it has supermarkets nearby and if it is not too far from your college.

2. Inspect your apartment

One of the most important things to do before moving to college is to check whether your flat has everything you find essential. Among other things, it must contain a stove, dishwasher, and washing machine. That is why there are certain tactics to implement when you wish to inspect an apartment you are preparing to move into.

3. Secure the services of a reliable moving company

Finding a good moving company means performing thorough research on a company you plan to hire. Read reviews and complaints. Make sure you choose licensed, trustworthy, and experienced people to work with. After all, there are plenty of professional moving companies Long Island to choose from, that are both affordable and can meet your college moving needs.

4. Clean your room and put everything in its place before packing

It is crucial to start packing in a clean space and know where your things are. In this manner, you can easily decide what you need to bring with you.

Dorm room
Don’t forget to clean out your room before moving to college in NYC

5. Pack only the clothes you will wear

You must make a difference between the things you need and the things you find helpful to have. For example, you should bring clothes which are suitable for your classes. Also, the clothing items you feel comfortable in are necessary. They will make both your study hours and your free time better. You should not bring many pairs of high heels for you will not use them very often. Boots and shoes are usually heavy, so you should bring one pair of each. A pair of snickers is essential for they are very comfortable and can serve many purposes. Winter jackets can take a lot of space, so the best solution is to bring two at most.

6. Bring only the things you will use

Do not exaggerate with sheets and blankets, for they tend to take a lot of space in drawers or closets. The same goes for dishes and towels. As for room decor items, a few pillows, photographs and string lights are just enough. They will change the atmosphere and improve your mood without taking much space.

Also, bringing a reading lamp can be very useful, primarily if you are used to studying at night. Moreover, bringing a set of plastic drawers will undoubtedly make your life easier. You can use them for various things, and having more than one set never hurts. When it comes to other belongings, you always have the option of renting short-term storage in NYC until you find a big enough space to fit it all.

7. Do not exaggerate with accessories

One backpack, bag, and purse are just enough. Bringing more of these things when moving to college is just a waste of space. When jewelry is in question, bring only the items that you often wear. Taking the whole jewelry box is entirely unnecessary. The same goes for cosmetic products, makeup, and nail polish.

8. Do not rush to buy school supplies

It is better to wait for your first week at college and get information about what you really need. There is no need to buy an excessive amount of notebooks, pens, highlighters, markers, plastic folders, index cards, scissors, tape, post-it notes, and other things. Many students use only their laptops for studying.

9. Make sure to pack smart when moving to college in NYC

When you finally decide what to bring with you to college, you must pack everything properly. The best thing you can do is to arrange your stuff in different boxes with labels on them, so you know exactly where they are. That will make not only your packing more comfortable, but also your unpacking when you get there. Be careful with things which can easily break. Make sure you wrap them in newspapers before you gently put them in their boxes. Also, do not forget to put labels on those boxes which say “fragile.” As for clothing, the best solution is to pack it in your suitcase. In this manner, you can save a lot of space.

One of the tips for moving to college is to pack your things in labeled boxes. Especially mark the ones with ideas which can easily break!

10. Make a list

The best thing is to make a proper checklist. That way, you will know all the things you are going to take with you when moving to college. In this manner, the chances of forgetting something important are lower.

Packing checklist
Having a proper checklist is a great tool for planning a relocation to college.

11. Find/contact your roommate

If you are not living in a dorm, deciding to find a roommate is the right choice. In this way, you can share the bills and save a lot of money. The best thing is to contact someone you already know and who is moving for college to the same place. There are many things to consider when moving in with a roommate. Make sure you find a reliable person who respects boundaries and other people’s privacy. However, if you live in a dorm, it will be great to contact your roommate before actually arriving there. That person will probably be your first friend on a college campus.

12. Ask friends and family for help when moving to college

It will be a lot easier if you make you’re moving to college a social thing. You will not only get extra help but also more time with the people you love. When you finish your work, you can order pizza and relax.

13. Avoid rush hour when moving to college in NYC

The final tip for moving to college is to avoid rush hour. It is better to move during midweek than on weekends when everyone else will be moving in. That will make your relocation less stressful.

Good luck!

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