How to handle an office move?

How to handle an office move?

a conference table with eight chairs in an empty office before the office relocation
Involve reputable movers when planning an office move

Office relocation is always an exciting step in your professional career, whatever the reason might be. Whether your business is expanding or your current office is no longer the right fit, chances are that you will soon commit to business relocation. Executing an office move requires a large investment and you may want to reduce the downtime during this challenging mission.

While it takes more time, dedication, and money than a residential move, with the professional assistance of office movers it can actually be a breeze.

Since there are several parties affected by the business move, make sure to communicate the decision ahead of time. Address any doubts and concerns upfront- with everyone on board it will be much easier to proceed with the move. Be it a one-room office or a corporate move, professional NYC office movers can engage their skillful approach to make a transition to a new office smooth and stress-free.

As it turns out, only by hiring a dependable office moving company you will be able to keep your big NYC office move on track. A perfect combination of experience, technique, and quality equipment can make a difference between successful and disastrous business relocation.
Even the most complicated of office moves are doable with the right resources and experience. Also, it’s in your best interest to have your business up and running with minimal downtime. There’s a lot at stake and you probably cannot afford to lose time and money by hiring inexperienced movers who have provided the lowest moving estimates. You can choose between an onsite estimate, video estimate, or an estimate over the phone. Therefore, thorough research of New York City office movers is critical to a successful moving experience. That being said, get your homework done as soon as the relocation becomes imminent.

Reasons to hire NYC office movers

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A cost and time-effective business move is possible only with a professional assistance

Most people would say that hiring office movers in the event of business relocation is a matter of common sense. Professionals that specialize in commercial moves will ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. Once you decide to take a step towards new business opportunities, there’s a whole lot of things to be mindful of. Since this is not the time to take chances, hiring professional movers seems like the most natural thing to do. But, if you are still hesitant, let’s pay attention to some of the most important reasons why hiring office movers NYC is actually a good idea.

What do reputable movers provide?

If you are still uncertain as to what to expect and how to approach the upcoming move do not hesitate to contact your local moving experts. Professionals who specialize in office relocation know how to keep things under control in order to prevent the chaotic and unpleasant turn of events. And more importantly, they will be able to coordinate moving tasks and move your business premises by the deadline so that nothing’s left undone.
Having entrusted an arduous moving task to the professionals you can count on the following benefits:

  • Time-efficient moving strategy
  • Experienced manpower
  • Necessary skill set and equipment
  • Logistical preparation
  • Stress-free office move

Highly trained professionals know that delicate and expensive equipment and electronics require special handling. They also know that in business one cannot afford to waste valuable time. Therefore, they will make sure your business is back on track and up and running at the new location in no time.

With a time-saving moving strategy in place, they will have everything covered. While they are doing all the heavy lifting, you will have enough time to focus on other tasks that require your attention. Even if you are moving a small business, a one-room office, a DIY approach can be tricky. Let’s face it, it’s always harder than you think and you may easily end up with some additional complications and pitfalls. Luckily, there are still affordable movers who may take away a great deal of stress of moving, so start searching for the right ones!

Key steps to having a successful NYC office move

a group of businessmen and businesswomen at the meeting before an office move
Open communication and teamwork can make an office move less complicated

An office move is a systematic process whose success is based on several factors. Here are a few things you should do in order to handle it professionally and avoid unnecessary stress.


Maintain open communication and be ready to answer your employees’ questions and concerns about the upcoming changes.
After breaking the news to your employees and external partners, make sure they are on board with the idea of relocating. Both internal and external communication should be part of the moving process. Keep all interested parties up to date and involved as much as possible by having regular meetings. Let them know that their opinion and suggestions are highly appreciated and taken into account.

Make a moving checklist

Before you begin your relocation journey, go ahead, and make a plan. The best way to do so is to make a handy checklist. Write down all of the tasks that you need to accomplish, from bigger goals to the smaller ones. If you don’t like to use a pen and paper, simply download an app for your phone or tablet. Set a realistic moving timeline and act accordingly. An early start allows you to go about each moving task smoothly without rushing into making wrong decisions.

Put together a unique moving plan according to your needs and special requirements. Remember, a strategy can never be too detailed and it can help you avoid a hectic office move with costly downtime. If planned in a timely manner, office relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A moving checklist with a timeline will help you stay organized and track your progress.

Share your ideas

Changing location usually means innovation. A fresh start allows you to implement new business ideas and open new doors to improving the existing ways of working. Share your ideas and prospects with your employees to boost their morale and inspire them with hope and confidence. Office relocation can refresh your business and motivate even the most apprehensive and panic-stricken employees.

When is the right time for an office move?

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A business relocation may trigger a lot of new prospects and ideas

There’s a good deal of considerations to make when embarking on a business move. Staying put in one location is sometimes detrimental to your company’s development. We’ve put together the list of most common reasons why people decide to relocate their business premises. Whether you are moving long-distance or to a modern building across the street an office move may put a lot on your plate.

When your business needs to grow

If your company has outgrown its current space and facilities, it’s time to find a bigger and better space. If your working space no longer meets your operational requirements, it may be time to move to a more favorable location.

When you want to change

Your lease is coming to an end and you may want to take some time and re-evaluate your business ideas for the future. If you think that new opportunities will multiply after the move, go for it! If you want to make a change, a different location can be just the right place to begin.

When you want to improve

Moving to a more convenient location may attract the target audience and open up new perspectives. When you start thinking that a better position and proximity to the target market and audience will lead to improving your workforce, it’s time to move on.

When you want to save

Sometimes moving to a new location is a practical and cost-effective solution. Lower property and maintenance costs may be a valid reason for an office move in NYC. Your budget might suffer simply due to the great location that is not necessarily contributing to business growth. If you think you are overspending on your current space, it’s a good time to relocate to a more affordable location.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that an office move may trigger your company’s growth, refreshing ideas, and considerable operational changes.

Your NYC office relocation made easier

black solar calculator on a white background
Plan your moving activities according to your budget

Having performed thousands of business moves we will gladly summarize our experience and share some top tips on how to break down your relocation process into manageable tasks. Let’s shed some light on some of the key pointers of a (relatively) stress-free commercial moving experience.

Set a budget

Perform a cost calculation well in advance. Needless to say, your budget will determine the type and location of your new office space as well as the quality of moving services in NYC. Keep in mind that poor budget management may cost you a lot in the long run. You don’t need to set an extremely precise budget, as long as you have a general idea and some limit on your expenses.

Get several moving quotes

Reach out to the most dedicated and skillful movers and ask for several moving quotes. It’s necessary to obtain several quotes to get the idea of the average cost. If you start your quest ahead of time, you may have the opportunity to negotiate contracts with NYC office moving specialists.

Plan ahead

Since making last-minute decisions is not an ally of a stress-free move, allow yourself enough time to handle the logistics of the move safely and efficiently.

Create a game plan

Get a plan of action tailored according to your professional needs, requirements, and deadlines.

Office-inventory is a must

a man trying to set up it equipment and connects various cables after an office move
Specialty movers will not only pack and transport your sensitive equipment but also they will install and test it at your new location

Make an inventory of your assets and think about how much of storage space you will need and then rent a storage unit. Determine whether all of the items are still usable and appealing, or some of those are ready to go. If you decide to keep all of the things, measure them and make sure they will fit in a new space.

Communicate clearly and delegate

Maintain transparent communication. Appoint several coordinators to each team who will manage and supervise the workflow within teams. If there are too many people involved without clear guidelines, it can easily turn into a disaster.
Discuss the move with key staff members and make sure they are on board for the upcoming challenge.

Get insured

Get a proper moving insurance package in agreement with your office moving company. Given the complexity of the move, chances are that some of your expensive and delicate equipment may end up damaged. So, better safe than sorry, right?

How to move sensitive office equipment and furniture?

It comes as no surprise that poor office moving services can consume a lot of your precious time and cause major disruptions to your regular day-to-day office operations and productivity. When it comes to moving delicate office furniture and IT equipment a maximum efficiency should be employed all the way through. Regardless of whether you are moving to another state or down the street your office equipment should be moved safely and efficiently so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. And this is where your professional movers’ skills come in handy.

IT equipment moving: what to expect?

an office desk with eight desktop computers and blue mousepads
High-value electronics will be better off with professionals during the office move

Based on your unique needs and requirements, moving specialists will come up with a specially tailored solution. They are properly trained to disconnect, pack, transport, unpack, and set up your electronics. Nowadays modern companies would hardly operate without a mighty IT server. That being said, moving a company’s network hardware is one of the most operationally challenging tasks.
But, with proficient and experienced assistance, moving a server may not be that difficult. Your specialty movers’ skills combined with appropriate packing materials and handling equipment can ensure your peace of mind during this challenging period.

Get insurance for IT equipment

When moving such delicate and expensive equipment it’s always a good idea to get adequate insurance coverage. That way you can be sure that your movers will take full responsibility should any unforeseen event or delay take place on moving day.

Update your systems

An office move is a good time to update your company’s assets and technology. So, before calling in professional assistance make sure to assess your current equipment and decide what’s worth moving. As a result, you will have to come up with a plan for the disposal of the retired equipment.

Backup important data

If your budget allows, plan for purchasing new IT equipment to make a step towards your company’s growth and development. In addition to that, make a backup of all data systems in advance as you don’t want any of them gone missing during the move. Also, another benefit of hiring specialty office movers is that they will install and reconnect, test, and eventually troubleshoot the equipment at the new location. While you must be hoping for the best, you cannot know whether your equipment has survived the move until you set it up again.

How to notify clients about an office move

Assuming that you’ve communicated the moving decision with your employees, make a list of all third parties to inform about your new address:

  • business partners
  • clients and customers
  • service providers
  • vendors
  • post office
  • banks
  • courier company
  • insurance company

We are now sharing both traditional and innovative ways of notifying all third parties about the upcoming move.

notification sign - white bell in a blue circle
Have an efficient notification strategy in place for the upcoming office move

Make it personal

Face to face approach. Take the time to personally inform some important clients or customers, depending on your situation and whether this is possible. For sure those cooperating with you will appreciate the effort and respect you show when making an appearance.

Make it visible

Post a relocation sign on the door of your office stating the moving date, contact number, and new address. If you are too busy to talk to everyone, this is an easy way to let everyone know that you will be available elsewhere.

Update info online

Update your website with new contact information. Also, consider placing a banner at your homepage containing pertinent information.

Communicate officially

Send email to let people know about your office move. Notify everyone, including your clients, customers, and partners stating the temporary unavailability due to the moving duties.

Don’t forget the online presence

Update your online and offline presence (business cards, social media pages, business directories).

Post on social media

Take advantage of social media to announce your big office move. Nowadays, most people use several networks to stay updated, so it can be a good way to reach many people through one post.

Update your signature

Modify your email signature line so that each recipient gets new contact details.

Set up your phone

Have a call-forward system installed as well as voice mail notifications. In this way, even people who miss your moving note will still be able to reach you.

If your office relocation is approaching, and you want to let professional movers handle it, we might have the right solution for you. Dumbo Moving and Storage has a long experience in completing office moves. Contact us anytime and we will provide a free moving quote for your upcoming office relocation.

Planning a move?

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