Feng shui tips for a household move

Feng shui tips for a household move


Now that you have the opportunity for a fresh start you may want to organize your new home so as to make it a pleasant and harmonious place for you and your family. Even if you are moving to a brand new house it will take some time for you to make it feel like home and create an energetically balanced environment.

– Remove the clutter. Let go of all unnecessary and unwanted items before you move into the new home. An efficient and systematic space organization will help you keep your new place clutter-free. Keep in mind that a messy home prevents a smooth and clear energy flow.

– Choose an appropriate moving date in order to draw prosperity and vitality to your new place.

– Refrain from negative thoughts and attitude on moving day and maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with your family.

– Put some welcoming items in your new home like new decorations, plants, flowers, fruit basket so as to feel more comfortable once you move into your new home.

– Do not move the old broom and mops since they symbolize the old troubles and difficulties. Leave the problems behind!

– Space clearing. According to Feng Shui principles, you may want to clear your place and remove potentially negative and stagnant energy of the previous owners/tenants. The clearing ritual can be performed before or immediately after you move into your new home.

– The first item you move into your new home should be the object you have purchased as a gift for your new place.

– Each family member should enter the house bringing along something auspicious. In order to invite wealth and prosperity, you can carry a rice container with red pockets when you step into your new home.

– Your bedroom is considered the most important room in the house.

– Turn on electrical appliances and create an energetic balance in your kitchen by bringing in some fresh fruit, herbs and flowers. Prepare a cup of tea or some desert to treat yourself after a successfully completed move.

– Let the natural light in and always pay attention to the energy balance of your home.

– Invite your friends to a housewarming party to celebrate your fresh start.

How to personalize your new home

When moving to a new home you may want to put your personal stamp on the space and arrange it so that it reflects your taste and personality.

– Hang photos, paintings and other decorations that mean something to you.

– Add some color to your space and make it look vibrant and bright. If you are not allowed to paint the house, consider putting colorful curtains, decorative pillows, removable wall coverings and wallpapers. However, in order to make your new home look tasteful and unique you need to combine those elements carefully.

– Add your personal touch to the garden and customize the exterior of your house to your liking. Stamp your personal style both on the interior and exterior of your new place so as to make it feel like home as soon as possible.

– Take full advantage of vertical space to arrange your collectibles and cherished antiques.

– Large houseplants and flowers may also add freshness and happiness to your space.

– Making a fun kids’ play area in your house will help your little ones adjust to the new environment in no time.

– If your new place is lacking in natural light do not hesitate to plug in colorful lamps and put some candles that will make your new home look much brighter and warmer.

– Make your new place feel more welcoming by hanging up your favorite curtains and putting a soft and fluffy rug.

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