Long-distance move with your family

Long-distance move with your family

A household move itself is very demanding and energy-consuming process, but if you add children to the equation your long-distance move may get even more challenging and complicated.

If your kids are resistant to the idea of moving to another state, consider implementing some strategies to get them on board when it comes to the upcoming relocation.

Hopefully the following tips will help you stay on track when it comes to moving-related responsibilities and duties that need to be completed prior to the moving day.

How to tell your kids you are moving to another state

Whether you’ve got a promotion or just looking for a better place to raise your children, let them know that moving to a new state will bring a lot of opportunities, benefits and a totally different cultural insight.

Although this experience will be useful for them at some point, they don’t realize it at first. Kids may react differently to the big news, but in most cases it triggers a lot of sadness and despair. Allow them enough time to grieve over their loss sooner rather than later.

If not handled on time, repressed emotions may come up later on and result in different emotional states and behavioral issues. The entire relocation process can be very disorienting for children and ignoring their emotions and leaving them unresolved is not a good start at all. Deal with your kids’ emotional reactions at the very beginning, so as to avoid potential issues like depression, anxiety, self-destructive tendencies, socialization problems,…

Encourage them to express their fears and to talk about their emotions. Try to understand the process your children are going through and be fully present and dedicated. Always focus on positive aspects of the move, but do not underestimate their concerns and fears.

How to make the long-distance move easier for your kids

– Allow your children enough time to accept and deal with the idea of moving abroad, so talk to them as soon as possible. Depending on the age and personality, reactions to this huge change may vary.

– Be supportive and make your children understand the reasons why you need to move to another home. Also, while highlighting all the positive aspects of the upcoming move, make sure you mention what’s going to remain the same.

– Before you hit the road, take your time to go around your home town once again and visit your kids’ favorite spots. Chances are that you will come back to visit your friends and relatives, but make sure you make a lot of family pictures before you make a long-distance move.

– Bring positive old memories to your new home, but also focus on making the new ones once you reach your new home.

– Host a farewell party and gather your loved ones to say goodbye properly. Leaving your friends and family behind can be very traumatic and stressful, so let your kids know that they can count on your support and love all along this challenging long-distance moving process.

– Stick to your children’s routine while preparing your big long-distance relocation. Maintaining a sense of consistency will reassure your children that the moving adventure may be a positive experience despite their fears and concerns.

– Share with them some of the most amazing pictures and information about your new destination. Explore local facilities, potential places of interest and attractions you can take your kids to.

move to another state
Bring your memories and positive emotions when you move to another state

Help your children pack for the move

Getting your children involved into a packing process will help them accept the forthcoming move and maybe even make them look forward to it. Encourage their active participation and let them know that their opinion counts. Also, try to take their suggestions and concerns seriously and make them feel they are part of a team. Always encourage an open communication and discussion about what’s going to happen after you move to another state.

– First off, go through your children’s room and together decide what should be packed and moved to the new home. Since they will probably want to keep everything, help them understand that not everything they have should be moved and that if donated, those items can be put to good use. Furthermore, certain items can be easily replaced, therefore they are not worth moving long-distance.

– Once you establish what should be transported and what should be left behind, help your children sort their items accordingly. Try to turn the whole packing process into a funny and interesting activity or even a game.

– Pack a separate bag with children’s favorite toys, books and blankets and keep it close during the entire relocation.

– Allow your teenage kids plan the layout of the new bedroom and imagine how their new space will look like.

– Let your children label and decorate their boxes with special signs and colorful stickers. Remember that involving your children in the packing process will keep them occupied while you are tackling other important moving-related tasks.

– Pack the essentials box with all the items your children may need while on the road and during the first couple of days in the new home.

– Give your teenage children clear instructions on how to pack their personal items. At least they can take care of their clothes, fold them and pack properly. In order to make the packing process easier, gather appropriate packing supplies and wardrobe boxes.

Get a childcare for the moving day. Have your children taken care of properly before the moving day hustle and bustle starts. Keeping your children safe, busy and entertained on moving day should be one of your top priorities.

How to maintain long-distance friendships once you move abroad?

social media moving
Social media has an important role in maintaining long-distance friendships

Staying in touch with your loved ones after you move to another state requires time and coordination, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are about to leave your friends and relatives behind, you may find the following tips helpful. Also, help your kids keep in touch with their close friends.

– Schedule phone calls, video calls and chats. Pick a day and time during the week when you will get in touch with your loved ones.

Use social media to your advantage. Luckily, social media network makes staying in touch with your friends much easier due to numerous options and forms of communication.

– Plan your next get-together. If you are not able to travel to your hometown anytime soon, you can arrange a trip with your friends. Don’t let the long-distance move hold you back from spending some quality time together.

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