Moving during the peak season

Moving during the peak season

The term “peak season” in the moving industry usually refers to the busiest period of the year – late spring and summertime. People usually wait for favorable weather conditions to move house. College students are moving before the new school year begins. Families with children find this period convenient for moving since children are on break from school. The fact is that most people feel more comfortable moving during the summertime than moving during winter, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Good weather conditions promise safe, comfortable, and efficient transfer. Also, the real estate market starts to bloom in late spring, so it is a good opportunity for you to sell your old property and purchase the new one. Here are some tips for moving during the peak season.

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High demand during summertime makes finding reputable movers or moving truck a bit more complicated. Furthermore, setting a preferred moving date can be really problematic, especially during the months of July and August.

We prepared several guidelines to help you with your upcoming journey. Hopefully, with our tips, moving during the peak season will go smoothly.

Tips for a high season move

If you decide to move during summertime, you are likely to face certain limitations regarding moving dates and movers’ availability due to tight schedules. Those who are at liberty to choose the moving date according to their preferences usually opt for moving during the off-peak season (between September and May). On the other hand, if you are forced by circumstances to move in peak season stick to the following tips:

Plan like a pro

Planning well in advance will allow you to hire high-quality movers that are still not fully booked. If you choose to contact a moving company too close to your moving date, that might leave you with very limited choices. Planning in advance also means that you will get some convenient conditions for the move. Many movers offer massive discounts when hired ahead of time. Organize your move ahead by making an efficient moving checklist and act accordingly. You can simply use a pen and paper. Or, plan like a pro and download a free moving checklist app for your phone or tablet.

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Hire a reputable moving company

In order to have your household belongings delivered efficiently to your new address, you will have to hire reputable and experienced movers. Otherwise, you risk dealing with temporary movers and old, inefficient equipment, which could lead to numerous inconveniences and problems. When looking for movers in a high season you are likely to encounter rogue movers as well. Although their services seem more than affordable, don’t be misled by an appealing offer they provide. Check the legitimacy of moving companies you are interested in. Otherwise, you could easily become a victim of a fraudulent moving company that will disappear with your things or keeps them hostage.

Pack less to save more

Moving services are typically more expensive during the peak season, so set your moving budget carefully. Don’t forget to include some possible hidden moving costs that may appear throughout the moving process. The amount of household items to move adds up to the overall moving costs, so try to cut down moving expenses if possible. Some items are not worth moving, so consider decluttering before the moving day. For sure there are plenty of things in your household that are not being used. Those are the ones you want to leave behind to save a bit of cash. Other than donating, you can also sell some usable household goods to obtain some extra cash for the upcoming move.

Go for specific service

Decide which services you will need. Are you going to pack all by yourself? Are there some delicate or huge and oddly shaped items that need special treatment and packaging like artwork, heirlooms, piano, king-size bed, flat-screen TV? Will some of your goods be stored for some time? Does your current home/new home require some repair works? Are you going to need professional cleaning services for both homes? These are only some of the examples you should consider in order to decide which specific service you will get. Some of them can seem like an extra cost at the moment. But, they can end up being pretty useful and better for your budget in the long run.

Insurance is a must

Purchasing proper insurance is an extremely important step when moving during peak season, especially if you are sharing a moving truck with someone else. When opting for a consolidated move, it may be much more affordable, but sometimes items can get mixed up, and the busy season means that mistakes are possible. Getting your items insured is a safe way to protect them in case any accidents or damages happen.

Complete administration tasks

Sort all necessary documents and take care of the paperwork. Collect your and your family’s personal documents- ID cards, passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, school records, medical records,…Furthermore, pay your current bills, cancel subscriptions and some utility services and arrange for them in your new house/apartment.

Consider getting a babysitter

If you have children and they are not old enough to be included in the moving process, have someone look after them on a moving day. That will be a real lifesaver when your busy moving day begins. But if that is not possible, try to keep them occupied and keep them away from your movers and moving boxes NYC to keep them safe.

Take care of yourself

Sometimes high temperatures mixed with a lot of stress and hard work may result in a risk to health. Especially if you are moving during extremely hot summer months. You may be exposed to harmful sun rays for an extended period and even forget to drink water or have a meal. Do not forget to eat regularly and stay hydrated, and remember to offer some refreshment to your helpers, too.

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