How to identify rogue movers in New York City?

How to identify rogue movers in New York City?

There are so many bad scenarios that go through one’s mind when planning a relocation. Whether it’s a local or cross-country relocation, the scenarios seem only to repeat themselves. For some, the potential issue comes in the form of being unable to find proper moving supplies NYC. Others will find it excruciating to pack their entire home into a truck. And then, there are those that fear the idea of turning to professional moving companies for aid. Why is that? Because you always hear stories about people who got scammed by fraudulent movers. And all the while, it could have all been easily avoided. All you really need to know is how to identify rogue movers in NYC, or anywhere else. Today, we explore those tips.

Identify rogue movers NYC and avoid unwanted surprises
There is nothing good about unknown moving companies.

Why is the choice of movers so important?

Finding a trustworthy, reputable moving company falls among the most important decisions you have to make when relocating. And one of the main reasons why this is so challenging is the fact that the list of moving companies in NYC is really long. This list goes for both local and long-distance moves. New York City is huge. So, it is only logical for it to have a countless number of movers for hire.

However, choosing the right one could be a real challenge. Reputable, competent movers can organize the whole relocation process and make it much easier for you. So long as you find the right movers for the job, you can enjoy a seamless moving process, with no stress or unwanted complications and expenses. And all it takes is a little caution on your end, and some knowledge in terms of how to identify rogue movers.

Beware of the usual red flags

Light-bulb glowing red
The red light usually means trouble is ahead.

The first sign for concern should be if the moving company you find doesn’t follow standard ethical business procedures. If you are unable to find any sign that they have a license or offer insurance, then something is definitely off there. And they are most likely operating in an illegal and fraudulent manner. Therefore, while searching for Upper East Side movers, mind the difference between movers, scammers, and brokers.

  • Movers will provide you with a detailed estimate (some more, some less precise) and offer a contract, insurance, and etc. They usually have their own movers, trucks and moving equipment in order to handle the whole moving and delivery process.
  • Scammers will usually give you an undefined estimate, with a lot of talk and promises about low prices, guarantees, verbal contracts, etc. They won’t have a proper website, logo, uniforms, or any of the equipment for that matter.
  • Brokers evaluate the move and forward the job to a moving company. They actually don’t have logistics or movers. They are the middle man between you and the right moving company.

If you are not attentive enough, you can easily become a victim of scammers. And that’s the whole point here. If you are able to identify rogue movers on time, you won’t have to concern yourself with having to deal with them half-through the move, or even worse – after it.

What are the best ways to identify rogue movers and avoid them?

Moving scammers are usually trying to get money from you without providing any service. Unfortunately, if you are not careful enough, it’s only on moving day when you realize that you were actually scammed. However, these tips may help you spot them on time and save yourself a lot of trouble.

The moving estimate

If they are refusing to provide you with an on-site estimate and don’t want to make an inventory of your belongings, but, at the same time, they are offering more than an appealing moving quote NYC, something’s probably not right. An estimate is usually made over the phone or the internet. For the purpose of further verification, you can ask them to provide you with their:

If they are not willing to share that information with you, that could mean that you are actually dealing with scammers.

Illegal vs. legal
Identify rogue movers by learning to differentiate between legal and illegal operations.

Make sure to always double-check and cross-reference the moving estimate you receive

So, pay attention and research your movers further. There is a lot of information available on the internet, so do a background check of the movers you are hiring. Also, other people’s experiences can be very useful to you.

Don’t trust the movers whose quote is extremely low, because they will pack all your belongings and get away with them. They will hold your possessions hostage and wouldn’t give them back to you unless you pay the enormous price they asked.

In order to be 100% sure, try to get a quote from several moving companies in Brooklyn. Bear in mind that the good service does cost money and don’t be misled by the low-cost estimate.

The other typical signs that can help you recognize and identify rogue movers

  1. Their moving insurance covers all your possessions.
  2. Rogue movers accept exclusively cash and request a large amount of deposit. On the other hand, a reputable moving company requests the payment after the move is done.
  3. Their contact details are not available on the website. Sometimes they have non-existing offices.
  4. They are answering the phone with a generic greeting ”Moving company” or ”Movers”, instead of stating the name of the company.
  5. You won’t get any contract or at least any valid contract stating the terms and conditions of the move. However, you should know your rights and request that document. Also, have pickup and delivery dates in writing.
  6. Their office (if they have one) is usually unpresentable and in poor condition. That is a typical way to identify rogue movers.
  7. There is no name of the company on the trucks, which are rented.
  8. An estimate is not based on cubic feet. They provide you with an hourly rate, if they work slow or if there is traffic you will be charged for it.  in 90% of cases you end up paying more than you would pay for a flat price.
  9. They don’t provide you with references. Even if they do, references are usually false. When you get referrals from the companies, don’t disregard them. Find out what went well, and what didn’t.

Worst-case scenario – you fail to identify rogue movers, they load the truck with your items and disappear

And this is definitely something all of us wish to avoid and fear most. And with good reason. It is what usually happens when the movers you hire turn out to be scam artists. Considering all the negative aspects, everyone should put a lot of thought into choosing a mover.

Ask your friends or relatives for referrals – you could use them, given the actual situation. Reputable, licensed and trustworthy movers can save you a lot of trouble, so get to work and do thorough research if you want your move done as soon as possible. When you find movers that suit you, call them, and don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. Or you can simply fly over all these issues and turn to Dumbo Moving and Storage – a well-known and established moving authority in the city of New York.

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