Moving in the Summer

Moving in the Summer

Summer can be the best time to move. The majority of people put up their houses for sale during the summer. The children are off from school and there are plenty of holidays to take advantage of to coordinate your move. But with the blazing summer sun, it might also be a daunting task as well. If you are moving by yourself this summer, follow these moving in the summer tips to help you get through your move.

Family on the beach
Faster you finish with your summer move, sooner you will get to enjoy with your family on the beach

1. Start preparing for the summer move as soon as possible

As soon as possible is the perfect time to start preparing for your summer move. Give yourself a good start – for example, if you move in July, start preparing in May or even in April. The great thing about planning your move as early as possible is that you will be much more likely to be 100% ready for your move. But that’s not all. Planning your summer move early will:

  • keep the stress level within reasonable limits, because the more tasks you complete, the less concern you will have that you will not finish the preparation on time;
  • give you a chance to deal with the time-consuming task of packing your house for a summer move;
  • provide you with much better options for choosing the highest-rated moving company to solve the most difficult aspects of your move;
  • compensate for any moving mistakes that you might have made due to inexperience or ignorance.

How to prepare for moving in the summer? It is highly recommended that you follow a good moving checklista detailed to-do list that will accompany you from the first day of your summer move to the very last.

2. Fight the increased demand for movers

The increased demand for good movers New York in the summer will make your hunt for a reputable, reliable and affordable moving company a little more difficult. Thanks to the benefits of moving in the summer — good weather, a summer break, free time, and the peak season for home purchases — summer is the busiest period in the moving industry. About 70% of all moves take place from May to September (the official peak of the season falls on the period from May 15 to August 31). That automatically means that the best moving companies will be in great demand during this period.

You may ask how are these relocation statistics related to you and your home relocation? The high demand for movers in the summer means that if you were unable to provide a company with a high rating in advance, you may have to agree to a less reputable company. Despite the fact that a mediocre company is not necessarily a bad mover, it is unlikely they will offer high-quality services that you need and expect.

Moving truck
Do yourself a favor – book a reliable mover in advance, preferably as soon as you confirm moving in the summer

3. Be careful when choosing your departure date

Moving in the summer – the most intense period of moving – will require careful planning on your part. It is easy to guess that booking your move on the weekend of Memorial Day or on the last weekend of July will cost you even more money, and the probability of getting good movers Williamsburg NYC in this period is minimal.

Be careful – avoid booking your move at the beginning and end of the summer months, including weekends. This is not always possible, but it is useful to remember this as a technique for saving bonuses. Ideally, you should plan your summer move on a weekday around the middle of the month.

If you have school children, it’s important to consider the best time to move compared to their school year. One of the benefits of moving in the summer is that students do not go to school during the summer holidays, so you should be able to complete the move with a minimum break in the school year.

4. Take control of your summer packing

Be realistic about summer packing. Do not underestimate the time required to complete the packing project – in the end, this task is marked as the most time-consuming for a good reason. Take an inventory of your entire house and start collecting things a little from the first day of preparation.

Make sure that you have purchased all the necessary packing materials early enough, as packing supplies are also in high demand during the busy season. If you have hired full-service movers and paid them to take care of packing, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you pack yourself, one of your biggest worries is where to get free moving boxes.

Avoid the most common packing mistakes – costly mistakes that can slow down or even temporarily stop the inertia of packing. As a rule, as long as you follow the correct packing timeline, you should be able to solve the most complex problems with great success.

5. Be careful when packing and moving heat-sensitive items

Moving in the summer often means that you have to overcome very high outdoor temperatures. It is important to know how to protect any heat-sensitive items from the summer heat. After all, there are certain items that won’t feel good at extreme temperatures inside a moving truck.

CD player
Summer heat can damage some of your heat-sensitive items, so make sure you protect them properly

6. Take care of yourself in the summer heat

Moving to a new home in the summer can be a bit complicated and even dangerous due to intense sunlight and heat. To stay safe when moving during the hottest time of the year, here are some tips on how to beat the summer heat:

Schedule early start

If you live in a city with a particularly hot climate, then you should start moving very early in the morning. Avoid driving somewhere between 11 am and 4 pm when the sun is most intense. Choose a mover that will be ready to take the morning move.

Stay hydrated

The most important thing is to stay hydrated. If you are lugging boxes in and out of your house, you are going to sweat like crazy. Drink plenty of water to avoid overheating. If you have your pool up and running, it could be fun to take a dip every once in a while during the move as well. As long as you dry off before continuing your move.

Set up cooling stations in advance

Before your move, install the air conditioning rooms in certain rooms (ones with doors, so you can close the door and let the room really cold.). Cooling the air inside will prevent overheating and sweating of you and your Long Island movers. If you don’t have an air conditioner, place several portable electric fans in strategic locations to keep them cool. Set up a cooler with drinks covered in ice, some food (so you can refuel), and chairs so people can sit down and cool off.

Wear suitable clothing

Our summer moving tips remind you that your first priority is to maintain a high level of safety. And to do this, you will have to wear clothing suitable for the summer move. Wear lightweight clothing that is made of breathable and loose fabric. Choose light-colored clothing that helps you stay cooler. In addition, a hat and sunglasses will help you protect yourself from strong summer sunlight.

Apply sunscreen

When working outdoors under intense sunlight, protect your skin by applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. The parts of your body that are most prone to sunburn are your face, neck, ears, and shoulders. Apply sunscreen about 10 minutes before sun exposure and repeat it every hour to stay protected.

Additional tips for moving in the summer

Have a yard sale

Summer is the season for yard sales. Before you move, set up a yard sale and get rid of everything you do not use. The more items you get rid of the less stuff you have to move. Whatever you do not sell at your garage sale, donate to charity or give away to friends or family.

Yard sale
By selling items on a yard sale, you can even make some additional money to cover the costs of moving in the summer

Have a Big BBQ

Not just because of the weather but to get rid of all the food in your freezer, refrigerator, and pantry. Food has an unfortunate habit of spilling on whatever else is in the box. So use it all up, the less you have to move the better. Plus it will be a great way to say goodbye to your neighbors.

Conduct your move in several parts

You do not have to move everything you own on the same day. Schedule one day for moving boxes and another day for moving heavy furniture. By splitting up the work you avoid over exhausting yourself. We recommend moving items that aren’t used very often or aren’t very vital first. For example, extra bedding, artwork, superfluous cooking equipment.

Carry furniture together

No matter how strong you are, you can’t carry all the furniture yourself. Especially up and down the stairs. Carry large pieces of furniture with another person to avoid injury. Moving items with a partner make it easier to balance big pieces of furniture.

Do you painting beforehand

Take advantage of the heat. Do your painting on a sunny day so the paint dries faster? However, we do not recommend moving while painting is being done. The smell of paint can make people feel light-headed and that doesn’t mix well when moving in the summer.

Planning a move?

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