Definitive Moving List

Definitive Moving List


You will find a lot of moving tips on our website. In this article, we searched through all the posts for tips and created a quintessential list of moving tips. Everything you need to know to about moving in to any kind of apartment. Whether you are moving to a small Bronx apartment or you are one of those lucky Long Island Movers headed to a big house with a big back yard.

-First thing first, sort out everything you have. See what you want to get rid of, what you want to donate, and what you want to keep. This is important for two main reasons, first it lowers your moving inventory. The less you have to pack, the less work you have to do or if your NYC movers are packing the less money it costs. Second, it lets you be aware of everything you have in your house. So you can give an accurate assessment of what you have to move. This will ensure that the price of your move doesn’t go up on the day of the move when your movers see that you have extra stuff.

Tips for every kind of Move

-Once you are done sorting, and have an idea of everything you have in your house start packing up (if you are doing your own packing) all non-essential items. Books, kitchen appliances you don’t use, non-seasonal clothing, blankets etc. Start packing early and work your way down to packing everything. Pack a little bit every day, don’t overwhelm yourself.

-Unplug everything and make sure everything is a few inches from the wall. Put all your packed boxes in the center of the room.

– Take note, make sure you everything in your yard is packed. Any toys or tools that may left out there. Remember to remove gasoline from your lawnmower, we don’t move explosive material. Please take that with you to your new location.

-Remove all dressers. To save time and to prevent them from breaking. If you have good plastic wrap and the furniture drawers are made of sturdy material (not something you want to try with pressed wood).

-Remove all mirrors, posters, paintings and anything else on the wall.

-The day before your move prepare an overnight bag, in the bag include: a change of clothes, bedding, phone chargers, medicine, toiletries, any portable electronics (like cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.), identification (passports, driver licenses), jewelry, and any important documents.

-Make sure that your NYC moving company has certificate of insurance. If you live in the building, make sure of the moving hours of your building coincide with the hours of your scheduled move. Go you’re your inventory list with the movers, if you have an extra items not on the list call the office to get them approved but it usually isn’t a problem.

-At the end of the move once your move is cleared out and the movers left to go to the next place. Take a tour of your old place, look in drawers, and closets make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. The last thing you want to have to do is go all the way back there because you forget something.

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