NYC Moving tips - Moving in winter

NYC Moving tips - Moving in winter

Without a doubt, winter is not a favorite season among the people planning a household move. Whether moving in winter is a necessity or you are doing it by your own choice, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not that terrible as it may seem. While cold temperatures, unpredictable weather and icy roads may seem rather discouraging, affordable moving services and lower rates make moving in winter a great choice.

January scrabble
Fear not – go ahead and schedule your winter move!

Many people would say that relocating during the winter months sounds like a nightmare. Needless to say, there are several obvious reasons why they may feel hesitant about it. What they don’t know is that it can be beneficial for their budget. An upside to relocating in winter is that you could easily find a quality moving company at an affordable rate due to less demand. Thankfully, professional movers know how to navigate less convenient conditions in order to make your relocation a complete success.

While deciding on the ideal time of year for moving is questionable, the truth is that the majority of household moves happen during the spring and summer months. Many people choose to engage in moving activities when it’s warm outside and when kids are out of school. But there are other financial and logistic downsides to that option as well.

So, before you make a final decision as to whether moving in winter is a good or bad thing, make sure to stick with our guidelines and suggestions. You may find out some really surprising facts about winter relocation.

Advantages of scheduling a winter move

Moving in winter is not an ideal solution, but it’s also far from impossible. As a matter of fact, many people decide to try their luck and move during the cold winter months. Everyone who has ever moved during the high season knows how difficult and annoying it can be with all those overcrowded streets, unavailable movers and pricey moving services. Well, moving in winter is literally a breath of fresh air.

If you schedule your relocation for colder months, you are likely to end up paying less for professional and outstanding moving services. Also, you won’t be spending a lot of time looking for reliable movers in New York as many of them will be available during this period. As it turns out, you are more likely to score some good moving deals and discounts.

Storage Brooklyn services are also more affordable in the winter months. So, the chance of getting an all-encompassing yet affordable moving package is pretty high. Furthermore, winter is known as a very slow season for apartment hunting, so you are likely to buy or rent one at an affordable price.

Safety tips to consider when moving in winter

– Prepare your new home for your arrival. Make sure that all utilities are set up in advance. Have hydro and heath turned on a few days in advance. Also, check whether lights are working properly, in case you reach your new home late at night.

– Clear walkways and parking area. Make sure that sidewalks in front of both homes are clear on moving day. Also, parking space should be clear and easily accessible, so that movers can park the truck and operate smoothly. Visit your new home before moving day and make sure that area is clear and free of ice.

traffic sign indicating ice when moving in winter
Take care of yourself and your belongings when moving in winter

– In case the moving truck gets stuck, have sand or salt on hand.

– Keep checking weather conditions all the time and act accordingly.

If terrible weather conditions are keeping you from moving, then you should come up with an alternative strategy. If you have arranged a long-distance move with a moving company, discuss with your interstate movers NYC about their cold weather moving policy and possible options.

– Some movers have a lot of experience in moving in winter, so they won’t postpone the move, while others may be able to pick up your belongings, but not deliver them. In that case, you should consider short-term accommodation while your items are in storage.

– Whether you are hiring movers or moving on your own with the help of your friends, prepare some hot drinks. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate could be very helpful during the move in cold weather.

– Have your car serviced and equipped properly for winter conditions – top up all fluids, have tires and brakes checked.

– Have all important phone numbers on hand on moving day (highway patrol, road assistance…).

What do you need for a smooth winter move?

corrugated cardboard
Protect walls and floors in the high traffic areas

Moving in winter requires special attention because it is nothing like moving in any other season. Here is the list of items you need to keep handy during the move:

  • Cardboard or plastic sheeting

In order to protect the interior of the house use large pieces of cardboard and place them on the areas with the most foot traffic. Plastic sheeting can be used for protecting electronics, wooden furniture, plants…

  • Warm clothes

Keep some extra warm clothes on hand just in case. You may need dry socks or gloves at any moment. Also, dress in layers and waterproof boots.

  • Salt or sand

You may need it throughout the move in order to make a slippery area safe for you and your belongings. Have an extra bag of salt in your car, because you may need it once you arrive at the new place.

  • Snow shovel and other winter accessories

The snow shovel should be available even if the sidewalk is perfectly clean. Maybe the sidewalk at your new home will need some cleaning, too.

a girl holding a cup of tea
Offer hot beverages to your movers and helpers
  • Snacks and hot drinks

Prepare coffee, tea and sandwiches for your movers and people who are helping with the move. It’s a good way to keep them energized and hydrated.

  • Cleaning supplies

Before you leave your old home for good and after the truck is loaded wipe the floor once again. A clean house is one of the steps towards getting your security deposit back.

  • Tips for movers

Tipping your movers is one of the most common ways to show your appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. Make sure to have some cash on hand to reward your movers.

Protecting your belongings when relocating in winter

Your safety should be your top priority when moving in winter. However, you should make sure your properties and belongings stay intact in spite of all possible hiccups. One thing is for sure – your possessions won’t be damaged by overheating.

orange sofa
Pack and move your delicate furniture with the utmost care

But, there are other risks you could prevent only if you prepare properly. It’s no secret that glassware and other fragile objects become more prone to damage in the cold. Therefore, use a lot of bubble wrap and other protective materials you can find around your house to keep your valuables safe while on the road. Blankets and towels proved to be very efficient packing materials.

Electronics are also susceptible to damage and vulnerable to extreme temperature fluctuations. More importantly, electronics will need some time to acclimate back to room temperature.

Wooden and leather furniture can sustain some serious damage when exposed to the cold. If you decide to hire some of the best Bushwick movers, you can be sure that your furniture will be properly taken care of. When moving heavy and expensive furniture pieces, make sure to stock up on the following packing materials:

  • Sofa and mattress covers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard

As you can see, everything’s about safety when moving in winter. Start your preparations early on to set yourself up for a successful winter relocation against all odds.

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