How to Keep Your Sanity if You Are Moving in Less Than a Week

How to Keep Your Sanity if You Are Moving in Less Than a Week

Moving house is a stressful event even under normal circumstances, not to mention the pressure when you need to organize the entire move in less than a week. Relocating in a short time requires quick decisions and efficient reactions. Although organizing the whole move in one week seems too complicated, hopefully, our tips will help you deal with the challenge and sort this unexpected situation out. Being short on time you will have to come up with an efficient moving strategy you can rely on throughout the process.

Tips for planning a move in less than a week

Keep calm and you will realize that everything is possible

Try to maintain a positive attitude. No matter how hard and hopeless the situation may seem, you will manage to see it through. Keep your cool and don’t panic! Panic and fear will only take away the precious hours that you have. Instead, take a deep breath and focus on the very next step ahead of you. And, step by step, you will move into your new house.

Create a moving checklist

Compile a detailed moving checklist that will include all the activities and tasks you need to achieve during the relocation process. A week-by-week moving timeline is also a great way to avoid panic attacks. But, when it comes to moving in one week, a simple moving checklist or a to-do list will do wonders keeping your sanity. Just follow the checklist and you will not get lost amidst all the things you need to do in a short period of time.

A white checklist with a few checked boxes and a white pen

As soon as you learn that you need to move, start preparing

Start preparing as soon as you know that you are moving for a fact. The packing process is usually underestimated, so don’t be surprised if it takes longer than you have expected. Sometimes, the reason why we have only a week to prepare for relocation is simply procrastination. We tend to postpone doing the things we don`t like doing, but if you have a week left, you need to start preparing right now.

Find reliable movers to help you with your last-minute relocation

Find a reputable NYC moving company that will assist you with the move. Given the circumstances, a DIY move is out of the question, since it requires much more time and dedication. However, if you are moving to a small studio apartment just a couple of blocks away, you may consider doing everything on your own. But, even in this case, you will need to ask your friends and family members for help. And while this option is perfectly fine, make sure that your friends will really show up when you agree. Sometimes, they forget that they have already made other plans, or simply cannot come.

Make an inventory list and declutter

Make an inventory of all household possessions and decide which of them will be moved or left behind. Keep in mind that not everything you own is worth moving, especially if you are downsizing, so sort through your belongings and purge before packing. That way you will save not only money but also time, which is probably the most problematic factor in this case. Packing and unpacking items that you no longer need seems to be pointless, doesn’t it?

Have an inventory list ready before your packers arrive

Get rid of the items you don`t need

Donate or sell what you don’t need anymore. You can make a yard sale, for example, in your backyard. However, this can take up a lot of your time. Instead, you can sell the items online. You will get the money, and someone will come to pick up the item. It is a perfect combination for earning a few dollars and relocate fast. The other option is to donate the items you don`t need. You can make someone truly happy by giving them what you no longer need.

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Take care of utilities first if you are moving in less than a week

Contact utility companies to have the services arranged at your new place and canceled in your old house. Notify your bank, post office and other service providers that you have changed the address so that your mail will be sent to the new home immediately after the move. Also, don’t forget to pay your current utility bills. Remember to cancel your gym membership, your magazine subscriptions, and similar.

Gather all packing supplies that you will need

As soon as you establish the amount of the moving load you will realize how many moving boxes and other supplies you need. Other than moving boxes, you will need bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and amazing packing and organizational skills if you decide to do everything on your own. If you can afford it, bear in mind that experienced and professional assistance can go a long way when it comes to preparing everything for a smooth move. If, on the other hand, you are moving on a tight budget, just make sure to save both time and money by getting everything you need in one go.

Packing Supplies

Moving in less than a week still means you have to label the moving boxes

Label moving boxes according to their content and final destination. Although you won`t reach for perfection when packing your items under pressure, labeling boxes is still a must. If you forget to put Fragile on them, you risk having your inventory broken.

Transfer school and medical records

Have your family’s medical and school records transferred to the new medical institution and school. Also, make sure you get all the necessary medical prescriptions you’ll be needing in the next couple of weeks.

Pack an essentials bag when moving in less than a week

Pack an overnight bag with the essentials you may be needing during the next couple of days. Also, there’s a possibility that you will stay elsewhere during the move, so an essential bag will come in handy. It should contain all valuables, personal documentation, money, cell phones, tablets, medications, toiletries, clean clothes, and towels.


Remember to clean the house before leaving it

Clean the old house before you leave it. If you leave a rented property dirty or messy, chances are that you won’t get the security deposit back. Throw away the garbage bags. Remember to take photos of the entire house, including the utility meters. You will avoid unpleasant surprises in this way if someone tries to prove you wrong.

  • Inform your building management about the moving date and find out if there are any internal regulations and possible restrictions.
  • Be flexible and reasonable. Hasty decisions may lead to further headaches, so make sure to analyze your options. Adapt to new situations fast, and remember that soon you will be able to enjoy yourself in your new, dream, house. Good luck!

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