Key to a Successful Move: Moving Inventory

Key to a Successful Move: Moving Inventory

moving inventory list and a yellow pen
Packing and unpacking will be a lot easier with a comprehensive moving inventory list

While getting ready for the forthcoming move, the number of tasks and activities may easily become overwhelming. At some point, it may occur to you that making a moving inventory was a brilliant idea.

With a consistent strategy in place and advanced planning, the chances of accomplishing your moving goals may become even bigger. You’ve probably heard several times that good preparation is key to a hassle-free move. While it may seem like a cliché, this statement couldn’t be truer, especially if you are about to embark on an interstate move. That’s because long-distance moves are pretty complex so they’re best left to moving experts. As daunting as creating various checklists may seem, it will help you stay focused and organized all along and remind you about the pending tasks.

Provided that you’ve done a timely preparation, the dreaded packing and unpacking activities can be much easier. The truth is that putting together a moving inventory requires some time and effort, but we bet you will realize later on that it was worthwhile. You’d be surprised at how easily it’s to forget or overlook certain tasks, even those that seem so obvious. Taking chances is not what you’ll opt for during your household move, so take the time to plan it out thoroughly.

Benefits of having a moving inventory list

When stressed and exhausted by a number of tasks you have to tackle within a limited time frame, chances are you will overlook some tiny, but important aspects of the move. Trying to memorize everything is just pointless, so employing a more efficient solution is a pure necessity. This is what you will achieve by making a detailed moving inventory checklist.

Get a better understanding of what you own

Things tend to pile up over the years, we’re all guilty of collecting unnecessary items. So it barely comes as a surprise that at some point you lose track of how much stuff you possess. Once you have an inventory of all your belongings, you may actually discover a hidden storage potential of your home. Cohabiting with so many items you haven’t seen or used for years may make you question your habits. The good news is that moving house is a perfect opportunity for breaking bad habits. You can get rid of clutter and start afresh in a new house. As it involves some radical changes like discarding your duplicate, old, damaged, or worn belongings, make sure to get down to work as early as possible.

Also, stay diligent while you’re sorting out your belongings. In case you find it difficult to say goodbye to things you don’t use, invite a friend over. They can help you decide what’s not worth keeping and give you a tiny push you might need to let go of clutter.

Optimize every inch of your new house

Even if you are not downsizing, there’s no excuse for packing and moving everything you own. A new home is an opportunity for a clean slate so take advantage of that. Naturally, having a cluttered-up place is not a beginning anyone would like. By sorting through your belongings, you may figure out what goes to your new home and what stays. Keeping a precise record of your items will help you identify those unnecessary items that would clutter up your new place. Since you’ll have fewer items, you’ll be able to use your new space in the best way possible. Plus, you’ll only have things that spark joy in you so you’ll have much more pleasant surroundings. Although you are longing for the day when you will finally settle into your new home, a few extra steps will ensure a smoother transition.

You will figure out how much packing supplies you need

bubble wrap, scissors and tape
With an inventory list on hand, you will be able to get an appropriate amount of packing supplies

Once you decide which items will be moved to a new home, you’ll find another benefit to it. It will be easier for you to determine the type and amount of packing supplies you are going to use. Even though packing supplies are usually cost-effective, it’s still an additional cost you have to budget for. So it only makes sense not to purchase more than you need and inventory will help you do just that. More good news is that there are some places where you can score some free cardboard boxes, such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

Provided that you’ve started your preparations early, you can pay a visit to the local grocery stores, restaurants, bookstores, and liquor stores and ask if they are willing to give away cardboard boxes. Needless to say, it’s a proven budget-friendly method that will help you keep your moving costs under control.

Get a better picture of moving costs

With an accurate moving inventory, you’ll be able to estimate the cost of moving. Also, your local movers will know how much time they need to get the job done and if you will need some extra services. Simply put, chances are that some of the items require special handling, and with an inventory list on hand, the movers will be able to meet all your relocation requirements. Another thing you should know is that moving companies often charge based on the weight or the size of the shipment. So you should know how many items you’re moving and having an inventory is essential for this. Note that the fewer items you have the less you’ll pay for moving services so decluttering is a sure way to save some money.

Save money and time

Calculating Moving Costs
Moving costs depend on the number of items you are moving to a new home

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, taking the time to put together a moving inventory list can help you manage activities during the period leading up to moving day. Keeping track of your items in a systematic manner is a good way to avoid further mishaps due to misplaced or lost items. There are plenty of handy apps out there you can download for free. Some will let you add photos and descriptions of your items so you know exactly the condition of each piece. This is extremely beneficial in case you have to fail a claim since you’ll have clear proof of how the item looked before moving.

Determine the type of insurance

Speaking of filing a claim, this is another reason to have an inventory done before you relocate. An inventory list will help you take a closer look at your goods and see how valuable they are. You will then choose the type of moving insurance based on the value of your belongings. If you are moving a lot of valuable items, a basic, homeowner’s insurance coverage won’t suffice. Consider getting full replacement value protection in order to obtain a higher level of compensation in case anything goes wrong on moving day.

Also, it’s important to fill out a high-value article inventory form so as to ensure the appropriate protection of items of extraordinary value. Also, having documented all belongings entrusted to your movers, it would be easier for you to file a claim in case you end up with damaged or stolen goods.

Unpacking made easier

male model holding a yellow camera
Document your items’ condition before moving day

When you’re moving house, there’s a lot going on and once you reach your new home it will take a lot of pressure off. But before you can completely relax and enjoy your fresh start, there are some more tasks to take care of. One of those tasks is unpacking all the belongings. Unpacking is as notoriously boring as unpacking is but luckily you’ve done the preparation and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ll go through the process much faster and easier because you have created an inventory list. Once you have your items delivered, you can easily check if something’s missing and this is where having a moving inventory list actually pays off. Whether you are going to start unpacking immediately or postpone the daunting task for a while, you’ll be at ease knowing that your moving boxes have made it to your new home.

It’s worth mentioning again that creating visual records of your belongings is extremely helpful. You will use those photos as proof of their condition prior to moving day. Take photos of your items and attach them to your moving inventory list. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them, but one can never be too cautious when moving house. Taking additional safety measures can go a long way toward eliminating troubles and headaches from your household move.

Besides having an inventory list, there’s another key to a successful move. As always, the most convenient and efficient way to relocate is to hire a professional moving company. Go ahead and contact Dumbo Moving and Storage and request your free moving quote today.

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