Tips and tricks for a successful pre-move garage sale

Tips and tricks for a successful pre-move garage sale

A pre-move garage sale is a safe and amusing way to declutter while earning money. Unless you lighten the moving load you will be paying a lot of money to have your household possessions packed and moved to the new residence. One of the most efficient ways to declutter your home is to organize a garage sale and the upcoming move is a perfect time to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Reduced weight of your shipment means lower moving expenses, so not only will the move cost less, but also the pre-move garage sale will generate additional funds that may be put to good use during the relocation process.

Succerssful Pre-move Garage Sale

Successful pre-move garage sale tips

Like any other event, a successful garage sale requires a good organization. By following our tips and tricks you can come up with an efficient plan how to organize a profitable garage sale before a moving day.

Inventory first

Make an inventory of things that you no longer need. Forget using pen and paper and get modern with a free inventory app for your phone or tablet. Don’t be too harsh on your items because ”One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Outdated things or items that you may easily replace once you settle into your new home other people may find very valuable. Inspect all often ignored areas in the house – basement, attic, and garage, since the items that have been accumulated over the years are likely to end up there.

Keep it neat

The neater you make the sale, the easier it will be for your customers to browse around and see something that catches their eye. To keep it organized, classify all items according to the purpose, use, and value. Make sure the items for sale are clean and in good shape so as to get the best possible price. As strange as it may sound, people are also interested in broken and seemingly undesirable items, so make sure to secure potentially dangerous and sharp goods.

Make a list

Making a Moving Checklist

Compile a list of things for sale along with the prices so that you can keep track of them. You can arrange the list based on pricing, style, purpose or any way you like − after all, it’s your sale, so you make the rules.

Keep it affordable

Attach a reasonable price to each item. Try to stay on the affordable side to sell as many items as possible. Your main goal is to get rid of as many items as possible, not to earn a fortune.

Bargain like a pro

Be flexible and ready to bargain. People are usually looking for additional discounts, so be ready to lower the prices in order to sell as many products as possible. Remember to have some fun while you are at it, as bargaining can be very entertaining, especially with the people you know.

Get together

Why not make it big? Invite more people to participate and encourage them to get rid of the things they don’t need. For sure they have some items that they forgot about that would be interesting to other people, especially for a decent price. Collect your friends’ and neighbors’ old and unused items to make a larger sale. Have other people hold a garage sale at the same time. Chances are that their visitors will come by and see your items as well. The more people you get involved, the more successful the event will be.

If there are any local restrictions regarding similar events, make sure you know about them in advance. Get a permit if it’s required so as to avoid unnecessary fees and tickets.

Choose an early date

a calendar

Set a date and time for the garage sale during the first week of the month if possible. Start early in the morning so as to make the most of the day ahead of you. You want to get as many sunny hours as possible and have the merchandise out the whole day. Also, choose an appropriate and easily accessible location with a lot of parking spots. If the location is convenient, people are more likely to visit.

Marketing is important

Advertise your garage sale and tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors to spread the word about the event. Distribute the flyers around the neighborhood and put an ad in the local newspapers including all relevant details like location, date, and exact time. Also, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may work to your advantage−post your upcoming event using all of them.

Level up

While you are making a yard sale, why not make the best one you can imagine? Level it up to make the event feel special and have some fun while you’re at it. Play some music that you like and arrange everything neatly. Systematically displayed items and a tidy yard or garage are more likely to attract potential buyers. Make your customers feel comfortable while searching through your items. Give your customers enough room to look and shop at the yard sale. Consider preparing some snacks and refreshments for your customers as well so as to add more interest to the event. Don’t underestimate the power of the details because small touch-ups can go a long way. Also, keep your home safe while holding a garage sale.

Get humble

Donate what you cannot sell. There’s no point in bringing the leftovers back into your home after the sale is over. In order to reduce clutter as much as possible, designate a free box containing the items you are willing to give away. Remember, the main goal is to lighten the moving load and pay less for packing and transportation services. Not only you will have less to pack, but you will also do something noble.

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