What to pack in an overnight moving bag

What to pack in an overnight moving bag

Moving house is all about multi-tasking and setting the right priorities. During the period leading up to moving day, you are likely to encounter a number of difficulties and challenges. Sticking to a proper moving checklist can go a long way towards overcoming those stress-inducing hiccups. Since packing is one of the most crucial phases of relocating, you may want to approach this task systematically and efficiently. Knowing what to pack first, how to handle fragile and valuable items, what type of packing supplies to get and what to pack in an overnight moving bag is a good way to make this process more manageable.

Packing is the most laborious moving task

A household move proves to be challenging even without some additional, sudden complications. It goes without saying that proper preparation will most definitely minimize them. The more you learn about possible moving scenarios, the better prepared you will be to face and handle them.

During the long-distance move, you might opt for an overnight stay in a hotel or at friends’ on the way to your new home. Long-distance moves prove to be overwhelming and tiring, so you will certainly want to have all essentials handy when taking a break. That way you won’t have to rummage through your boxes to find what you need.

Before you settle into your new home and unpack all moving boxes NYC, keep the following essentials easily accessible. Consider your family’s routine and needs when deciding what to pack in an overnight moving bag. Keeping your vital items close can make you feel more comfortable in the middle of the moving chaos.

Making an efficient packing plan

While you are busy organizing the upcoming move, you may find it rather difficult to think about your next steps. Without a doubt, packing is a moving task that will require a considerable amount of time and effort. As it turns out, there’s more to packing than just putting your personal belongings in appropriate boxes. In order to set yourself up for a successful packing experience you should consider implementing the following:

  • Create a comprehensive moving checklist and timeline.
  • Take inventory of everything you own.
  • Purge your home before you start packing.
  • Decide what areas to pack first.
  • Figure out a proper packing solution for fragile and expensive items such as artwork, collectibles, and antiques.
  • Get hold of specialty packing supplies and appropriate moving insurance if necessary.
  • Decide what to pack in an overnight moving bag.

No matter how small or apparently insignificant, all these preparatory steps are essential for organizing a hassle-free moving process. Since packing is the most laborious and time-consuming moving stage, you may want to pay special attention to it. It goes without saying that ensuring your household items’ safety is of paramount importance.

But, in order to make this transition easier on you and your family, you should make sure all your most used items stay close to you at all times during the move. An overnight moving bag should contain the things you are likely to need on moving day and during the first couple of days in your new home. Having your essentials easily reachable may reduce the moving day frustration and discomfort. Here are some of the most important items you should pack in an overnight moving bag when moving to a new home.

The most important items to pack in an overnight moving bag

a pile of documents
Collect all personal documents before the move

Whether you are moving with the most reputable long-distance movers NYC or entirely on your own, it’s you who needs to decide what to pack in an overnight bag based on your personal preferences and needs.

Personal documents

Gather all personal documents including ID card, passport, birth and marriage certificates, medical and school records, driving license, bank statements, moving-related receipts, real estate documents…They shouldn’t be packed in the moving truck, but kept nearby, so as to prevent any risk of losing or damaging them. You should be the only one dealing with your personal documents as they can get easily misplaced on moving day.


You should transport jewelry and other valuables in your own car. Before you even start packing your household items, collect your valuables and keep them in a safe place. Also, keep money and credit cards always with you in the wallet or purse.

Mobile devices and other electronics

In order to stay in touch with friends, family and people in charge of the move, pack your cell phone and other portable gadgets with their chargers and keep them easily accessible. Those electronics are typically expensive, so you may want to secure them on moving day.

Medication and toiletries

Keep medicine, vitamins and medical prescriptions in your purse or overnight bag so you can reach them at all times.

Also, make sure to include everyday toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, perfume, make up, baby care items. If you reach your new home late at night, chances are you will only want to take a shower and go straight to bed.

Kids’ items

essentials you should pack in an overnight moving bag
A survival kit should contain the most essential items you use every day

Have children’s toys on hand to keep them busy and entertained on moving day. The whole relocation process can be very stressful for your children, so make sure they can get their favorite toys any time they want or go to bed in their favorite pajamas.

Creating familiar surroundings for your children during the move will help them deal with the idea of this huge change. It’s very important to make them feel safe and secure in the middle of all that mess. Since they can’t have your full attention, they might feel a bit nervous and upset, so do anything you can to make this transition easier on them.

Clean bedding

Thankfully, packing blankets, sheets and pillows is a straightforward task. Bedding should be packed last and you can use it as a protective material as well. If you reach your new home late at night, the last thing you would want to do is to desperately search for your bedding disarranging the contents of your moving boxes.

Cleaning supplies

Although you have had your new house cleaned before moving day, you will have to clean it several times more before you can even say that everything’s sorted out. In case of some emergency cleaning, have cleaning supplies always available.

Basic kitchen items

During the move, people usually don’t have time for cooking, so they eat out or order in. However, if you want to make the new place feel like home as soon as possible, have lunch or dinner at home with your loved ones. Plastic utensils will serve a purpose, so you don’t have to unpack the moving boxes with kitchen items immediately to have a nice time with your family.

Water and snacks

Although you may think that there’s a number of more important tasks, staying healthy during the move is crucial. You need to keep a high energy level so as to be able to complete all physically demanding tasks.

Always have a bottle of water on hand and prepare a moving day food plan. If you are like most people, your move will take place during the summertime. Without a doubt, the summer heat will leave you exhausted unless you take good care of yourself. Remember that there are still a lot of tasks to be accomplished once you reach your new place and you need to stay on track all along. So, healthy snacks and bottled water are some of the items you should pack in an overnight moving bag.

Pet items

If you are moving with pets, don’t forget to pack their food and supplies. Pets are attached to their home more than you realize and relocating can generate a significant amount of stress. Therefore, be mindful of your pet’s behavior and needs throughout the move and keep their food and treats handy.

Nightclothes and a change of clothes

Make sure you pack the clothes you and your family will need upon moving in. Keep the overnight moving bag in your car and take it where ever you go. If you reach your new home late at night, leave unpacking for the following day. Just take out some clean and fresh linens and make a bed for everyone. Reward yourself with a good night’s sleep. Once you recharge your batteries, you can handle the rest of the tasks from the moving checklist.

What you will pack in an overnight moving bag depends only on your personal needs and preferences. Having pointed out some important aspects of packing a survival kit we hope that you will have the most successful packing and moving experience.

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