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Office Move Checklist

The thrilling and sometimes challenging business evolution requires planning and organizing. Whether you decide to enlist help or choose a DIY commercial move, the question is how to handle an office move? Your office relocation should go as smoothly as possible to set you up for your future career success so you’ll want to avoid mistakes and be as efficient as possible. That’s why we’ve created this handy office move checklist. By following this list, you can rest assured that you’ll accomplish everything on time and be on your way to the new office space.

Eight/ten weeks before the office move

Make a game plan

The first thing to do once you know about your move is to figure out some of the most important details and have a rough draft of how you want the move to look. This checklist will be of great help with that because it will help you keep track of your progress and you won’t skip anything important. Other things you should know before moving to the next task in your office move checklist are addresses and dates. You’ll have to know where you are moving to and what the date of your office relocation is.

Hire reliable movers

About two months before the relocation is a good time to start searching for the best corporate NYC movers. Look for reliable movers in your area, ask for free quotes, talk to representatives and narrow your choices down to three different movers. Then ask more questions and include the specifics of your move to understand what the best option for you is. If you’re wondering why you should hire moving services in advance, it’s for several reasons. First, you’ll have more options because movers will not be fully booked like they could be if you want to hire them last minute. Next, you’ll get better rates because you’re booking in advance. Lastly, you’ll be able to save money by comparing prices from several movers and figuring out what’s the best value.

Give notice

As your office move approaches, you’ll be busier and more focused on preparing everything while also getting yourself prepared for new surroundings. So, you may overlook some of the necessary tasks like notifying people you have professional or personal relationships with that you’re about to move office. Go ahead and make a list of all the people who should be aware of your relocation, including coworkers, friends, and service providers. Start by giving notice to people you work closely with and proceed to people you work with less frequently. Then make a list of all services you’re getting like utilities, internet, monthly subscriptions, and water supply, and let providers know about the upcoming change. Eight weeks will give you enough time to reach out to everyone and make sure you have all the services covered.

A Notice about Moving

Four weeks before the office move

Have inventory done

Create an office inventory list about one month before you relocate. Use pen and paper to write down everything in your office or download a free inventory app. Having your inventory ready is necessary if you’re hiring movers because you’ll need proof in case of damages, but it’s also beneficial if you’re DIYing. It only makes sense to bring fully functional things to your new office, and going through every single item will help you see what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Floor plan

While going through your office items, use a chance to measure your space and compare it to the new one. You may also want to work on your layout at this point, as your new office is a good chance to upgrade or get that new piece of office furniture you’ve been eyeing for a while. If you’re not able to visit the new office space yourself, try reaching out and checking if a new employer would be able to send the floor plan to you.

Two weeks before the office move

Data backup

To make sure all of your business information is preserved, go ahead and do a data backup. It’s important to have everything saved and moved properly so you’d have peace of mind knowing that your valuable info will be safe once you reach your new office space.

Data Backup

Schedule cleaning services

It only makes sense you leave your current space nice and tidy for the next person. There’s no need to clean by yourself, just reach out to a professional cleaning services provider in your area and schedule the desired date.

Reach out to the new office

Two weeks before arriving at your office is a good time to check with your new employer to confirm that everything is going as planned. A reminder is useful because you may need various access cards, parking space, electronic equipment, etc.

Gather supplies

Get necessary moving equipment for a safe and smooth move so you could start preparing things for moving. You’ll need moving and packing supplies like moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap packing peanuts, scissors, and a sharpie marker for labeling.

Packing Supplies

One day before the office move


The only thing left to do is to pack and protect your things so they would be safely transported. Wrap fragile items and cover the chunkier ones. Use your inventory list to check that you have everything packed and ready to go.


Use pro tips for labeling moving boxes, label your moving boxes and pay special attention to fragile items – communicate to movers if some of the things require special handling.

A Girl is Labeling Moving Boxes

Review the schedule

Go over your moving day plan just to make sure everyone is aligned. Review the movers’ arrival time, who will be on-site to show them in, as well as who will take care of locking your current office after you leave.

Another thing you could include in your office move checklist is throwing a farewell party or taking your colleagues out for a couple of drinks. While looking forward to your new office space, go ahead and find the best office mover NYC. Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service – contact us to receive free moving quotes.