Different types of movers and moving services

Different types of movers and moving services

Full-service movers know how to handle fragile items carefully and efficiently
Full-service movers know how to handle fragile items carefully and efficiently

The key factor to a successfully performed household move is finding the right moving company. This shouldn’t be underestimated, given the number of suspicious and fraudulent moving companies in NYC.

People who have never moved house would assume that relocation is a simple and straightforward process that doesn’t require a lot of pre-planning. The truth is that moving house is a challenging process whether you are moving locally or overseas, so make sure you are up to the task by planning ahead of time.

Luckily, there are different types of movers that provide a wide range of services in order to make the relocation easier for you. When planning your big move, make sure you are aware of all available options so that you can understand which one meets your needs and requirements.

Local vs. long-distance movers

Local movers are usually operating within a predefined mileage radius, without crossing state lines. A move performed within 50-100 miles distance is considered a local move. While it’s mostly true that short-distance moves are much less complicated than the long-distance ones, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Local movers usually charge by the hour and it is highly recommended to hire a moving company that specializes in local moves so as to get more convenient deals. Although moving locally may seem straightforward to you, the truth is that it can be really nerve-wracking.

Therefore, unless you have enough time to prepare everything in advance, you may consider hiring professionals who will take care of every stage of the move in a safe and efficient manner.

DIY move or hire local movers

When moving locally people are usually concerned about whether to perform the entire move on your own or to go for a professional moving company’s service. DIY local moves are certainly doable if you can count on your friends and relatives who also happen to be fond of packing and heavy lifting. Also, when planning your move, you should take the safety of your items into account in order to make sure they reach the final destination in one piece.

DIY Moving and Lifting
Be prepared for packing and heavy lifting

Not only will your reputable local movers offer suitable coverage to keep your items protected in case of any accidents, but also they will provide short-term storage if necessary. Also, if you are moving to Manhattan, research top-rated local movers and request several quotes so as to be able to compare them and choose the most suitable option. Also, when asking for a moving quote, make sure it is based on an on-site estimate.

Get help for a long-distance move

Research Manhattan movers so as to get the best deal
Research Manhattan movers so as to get the best deal

On the other hand, long-distance moves imply relocating more than 100 miles away from your current home. Hiring reputable and trustworthy movers is the best way to make sure your household possessions are transported safely across the country. It will save not only your time but also energy and money. Although you can organize the long-distance move on your own and even drive the moving truck personally, hiring moving experts would leave you much more time to tackle other moving-related tasks and also ensure a smooth moving experience.

Normally spending a lot of money is not one of the activities on your moving checklist, but after you research cheap Brooklyn movers, you will realize that there can be found those that offer reasonably priced quality services. Meanwhile, beware of extremely low moving estimates usually provided by fraudulent moving companies.

Whether you are moving locally or to another country, a recommendation from a friend or relative who has moved house recently can be very helpful. A fully licensed and insured company is always a good choice for your long-distance move. You should consider movers’ reputation and experience while researching them.

DIY moving vs. full-service moves

DIY moving guide

If you have decided to organize the entire move on your own, take the following checklist into account:

Plan ahead

Start planning ahead of time – the earlier you start, the less stressful your move will be. Keep in mind that things won’t miraculously fall into place if you are just waiting for the moving day doing nothing.

Book early

Set a convenient moving date as soon as possible. The earlier you book, the more chances you have to get the best deal.

Get supplies

Gather moving supplies and pack up your entire household. Focus on one room at the time, otherwise, it can get confusing.

Reduce moving expenses by getting some free moving boxes and supplies
Reduce moving expenses by getting some free moving boxes and supplies

Arrange the transport

Rent an appropriate moving truck/van that can accommodate all your items. Also, decide who is going to drive the truck.


Purge through your items and decide what is going to be moved and what is left behind. If you are downsizing, your new apartment certainly won’t accommodate all of your possessions, so you will need to declutter your home. Decide what to do with the items that you don’t need anymore.

Pay attention to breakables

Take extra care of your fragile items – china, paintings, mirrors, figurines,…


Notify all relevant people and parties that you are moving, and provide them with your new contact details.

Schedule utilities set up

Have the utilities transferred or set up at your new home, so that everything’s working perfectly on the day of the move.

Make essentials bag

items you should pack in an overnight moving bag
Keep your essentials handy on moving day

Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you may need on moving day:

  • clean clothes
  • towels
  • toiletries
  • snacks
  • pet food
  • small emergency kit
  • personal documents and important records

Divide tasks

Organize your moving day team of volunteers who are willing to assist you with the heavy lifting.

On the other hand, full-service movers take full responsibility for your household relocation. They will handle the entire move while you don’t have to lift a finger.

Full-service movers

Full-service movers provide the following services:


Who doesn’t hate packing? When you hire full-service, it means that they will pack all of your personal and household possessions, so you don’t have to stress about getting boxes, arranging staff, and getting frustrated.

Dismantling large furniture

If you have some furniture pieces that can’t go through the doors or are too fragile to be transported in their original shape, movers will take care of disassembling them. Furthermore, they will be reassembling furniture and putting them in the right place.

Handling breakables

For sure you have some fragile, delicate, and bulky items in your household. You don’t have to worry about their demanding packing because movers will handle them as well.


Imagine yourself driving a moving truck after the whole day of packing and loading. Add a few thousand miles to this picture, and it becomes understandable why it is smarter to leave it to the professional. Movers will drive the moving truck instead of you, and they will handle any issues on the way, including crossing borders with your belongings.


Besides loading the moving truck, it also takes time and effort to unload it when it arrives at the new address. Movers will do that part as well so you can conveniently have your new home ready.


Have you ever thought about the amount of material necessary to pack the entire household? Moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, all of it needs to be disposed of as well after the move is completed. Avoid bothering with so many things because full-service movers will unpack and dispose of all packing materials.

Doing all the hard work

One thing you definitely want to avoid is lifting and carrying items that are too heavy. The good news is that movers will do all the heavy lifting, so you can take it easy on your back and avoid moving injury.

Providing proper insurance

People going over a moving company insurance contract
Check all moving company insurance options available before your move

Your possessions will remain safe while in transit by getting suitable moving insurance. When you hire a full-service, moving company makes sure that you are covered in case of any problems.

As you can see, the whole relocation of your home can be done without you having to lift a finger. However, some people mind having professionals take care of the entire relocation because that means that they have very little control over the process. If you don’t mind that and also can afford the full-service movers, feel free to get in touch with several moving companies and find the most suitable one.

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