How to declutter before the move

How to declutter before the move

A household move presents you with a chance to clear your home of any items you neither use nor like. Having decided to declutter before the move systematically, you will make space in your life for joy and serenity. Letting go is never easy, but its rewarding effects are undoubtedly worthwhile in the long run.

Although many people consider a household move as a perfect opportunity for purging their lives, the truth is that you don’t have to wait until the stressful moving preparation to free yourself from excessive and unnecessary possessions.

It’s no secret that moving is a very stressful time in life. Along with the hassle of apartment hunting, selling, researching long distance movers NYC, getting utilities set up, there’s this vast concern – how to pack up and move the entire household without breaking the bank?

While it’s inevitable that items pile up in your home as time goes by, relocating all of them makes no sense at all. Sometimes you are not even aware of what you own until you face the daunting task of packing and moving house. You may not notice all the unnecessary items you have as they feel like a part of your life and home. It’s only then when you realize that clutter has taken over and filled every storage space in your house. Since packing and moving everything you own would require a lot of time, money, and effort, it’s only reasonable to declutter before the move.

Separate yourself from attachment to your personal items

While preparing for a big day, you are probably anticipating what your new life would look like and picturing a fresh start in your neat and tidy new home. However, there is one thing that’s keeping you from achieving that goal – your household clutter. That’s why you will have to decide on the fate of your items when trying to declutter before the move.

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Sort through your keepsakes when preparing for the move

As we all know, rearranging clutter without discarding it is only a temporary solution that must be repeated over and over. The mess causes stress and an unnecessary waste of time and money when moving. Although at this point, it may seem like a part of your life, you shouldn’t let your items take control over your life. As it turns out, letting go of possessions sometimes feels like letting go of a part of ourselves. Certain objects have sentimental value, and letting go of them can be rather challenging. However, once you realize that those memories and emotions associated with the object will always be with you wherever you go, it will be easier for you to release your attachment to those possessions.

The easiest way to stop being overwhelmed by clutter is to let go and free yourself from the items you no longer need or use. You can either detach from your sentimental clutter and give it a new purpose or ignore it until you are forced to deal with it once and for all. There are sentimental items that remind you of someone or something special, but not all of them are worth keeping. Be honest with yourself when deciding what to keep and what to discard.

Declutter before the move to simplify your transition

Decluttering is one of the essential pre-move tasks. Even clean and tidy houses get disorganized during the moving preparations, and the truth is that a lot of your items don’t need to be moved to the new home at all. Getting rid of the unnecessary household items is the first step towards having a well-organized living space.

Decluttering before moving day will help you save not only money but also time and energy. The reduced moving load is more manageable, and you will pay less for transportation and packing services. Bear in mind that moving all of your possessions would require more workforce, moving boxes New York and other packing supplies.

New York residents are lucky to have various moving-related services, and some of them are offering help with decluttering and organizing living space.

Sorting your belongings and deciding what you should get rid of is often a time-consuming and demanding task you can assign to the professionals. Thankfully, NYC boasts a number of quality moving companies NYC that provide a wide array of services to meet everyone’s needs. If you decide to relocate and declutter before the move, you should know that you are not alone. You can always count on some professional guidance and assistance. But, it all comes down to being entirely honest with yourself when assessing your true needs. Holding onto items, you think you might need someday may prevent you from having a clean slate after the move. So, do not hesitate to let go of the items that are not essential for our well-being, happiness, or functionality of your new home.

Guidelines to purging your home before moving day

Before you even start packing, get rid of unused and unnecessary items. It is especially convenient if you are downsizing and moving to a smaller home. Remember that moving to a new house means starting afresh. Cluttered living space may cause some kind of discomfort and stress.

– Consider decluttering a few weeks before moving day, so that you can decide with no pressure on what to move to a new home and what to leave behind.

Have a clear vision of what your new home will look like. If your future lifestyle is a bit different, start introducing the change by leaving out items you won’t be using at all. There’s no need to fill an empty space immediately.

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Lighten your moving load for easier packing

– Make sure to keep items that serve a purpose and make you happy. Minimize your possessions to ensure smooth packing and unpacking.

– No matter how attached you are to most of your unused and unnecessary household items, be prepared to let go.

– Get proper containers for the items you want to give away or recycle. There are efficient, yet straightforward practices you can engage in to perform an eco-friendly household move.

– Sort your items into several categories – keep, donate, sell, throw away piles. You can give your items a second life by donating them to Goodwill and other non-profit organizations. Also, ask your friends if they would like to have some of your items.

Bonus tips for purging your home

– Start with your wardrobe. Sort through your wardrobe and set aside clothes you no longer need, pieces that don’t fit you anymore or those you haven’t worn for ages. If you are uncertain, try garments on and decide if they suit you or not. There is no need to move everything you own if you don’t use many of those items at all. Alternatively, you can do a good deed and give your clothes to charities. People in need will undoubtedly appreciate your kind gesture.

– An overloaded kitchen can turn cooking into an unpleasant experience. There are probably some kitchen gadgets you haven’t been using for a while, old cookbooks, spices… Movers usually refuse to move perishables, so make sure to use them or dispose of them properly and declutter before the move. Some of the old kitchen gadgets or appliances can be recycled, so find out more information on how that really works by contacting the manufacturer directly.

– Dispose of unnecessary documents properly. Shred old bills, receipts, personal paperwork, bank statements, and any other documents you no longer need.

– Books are always valuable, so you can either sell them or donate them.

Attics and garages seem to be the most critical areas when decluttering due to their storage potential. Unfortunately, many items end up stored there out of sight and completely forgotten.

– Organize a garage sale and sell unnecessary items at a low price. Remember that your main goal is not to earn a lot of money, but to get rid of those items as soon as possible.

There are multiple benefits to purging your home prior to moving day. Just make sure you have a clear strategy in place once you decide to declutter before the move.

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