Safety moving tips - how to avoid injuries when moving

Safety moving tips - how to avoid injuries when moving

Moving is both an emotionally and physically challenging task. Anyone who has moved house knows how tiring moving can be. A physical injury is almost certain outcome if you don’t pay close attention to your movements. So, it is absolutely important to be informed of how to prevent possible injuries throughout the move.

How to stay safe during the move?

By following these guidelines, you can ensure peace of mind during the move.

Plan ahead

A good organization and moving strategy will ensure a safe move, so plan each step ahead in order to prevent any accidental injury. When packing, take into account possible accessibility issues both at your previous home and at the new one. Check whether you will need additional help in form of friends or a reliable moving company.

Be careful with the moving boxes

Don’t overpack moving boxes NYC. It’s not necessary to measure each one, just make sure you can lift them without any difficulty. A box shouldn’t exceed the limit of 50 pounds. And remember – do not bend over the boxes. Keep your back straight and use your entire lower body to lift the box.

a person holding five boxes

Knowing proper lifting techniques will reduce the possibility of getting injured during the moving process, so:

  • Take small steps and walk slowly while carrying a huge item.
  • Don’t lift heavy boxes over your head.
  • Don’t turn with your hips, but with your feet.
  • Carry the boxes close to your body, not on your shoulders or head.
  • Carry no more than one box at a time. It is always better to make a double trip for other boxes rather than to risk a moving injury.

Moving equipment will help you avoid moving injuries

Get proper moving equipment. Easily manageable tools will help you move heavy items almost effortlessly. A few dollies and straps will save your back strain and move heavy items. A dolly is known for its efficiency in terms of moving bulky household items. A safety ramp is perfect for loading and unloading heavy items into the moving truck. You can use it for furniture, larger kitchen appliances, and large boxes.

Furniture Dolly

Clear the pathways

Inspect the area around your current and new home so as to identify some possible dangerous spots. Make sure the steps are visible for those who are not familiar with the property. Clear the pathways throughout the house. Make sure the moving boxes are not laying all around the house, or plants and similar objects. Also, if your entrance is likely to become slippery, buy a traction mat. Clear the moving paths by removing possible obstacles. Find the closest available spot where the truck will park and reserve it before the moving day, if necessary.

Find reliable help to reduce the risk of moving injuries

Get some help. Packing, unpacking, cleaning, loading, unloading, carrying heavy boxes are some of the tasks meant to be done by the team, not by one person. If you are performing the DIY move, friends and family members can provide both physical and emotional help. On the other hand, if you choose professional assistance provided by experienced movers you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled carefully. Reputable NYC movers stick to every safety procedure and do their best to keep accidents at bay. Also, if the movers get some moving injuries during the relocation of your belongings, you will not be held responsible for that.

Finally, a reputable moving company will provide you with several insurance options, so that even if your items get damaged, you would still be compensated for the loss.

Find a sitter for your kids and pets

Keep your kids and pets away from your or movers’ way. Have some of the friends or relatives look after them, because having them around the movers carrying heavy boxes can be really dangerous. Knowing that your little ones are safe away from the boxes and moving equipment you can get back to fulfilling your moving tasks smoothly. Also, having your kids and pets outside during the moving day will help them avoid a physical moving injury. If small, they cannot understand why their habitat is becoming empty, and they go through a lot of stress on a moving day.


Dress properly for the moving day

What to wear on a moving day? Wear suitable clothing. The moving day is usually very exhausting so make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Your clothes mustn’t restrict your movements, so wear flexible materials. Bear in mind that your clothing is likely to get ruined during the moving process, so put on something old. Also, wear a comfortable, durable pair of shoes – sports shoes seem like a good choice.

Packing material is very important

In order to ensure a smooth move, take good care of your belongings, pack them properly so as to avoid any damage. Prepare enough packing supplies. Use a lot of protective material, padding, bubble wrap, and choose wisely to who you will entrust your items. Also, think about your and every helper’s health during the move – prepare snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. If you eventually realize that moving on your own can easily become risky, hire a professional mover, and ensure your peace of mind while your items are being moved from one place to another.

Hands Popping The Bubbles In Bubble Wrap

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Accidents and moving injuries tend to happen if you are sleep deprived. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, no matter how busy you are. Your body will be grateful to you for this, and you will reduce the risk of moving injuries down to a bare minimum. Also, don`t forget to eat healthy food. If you have a lot of frozen food in the fridge, start defrosting it and using it on a daily basis. The healthier your eating and sleeping habits are, the lesser are the chances for a moving injury.

What to do in case of a moving injury?

Sometimes, even with all the precaution measures taken accidents happen anyway. We hope it does not happen to you, but it is good to be prepared. In case you injure your back, fingers, or limbs make sure to go to the doctor`s right away. Although it may not seem like such a big issue, and that you will just waste your time, this is the best thing you can do. Having a moving injury can complicate and even delay your relocation. So, visit the doctor and take some pain medications. It is also important not to panic, as everything will be all right. Good luck!

Planning a move?

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