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Guidelines to stress-free downsizing

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Opt for a clutter-free new beginning when downsizing to a smaller home

While trying to coordinate all moving tasks and make the most of the time leading to moving day, the entire move may seem like a never-ending process. There are a lot great things about moving to a new place, but downsizing is definitely not one of them.

As we all know, moving may pose a series of challenges, especially if you are moving to a smaller home. While people may assume that downsizing is just getting rid of extra stuff, the process is a bit more complicated. Experience of downsizing a family home can be really overwhelming. As a result, some people may consider it as a step backward. However, depending on your point of view, moving can be either an adventurous event or a stress-packed experience.

An intentional size reduction of your home means embracing a new, simpler lifestyle that brings along a lot of benefits. Make the most of an amazing opportunity to create a new, clutter-free chapter of your life.

Downsizing as a new lifestyle?

Purging your life of unnecessary items wouldn’t be so difficult if people weren’t so emotionally attached to them. Moving to a smaller residence is a natural course of action if:

  • you are facing financial struggles
  • high upkeep and maintenance costs
  • you are approaching retirement
  • experiencing an empty nest syndrome
  • you are willing to trade size for location

It should come as no surprise that the key is to allow yourself enough time to sort through your possessions. Make sure to identify and stick to your goals while trying to pare down your belongings. Considering the amount of unused items that are cluttering up your place, maybe it’s time for a clean slate after all.

While letting go of your earthly possessions is a major undertaking, settling down in a smaller place can be rewarding. Fewer monthly expenses, less upkeep and maintenance work and more organized lifestyle are just some of the reasons why moving to a smaller place actually makes sense. Whether you are moving long distance or a couple of blocks away, an efficient downsizing strategy in place will ensure a smooth transition to a new home.

Take a detailed inventory of your belongings

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Weigh carefully all pros and cons of downsizing before you get to work

Easily replaceable, but demanding items are the ones you could probably live without. Transporting certain items turns out to be more expensive than replacing them with the new ones after the move. This rings true especially if you will be sharing a living space with someone else. Whether you are moving in with your significant other or with a best friend, chances are that you will have a lot of duplicate items. Merging two households requires thorough planning and compromises, so make sure you two start off on the right foot.

Therefore, be honest when answering one simple question: Which items are really important to you? Figuring out how to squeeze a lifetime’s worth of belongings into a smaller place can be a daunting and emotional task. Deciding what to keep and what to toss requires certain premeditation, so make sure to approach the task with determination.

To store or not to store when downsizing?

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Make the most of multi-purpose furniture when transitioning to a smaller home

It’s highly advisable to put together a list of absolutely necessary and unnecessary items. No matter the size of your new place, you can still make it stylish and comfortable.

Smart storage solutions are your ally when transitioning to a more minimalist way of living. For the space saving purposes take advantage of multi-functional furniture like nesting table, pouf, wall shelves, storage boxes, storage ottomans,…  Creative use of furniture may go a long way towards making your space work for your new lifestyle. As it turns out, there is lot of potential storage space on your walls. Optimize your wall space with cabinets, custom-designed shelves and drawers so as to free up the floors.

In case you are having a hard time letting go of your possessions, the good news is that you can still keep most of them by renting a suitable storage unit. A self-storage unit may accommodate everything you may need at some point in the future, but cannot store at home. Choose from a wide variety of storage options, so that you don’t have to give up on the items you hold dear. Things that you don’t use often will be kept safe at a storage facility nearby so that you can easily reach them.

Sell, donate, recycle when downsizing

When sorting through your belongings you are bound to come across a lot of unnecessary, old or unwanted items. Some of them will end up in the trash, while others may be put to good use. Has it ever occurred to you that a household move has a major impact on your environment? As it turns out, by choosing to recycle you will actually embrace an eco-friendly move. So, contact the nearest recycling center and find out how you can dispose of your household items in an environmentally friendly way.

There are some productive ways to get rid of unnecessary items so as to have a fresh start in a neat and tidy new home. Since you cannot afford the luxury to de-clutter only after the move, it would be wise to tackle this unpleasant activity prior to moving day. Not only will you save money on packing supplies, but also you’ll get the possibility for a perfect clean slate.

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Spread the word about your garage sale well in advance

Even if you hire affordable movers, there’s no point in transporting items that you will eventually part with when settling into a new home. Releasing your memories can be an emotional process, but instead of grieving, try to focus on benefits that will follow. If you are willing to give away some of your possessions, you will be able to help people in need. Why wouldn’t you help your local community by donating items you certainly can live without?

Furthermore, de-cluttering can be a profitable process if you have enough time to plan and organize a garage sale. Check with the local authorities whether you need a special permission to hold a garage sale. Advertise the upcoming event via social media stating the exact location and time. Also, get your friends involved from the start and have some fun together!