Ultimate guidelines to an eco-friendly relocation

Ultimate guidelines to an eco-friendly relocation

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An upfront planning is an essential prerequisite for a successful eco-friendly relocation

Keeping our environment clean and safe is everyone’s responsibility. If you’ve been looking for ways to make your move as green as possible, then look no further! The good news is that you can normally handle both residential and business moves in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. As it turns out, it doesn’t take much time and effort to go green during your relocation process.

With a few small modifications you can make the entire household move easier on the planet.

While handling multiple moving tasks at the same time, people seem to forget that it’s their responsibility to limit negative impact on the environment.

So, in order to make this move less stressful on you and your environment, have an efficient strategy for an eco-friendly relocation in place. Having in mind the well-being of your surroundings, you may want to slightly alter your habits and adjust your actions. Although you might’ve never taken the green aspect of the move into consideration, now is the perfect time to learn more about those simple, yet effective steps. It’s no secret that the way you pack, de-clutter and transport your belongings may harm your surroundings.

Hopefully the following considerations will entice you to implement green solutions during the upcoming relocation. Making a conscious effort to reduce a negative impact on the Earth during the move may go a long way towards protecting the environment.

Staying green during your eco-friendly relocation

Make a list of all items you haven’t been using for a while. Chances are that you will have a hard time leaving behind certain items. But, what’s the point of transporting goods that will only clutter up your new place? Not to mention that you will pay additionally for packing materials and transportation costs for the items you are not going to use. Therefore, be honest with yourself when deciding what to move and what to toss.

a cardboard box with a recycling symbol above as an indication for an eco-friendly relocation
An upcoming move will inspire you to de-clutter and free up some space in your new home

But, instead of simply throwing away unnecessary items, consider re-purposing them. You’ve got the opportunity to give your old items a new life, so consider donating them. You may contact a local charity organization and offer your donation. People in need will appreciate your kind gesture, while your moving load will be reduced. Also, by holding a garage sale you will be able to reduce the moving load, therefore save on transportation costs.

Preferably, you will opt for the pre-move and post-move recycling. Contact the nearest recycling center so as to get all necessary information regarding the pick-up procedures. Also, make sure to dispose of used moving boxes properly. Friends or relatives who are moving house soon can benefit from your moving leftovers, while damaged moving supplies should be taken to the nearest recycling center.

Reusable packing supplies for an eco-friendly relocation process

Although you’ve got a lot on your mind when preparing for a household move, take a moment to examine possible solutions for a green relocation. Planning and performing a household move requires a lot of hard work, which is why people often forget to keep our environment a cleaner place for all of us.

a pile of stacked, green plastic moving bins with a ''dumbo moving and storage'' logo ready for an eco-friendly relocation
Get hold of plastic moving containers for the upcoming eco-friendly relocation

Instead of tossing your old electronics, plastic, cardboard and other household goods, take them to the nearest recycling center.

It comes as no surprise that the more reusable packing supplies you use, the more eco-friendly the move will be. Therefore, get in touch with friends and relatives who have moved house recently. Maybe they are willing to hand over cardboard moving boxes and other supplies in good condition they no longer need. The good news is that by contacting the nearest grocery shops, restaurants, bookstores you will be able to obtain free cardboard moving boxes that you can pass on or recycle later on.

Also, make sure to put your household supplies to good use when collecting packing materials. In order to reduce your carbon foot print and minimize waste you may want to use your old blankets, bed sheets and towels to secure your fragile possessions. Furthermore, clean laundry hampers, suitcases and baskets can be an efficient green alternative to tons of cardboard boxes. However, renting plastic moving bins has proven to be a good idea when planning an eco-friendly relocation. Dependable movers usually offer plastic moving containers among other services. If you choose to rent them, your movers will deliver containers and pick them up at your new location. As a result, there will be no additional waste and you will perform a more eco-friendly relocation.

Choosing an eco-friendly moving company

An efficient way to start your green move is to get in touch with an environmentally aware and socially responsible moving company. When researching local and international moving companies, make sure you are dealing with those who encourage eco-friendly relocation practices. An environment-oriented attitude combined with positive moving reviews and affordable moving services can go a long way toward a successful household move.

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Professional movers will guide you through all the stages of your environmentally friendly move

Compare moving quotes from several moving companies so as to find the moving package that suits your needs and requirements. What’s usually a stressful and exhausting moving day, reliable movers may turn into a smooth and successful experience. What’s more, depending on the agreement with your movers, they can pick up and dispose of all moving leftovers.

As it turns out, movers that comply with environmentally friendly procedures happen to be your ally during the upcoming relocation process. Here at Dumbo moving and storage we support and implement green initiatives like recycling, reusing moving supplies and minimizing waste. While our main goal is to keep our customers happy, we are also focused on the environmental impact of practices.

Remember that only a fully dedicated and properly trained moving company can take away a great deal of relocation stress. They will do their best to make the entire process easier on everyone involved.

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