Tips for a minimalist move

Tips for a minimalist move

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An upcoming minimalist move will trigger lots of questions and doubts when it comes to deciding what to move and what to toss

Although a household move ranks high on the list of most stressful life events, you might be wondering how to turn it into a straight-forward process.

It’s no secret that unnecessary clutter tend to pile up over the years. Only when you start sorting through your possessions you will realize that there’s no point in keeping an excessive amount of unnecessary items that are cluttering up the entire place. When moving to a smaller property you will be forced to pare down your belongings. Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is just another of so many challenges posed by a household move.

When deciding to go for a minimalist move and what to leave behind it seems almost impossible to stick to minimalist practices. Giving up on the sentimental clutter is an additional challenge imposed by a household move. But guess what – chances are that there are tons of items that you can live without after moving house. Things you haven’t been using during the last couple of years are the ones you should probably get rid of. That way you won’t be wasting your time and money moving items that you won’t use.

As it turns out, people seem to hold onto unnecessary things because they assume that they may need them some day. Usually they are not aware of the excessive stuff they own until they face moving house.

Here’s how you can organize your household relocation and get rid of an excessive clutter once and for all. Moving house is a great time to sort through your belongings, so make the most of it!

A minimalist move made easier and simpler

Cluttering up a new home with the things that you hardly ever use doesn’t make sense. Although getting rid of unnecessary items would be the best thing to do, it’s easier said than done.

We are now sharing some tips that proved to be helpful when moving house and immersing in the minimalist lifestyle. Now is the perfect time to stop accumulating things just in case and because you might use them someday. As it turns out, a minimalist move is a great starting point to create a clean environment.

You may find it difficult to leave behind those unnecessary, yet somehow dear items and transition to the minimalist lifestyle. You are bound to experience mixed emotions or even the sense of guilt when trying to get rid of some sentimental clutter. But, keep in mind that we are not our things and they do not define who we are. Just stay optimistic and look forward to a clean slate in a new, clutter-free home.

While it can be difficult at first, you will realize that there are multiple benefits of a minimalist move. But, the question is: where to start? Moving is never easy, but hopefully the guidelines below will make it less complicated.

A minimalist move: your new lifestyle

– Have a proper strategy in place. In order to regain control of your personal space you will need to make some important decisions. How to pare down your belongings and create an environment free of unnecessary items is just one of the most difficult ones. As you already know, leaving everything until the last minute may generate additional stress and tension. Therefore, start your preparations well in advance so as to allow yourself to say goodbye to the belongings you no longer need.

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A positive attitude can help you go through a minimalist move smoothly

– Maintain a positive attitude. It’s easy to get sentimental when dealing with certain items. Although you may feel sad about letting go of some personal belongings, always consider the positive aspects. The less stuff you move, the lower the moving costs will be. Also, needless to say, you will feel much more comfortable in a clutter-free home that you can arrange to your taste.

– Certain items are just not worth the hassle of moving and paying extra, so make sure to identify them as soon as possible. De-cluttering is critical for any moving process, so it’s important to be honest with yourself when deciding what to move and what to toss. Go through each cupboard, drawer, closet, box so as to decide what’s worth moving.

How to de-clutter when preparing for a minimalist move?

One of the most important prerequisites of a successful de-cluttering process is to have a strong motivation. If you understand why it is important to give up on certain items, it will be easier for you to stick to your goals and intentions. Just imagine how much time, money and space you will save by not moving everything you own. After all, a lower moving quote provided by your local movers can be a good incentive. The point is that the right mindset can go a long way toward achieving your goals.

Consider various options of disposal as you sort through your belongings. Once you make up your mind, plan the future for the belongings you won’t be moving to a new home. By disposing of unnecessary household belongings you will be able to simplify the course of moving house. In addition to that, you can make use of a local storage unit to preserve your treasured possessions.

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Let’s save some money by embracing a minimalist move!

– Put some cash in your pocket. By spreading a word about the upcoming garage sale you may attract lots of potential customers. If you pick a favorable date for the moving sale and advertise the event properly, chances are that many visitors will drop by. A profitable garage sale also requires some advance preparation, so start ahead of time if the situation allows it.

– Donate and give away gently-used items while purging your home. Contact local charity organization and offer your donation. You’ve got the opportunity to make someone else happy and people in need will appreciate your kind gesture for sure. Also, ask around if your friends are interested in keeping some of your belongings. They may actually put them to good use and do you a great favor by taking over a part of your household possessions.

Planning a move?

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