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How to pack a garage and storage area for the move

moving garageOrganizing the garage or storage shed for the move usually takes a lot of time and hard work. Due to their particular content (rarely or never used tools, potentially harmful, heavy, sharp or bulky items,…), you need to come up with an efficient packing plan as soon as you decide to move.

This is an inevitable process and postponing this task is not a good idea. Make it a priority on your moving checklist and get it done while you are still fresh and energetic.

Tips for packing a garage

– Sort through your belongings and decide what to move and what to recycle, sell or donate.

– Get rid of unwanted items. Consider donating or selling all the items you haven’t used for a long time. Paying for the transportation of the items you won’t be using in the future is not a reasonable decision, especially if you are downsizing.

– Get proper packing supplies – sturdy cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, stackable plastic moving containers, zip lock bags,…Remember, use small cardboard boxes for heavy tools.

– Dispose of non-allowables. Probably there are some hazardous items that movers won’t transport due to safety reasons – motor oil, gasoline, pesticides, fire extinguisher, car batteries, firework, paint, antifreeze, cleaning supplies. Contact your local authorities to find out how you can properly dispose of potentially dangerous materials.

– Ideally, power tools are packed in their original packaging. In case you haven’t saved the original box, you have to make sure the tools are well protected with a lot of bubble wrap and packed in small and medium containers. All detached parts should be removed and packed separately. Lawnmowers, weed whackers or chainsaws should be drained of gas or oil, dismantled and wrapped with protective covers.

– Pack small hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers in a special toolbox or small cardboard box and make sure you can reach it anytime in case there is something that needs to be fixed.

– Long-handled tools (brooms, shovels,…) should be protected with padding. Sharp edges of the tools must be carefully wrapped.

– Outdoor furniture should be cleaned and dismantled before the moving day. Use a plastic bag and packing tape to wrap the umbrella.

– Clean the barbecue grill and remove the unused charcoal. The propane tank is not allowed in the moving truck and cannot be transported with other items. The best would be to buy a new one once when you get to your new home.

– Easily replaceable items are not worth transporting. Unless you are particularly attached to your garbage can, buy a new one once you reach your new home. Moving a smelly and old garbage can along with other items can be a bit complicated, so save yourself the trouble and replace it.

– Your movers will suggest the best way for transporting your vehicle. If you are moving long distance and you won’t be driving to your new location, opt for auto transportation services. Whether you are moving to another country or overseas, have your vehicle shipped by professionals. Bicycles also need to be dismantled and packed in specialized bicycle boxes, especially if shipped by air.

– Children’s equipment should be dismantled and packed in its original boxes. All small parts should be kept in a plastic bag. Follow the instructions indicated in the manual if you have one, if not, note down or take a picture of every step while you are dismantling the equipment, so that you can put it back together easily at your new home.

– Labeling moving boxes properly is as important as any other moving task. Mark all the boxes according to the type of content, so your movers and helpers know how to treat each of them.

– Organize a garage sale once you arrange your items and decide what won’t be moved.
Packing your garage and storage area will require less time if you organize and declutter your belongings.