NYC Moving tips - Moving day guidelines

NYC Moving tips - Moving day guidelines


Moving day requires your full attention and it usually takes longer than expected, so don’t make any other plans except move-related ones.

Whether you are performing the move on your own or with the professional help, you should be fully prepared for the moving day.With moving strategy or specific plan moving day doesn’t have to be necessarily a nightmare.

Here are some of the most important guidelines on how to behave when the big day arrives.

– After you have previously verified with your NYC moving company the details of the move – date and time, addresses, inventory list etc, ask them to show you the Bill of lading before they load the truck. Check carefully the terms and conditions of the move.
– Find a parking place for the moving truck. If you are moving to the house, this shouldn’t be a problem. But, if your new residence is in a building, you may have to set up the parking place in advance and probably reserve an elevator.
– Keep your children and pets away on moving day. Ask your neighbors or relatives to take care of them, because it’s very unsafe for them to be in the house while the professionals are moving boxes. Furthermore, they will need your constant attention, which you cannot provide all the time, due to the moving chaos.
– Prepare plenty od drinks and snacks for you and everyone helping with the move.
– Prepare an overnight bag with all essentials.
– Take all your valuables – money, personal documents, jewelry with you.
– Confirm with your cleaning service the exact date. You will probably need them the day after the move.
– Make sure to pack all your belongings in boxes. If there are some items you can’t deal with, put them in the center of the room, so that movers have an easy access.
– Unless your belongings are packed properly, they can get seriously damaged, so consult your movers for further instructions.
– In case you have arranged for wardrobe boxes with your moving company, leave your hanging clothes in the closet and wait for the movers.
– Put all your paintings and mirrors down and lean them against the wall.
– In order to reduce the number of boxes and waste, get rid of all unnecessary items by selling them or giving them away to charity. This way you will make the unpacking more bearable.
– Although the movers are supposed to load and unload the truck, it won’t be a bad idea to oversee the packing process.
– Once the truck is loaded, don’t forget to check the house one more time in case you have forgotten something. Check if there are some damages.
– During the transport communicate with the movers and be informed about their location at any given moment.
– Make sure to arrive to the new home before your movers do in order to inspect the house. Check the utilities and prepare instructions for the movers, so that they know where to put each box.
– Draw a floor plan of the new house. Provided that you have previously labeled the boxes, their job would be much easier. Decide in advance where you would like them to put your items. You certainly don’t want to replace some heavy pieces of furniture on your own afterwards.
– Supervise the unloading process.
– Once the truck is unloaded, check once again that there is nothing left inside.
– Check if some of the items got damaged during the transport and verify if the damage is covered by the insurance.
– Make sure that you have certain amount of cash on hand in case of some unexpected, hidden costs. Remember to tip your movers, especially if you are satisfied with their services.
– If you have paid a moving deposit fee when you hired the movers, you will have to provide the rest of the money on the very moving day.
– If you arrive to your new residence late at night, the best option would be to go to bed and start unpacking tomorrow morning.

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