What to expect when moving from NYC to Florida

What to expect when moving from NYC to Florida

Florida is a famous vacation hot spot that people enjoy visiting.  But when you have your heart set on moving from NYC to Florida, what should you expect? You should know that the Sunshine state can satisfy even the most refined of tastes. Being one of the largest states by population in the US, it boasts endless entertainment options, art districts, and beautiful landscapes. It offers plenty of theme parks, white-sand beaches, and a breathtaking coastline.

The weather in Florida is one of the most appealing assets. But there’s a lot more to discover about this place. If you want to know this sunny state intimately and you decided to move there permanently, there will be plenty to explore. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to relocating interstate to Florida than just enjoying near-constant sunshine. Whether the tax benefits attract you, warm weather, or job prospects, go ahead and do your research beforehand.

palm trees in Florida
You’ll be enjoying amazing landscapes after relocating to Florida

Moving from NYC to Florida can be a pretty shocking experience because you should start over again, make new friends, contacts, find a new job or school for your children, and adapt to different climate conditions. Therefore we prepared for you the rundown of the pros and cons of moving from NYC to Florida before you make the final call.

Pros of moving from NYC to Florida

According to some demographers, Florida is about to surpass NYC as the third most populous state. This is because, for many decades, Florida’s population has been growing faster than NYC’s. Florida’s population is continuously expanding thanks to the people seeking better career opportunities in various fields: medical, financial services, biotechnology. And there must be several good reasons for it.

The most common reasons why people are moving from NYC to Florida are:

Great weather conditions

Amazing weather conditions is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about moving from NYC to Florida. Sunshine state is a perfect destination if you want to escape the winters of the north. You can spend your weekends enjoying the beach that will be only a drive away. Everyone enjoys the sight of tanned and lightly dresses people all year round. The Atlantic Ocean and its tropical current make beaches suitable for swimming. If surfing is your cup of tea, you will be happy to know that Florida offers one of the warmest surf waters on the United States mainland.

Cost of living

Here comes the shocking part after you move from NYC− there is no income tax in Florida. Furthermore, the overall tax burden of Florida has been ranked as one of the lowest in the country. This is the fact that attracts many people. It does have a sales tax and other taxes, but income is not one of them. You can save this money and rather use it on discovering some of the many attractions that Florida has to offer. In addition to this, the price of rent can be significantly lower than the high prices in NYC. Some researches show that NYC is 32% more expensive than Miami. When you consider pricing in Miami, this difference gets even bigger if you choose a smaller town in Florida. People choose to move to Florida because it also offers a high possibility to find low-skill jobs.

Beautiful landscapes and beaches

Imagine picturesque sandy beaches with palm trees, fresh springs, and a lot of sunshine. These are some of the characteristics that make Florida a very desirable location to move to. Think of the weekends that you can spend gazing at the sunset under the palm tree. Think of the freshly caught seafood that you can indulge in with the ocean view. If you ever desire to change the surrounding, Florida offers easy access to Latin America and Europe due to its geographical position.

Clearwater Beach in Florida
You can find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Florida

Downsides of moving from NYC to Florida

It may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s always good to know what to expect when embarking on such an important change, like moving from NYC to Florida. It might not always be all about sandy beaches and sunshine. The fact that your grandparents or elderly parents enjoy the local weather doesn’t mean that it will suit you too. Ideally, you will make your own list of pros and cons, always having in mind what truly matters to you.

Hopefully, the following list will help future Florida residents make the right decision.

Tropical storms

Hurricane season could make Florida less desirable. Rain and floods happen to come as no surprise to Florida citizens. From May through October there is a defined rain season that brings often and brief thundershowers.

Hurricane as One of the Cons of Moving From NYC to Florida
Be prepared for negative aspects of moving to Florida


Chances of extreme heat are pretty high. While it suits some people, others might have difficulties adapting to very humid air. This is due to the geography of Florida, being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with its tropical current and the warm Gulf of Mexico. The more north you go, the less humid it will be, however, it might still be too humid for some people. You can do a bit of research on humidity levels in Florida and see if it works for you.


Since public transportation in NYC is well-organized, residents don’t really need a car, which is not the case in Florida. Most people drive cars and it often causes traffic jams. It can be a challenge to get around without a car. If you want to avoid driving, skip Miami and consider one of the smaller places in Florida.

You Can Expect Traffic Jams When You Move from NYC to Florida
Miami, FL has some of the worst traffic in the nation


If you choose to move to some of the most popular cities in Florida, you’d better arm yourself with patience. Chances are you will experience long lines and crowd anywhere near the most famous attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Miami Beach, Art deco historic district, Everglades national park, Sea World Orlando, and many more. Tourists are a significant part of all attractions. However, moving from NYC you will already have some skills regarding crowd and lines.

Where to move from NYC in Florida

Known for its diversity, there are cities in Florida that appeal both to new college graduates and to families and retirees. It’s no secret that Florida attracts people of all ages to settle along its sunny coastline. Each part of the Sunshine State has its specific charm, so make sure to do your timely research to decide what area suits you best.

Pins on the Map Showing Where to Go When Moving from NYC to Florida
Each part of Florida has its unique charm

Merely assuming that Florida is all about beaches and sunshine may result in some wrong conclusions and disappointing mistakes. Considering its diversity, it should come as no surprise that South Florida and North Florida sometimes feel like entirely different states. Here’s what you should know when moving from NYC to Florida. Even if you’ve narrowed down your options to just one state, there are still a lot of things to consider before the actual move takes place.

North or South Florida

The most obvious difference between North and South Florida is the weather. People who are moving from NYC to Florida usually expect all-year-round warm weather. What most of them don’t know is that the northern part of the state is likely to get a certain amount of snowfall as well. With the winter temperatures below freezing, North Florida seems to attract people who want to experience more than one or two different seasons occasionally. Furthermore, South Florida is exposed to the impact of rising sea levels and other climate changes.

The urban or family-friendly city

When moving from NYC to Florida, you should stay alert during the hurricane season, which is especially important if relocating to the southern part of the state.  If you are looking to move to a bustling urban area, you should look no further than Miami or Orlando. On the other hand, some of the most family-friendly cities in Florida are Maitland, Parkland, Kissimmee, and Niceville.

Miami Florida
If you have more modern taste, Miami might be the best place to live in

Whatever part of Florida you choose to call home, be sure that you will be enjoying its stunning nature and wildlife, water sports, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful weather.

The decision about the best place in Florida to move to is mostly subjective. Having weighed all the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make a choice that works best for your needs and personal situation.

The best way to move from NYC to Florida

Moving long distance could be as exciting as much as it is overwhelming. Having decided, after thorough consideration, that Florida is the place you will call home, it is time now to think of the logistics. Relocating from one state to another is not an easy project and therefore requires meticulous planning and organization. Considering all the factors and potential difficulties involved in the moving process, opting for a DIY option would be a great challenge. A reliable moving company is your best ally when moving long-distance.

Relying on the expertise of a dependable moving company NYC would make more sense for sure. As it turns out, every moving process is challenging, and partnering up with a trustworthy moving company will make things a lot easier. Ideally, you will start planning several months if you aim to get the best deal possible on moving and packing services NYC.

Depending on your personal situation, there are two options when it comes to long-distance moving: exclusive move and consolidated move.

An exclusive move

This type of move is usually a good idea in urgent situations. It includes picking up your belongings at your current NYC home and moving them directly to your new address. Since the moving truck is reserved only for your belongings and they are delivered within a short period, this option is a bit pricey.

Choose Between an Exclusive or Consolidated Move

A consolidated move

This is certainly a more affordable option because your goods are sharing space in the moving truck with other people’s belongings. The delivery time-frame is within 10 business days, depending on the location of your new home.

Bonus tips for hiring movers

A long-distance move with a trustworthy moving company should be stress-free and convenient for you. Moving from NYC to Florida or vice versa is a very important step for everyone involved, and professional movers will undoubtedly make the transition much easier.

green dumbo moving truck
A reliable moving company is your best ally when moving long-distance

They truly understand your needs and requests, and you can be sure that your belongings will be safe no matter the distance. All your household items are handled carefully, packed, and secured properly and delivered within the agreed time-frame. Competitive moving costs, professional and reliable service are some of the reasons why you should not settle for a less professional moving company.

A quality moving company will help you stay organized throughout the entire moving process. They will provide you with an efficient plan and prompt execution. You can easily get a free moving estimate and compare it with those from other moving companies. Always remember to request an online or in-home estimate to get an accurate offer.

When researching additional moving services in Brooklyn, you may want to purchase insurance for your household goods. Also, in some cases, your belongings need to be stored, especially if you choose a consolidated moving option. Moving from NYC to Florida will impact all aspects of your life and should be based on an informed decision, so make sure you understand what it takes to perform a smooth move.

Moving and storage in Brooklyn will be your ally from NYC all the way to the Sunshine State. We offer full-service for a safe and convenient move. You can contact us and we will visit your home to provide a moving price.

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