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It seems that nothing scares people more when moving than seeing their precious items damaged or broken. Moving indeed provokes a great deal of stress even to think about it. It is true that every relocation is a story to itself, and that it requires a unique approach. In case you are thinking about moving special items such as a pool table, then we strongly recommend you look for a reliable pool table movers NYC to help you handle its relocation. Dumbo Moving & Storage can offer you excellent specialists for moving and operating with pool tables, and all you have to do is give them a call. Contact our moving company today and make the relocation of your pool table a stress-free process!

Have pool table NYC professionals move your pool table

Benefits of hiring our pool table movers NYC

Having professionals, specially trained for this kind of relocation is what will make transport of your pool table less complicated. Simply, by hiring movers with a fine set of skills for handling, you won’t have to worry that this particular item will be damaged during transport. It is important to know that when it comes to moving objects such as a piano, pool table, or some other bulky furniture, being physically strong is not the only thing you need. To move this item the right way, you need to know the procedure. And have the necessary tools. You will get all of it with your chosen pool table movers NYC.

No fear of injury with the real movers

One of the major issues most people have, when they opt for DIY moving is that moving-related injuries happen more often. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of hiring pool table movers is avoiding injuries when moving. Even though accidents may arise during any relocation, it is a fact that they occur more often when these kinds of items are involved. So, put your mind at ease and don’t put yourself in danger of getting hurt.

Proper guiding is guaranteed

If this is your first time relocating, then we believe that this aspect of our service will be of great help. Our local movers NYC specialized in pool table moving is all the help you’ll need. We can move all of your items, including a pool table without any problems. They will arrive in one piece. Undamaged. And we will make sure to be there for you all the time. We are aware that support is what most people lack when moving. But not with us. Dumbo’s pool table movers NYC will be there for you at every step of the way.

You will see as soon as we start working that we are assistants you need. Our skills and knowledge in this field are of crucial importance.

Our pool table movers NYC will live up to your expectations

When hiring moving professionals, it is vital to be satisfied with the choice. Sometimes it is not so easy to find adequate assistance. Moving is a serious venture, and not everyone is skilled enough. But our moving crew has many years of quality work under their belts. That makes them perfect people for doing this kind of job. We always strive for excellence, and that is why we know that we won’t disappoint you. Your expectations will be exceeded, and you will receive the top quality pool table moving services there are.

Your Pool table is in the hands of professionals

Put trust at the team of professional pool table movers

More often than not, moving pool table requires an additional set of actions, such as disassembling and crating. Whether disassembly is necessary or not is a decision pool table movers NYC will make. They will do it by carefully analyzing the situation. For that to happen, they will need to know certain information such as:

  • Exact dimensions of your pool table

  • The width and height of all doors in the house

  • The distance of the new place

These pieces of information will be a good guideline for pool table movers. It will enable them to have a good view of the overall situation. Moreover, it will enable them to make an easier decision on how to proceed further. And just like when hiring residential movers NYC, the more information they have, the easier it will be for them to come up with the proper moving plan.

A moving plan specially made for you

If you decide to hire our services, you can be sure that you will receive a pre-move plan with all the details about the upcoming pool table relocation. Among other pieces of information, this plan will tell you how many movers will be assigned to you. Also, you can read about which moving truck is necessary. We genuinely trust that having the pre-plan will make it easier for you to organize yourself and prepare faster. Perhaps participating actively in the process will make you feel more comfortable and ready.

We have all the tools you need

One of the key factors of successful pool table relocation is having a good set of tools. Luckily, we have all you need. Starting with stapler puller, a power drill and a carpenter’s level to safety goggles, we have it all. These are just some of the tools necessary to disassemble a pool table and assemble it when the time comes. Bear in mind that even if you have all of this equipment, do not try to dismantle the pool table on your own. Remember that this is one very heavy item and that even one wrong move can cause a lot of trouble. Moreover, you risk getting hurt. And that is the last thing you need.

To sum it all up, your pool table is absolutely safe in our hands, and we are more than happy to offer you all of our services, including the free moving estimate. Use this opportunity and make proper preparations. Leave the heavy work for us.