Moving to South Florida on a budget

Moving to South Florida on a budget

If you are wondering why so many northerners choose to leave cold and snowy cities for sunny Florida beaches, here, you can find some of the most attractive traits as well as challenges of moving there. South Florida seems to appeal to retirees due to the favorable climate condition and favorable tax friendliness. On the other hand, millennials often opt for moving to South Florida searching for a nice neighborhood to uproot their lives. Florida, commonly referred to as the Sunshine State, is the third fastest-growing state by population in the US. That is one of the principal reasons why people tend to hire interstate movers NYC to relocate them here.

palm trees and a sky
Moving to South Florida can add a new, unique flair to your lifestyle

However appealing living in busy metropolitan areas may seem, you may find yourself researching other options. Even those who have never thought of leaving restless and chaotic NYC lifestyle, at some point may come up with some different ideas. No matter how advantageous living in the city that never sleeps can be, the fact is that many New Yorkers head south looking for a different lifestyle and business opportunities.

There may come a time when you find yourself in need of a break from the big city hectic pace. If you are still hesitant about moving to South Florida, hopefully, our guidelines will help you make the right decision. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and energy by meticulously researching the place where you are going to move. We are here to lend you a helping hand and to ensure a smooth transition.

Why do people choose to move to the Sunshine State?

a car passing by Miami beach
People often decide to move to South Florida to get their share of warm weather

As it turns out, there are several good reasons why so many people choose to call South Florida their new home. If you are relocating for the first time, you should know that some timely and meticulous planning should be made. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, the truth is that relocating to South Florida can enrich your life in so many different ways.

If you are fond of all year round hot weather, you will find yourself right at home after the move. Aside from enjoying sandy beaches, you can engage yourself in different activities such as boating, kayaking, extreme cycling or playing golf. Being close to the ocean, you can have your vacation whenever you want without making some advance arrangements. Your personal oasis could be within walking distance.

In addition to that, you can have fun in the sun even during the winter months. Beautiful weather conditions allow you to stay active all year long as you can spend more time outside. Whether you are moving to Miami, Broward or Palm Beach, you’ll never be too far away from the vibrant nightlife, fancy restaurants or lovely bars.

Moving to South Florida could be the right choice if you are looking to buy your own house or apartment since property taxes rank below the national average, no wonder why so many young people decide to settle into this sunny state.

South Florida seems to be popular among retirees, and there are several good reasons why they gravitate to the Sunshine state.

  1. Near-average housing costs
  2. No state income tax
  3. Homestead exemption
  4. Temperate climate – mild winters and hot summers
  5. Retirement income is exempt

Cons of moving to South Florida

a hurricane on the beach after moving to South Florida
Relocating to Florida brings certain safety risks

Here are some of the biggest issues you may run into after moving to South Florida.

As with any other decision, this one also comes with certain disadvantages. As it turns out, a tropical climate is a double-edged sword for the people moving to South Florida.

Having decided to call South Florida your home, brace yourself for the extreme heat and humidity that can be pretty annoying during the summer months. Unfortunately, the downside of living in the tropical climate is exposure to very destructive and powerful hurricanes.

Also, if you are fond of wild hills and mountains and four distinct seasons, South Florida is not the place for you.

After you move there, chances are you will come across a lot of tourists, which can be annoying sometimes. And since you cannot rely on public transport, you will have to drive everywhere.

Also, when it comes to safety and affordability, some areas are notorious for sky-rocketing living costs and a very high crime rate.

Now that you are aware of both pros and cons, if you still want to relocate to South Florida, the next step would be to find reliable long distance movers NYC to support you.

Getting ready for the big move

stacked green moving containers
Get hold of various packing supplies before moving day

Having chosen the most suitable neighborhood and a perfect home, it’s time now to hire cheap movers in NYC that will ease your transition. But your prospective movers should be able to offer more than just favorable pricing. Check their online reputation through different sources and moving reviews. However, bear in mind that traditional word of mouth can be very valuable. If some of your friends have recently gone through a successful move, don’t hesitate to get all necessary information.

Depending on the season, you may be able to negotiate the terms with your movers, so the entire move could be cheaper than you expected. As moving day draws nearer and nearer, stress may quickly take over. To prevent unexpected mishaps and stay on budget we suggest the following:

  • Start preparing as soon as the idea of moving to South Florida becomes imminent. The earlier you start, the less you are going to pay for the overall organization.
  • Inventory your home and be ruthless while decluttering. Transporting unnecessary items may result in extra costs and cluttered new space.
  • Get adequate packing supplies that will withstand the weight of your goods. While there are places where you can get free moving boxes, consider getting some sturdy, specialty boxes for more delicate and expensive items.
  • Enlist your friends’ help on moving day. Gather strong and physically prepared individuals to help you with all the heavy lifting and hauling.
  • Alternatively, hire a trustworthy moving company as early as possible according to your moving budget.

Planning a move?

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