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Dumbo Moving and Storage has been a professional moving company NYC for almost ten years. As movers in Brooklyn for nearly a decade, we have seen our neighborhood grow. An art and foodie scene has developed. Many tech companies, app development offices, and online companies have bought up all the huge warehouses and buildings and converted them into offices. Dumbo Moving have seen areas around New York swell and shrink as well. And, if moving to Brooklyn is your next move whether for business reasons or some other, you have come to the right place. We are about to present you why Brooklyn movers, among many moving companies Brooklyn is your best choice when moving to or from King’s County.

Your requests are heard loud and clear

The initial step of our collaboration is scheduling a meeting where you have enough time to discuss your upcoming relocation. During this time, we tend to get as many information about the venture as possible. It gives us an insight of what you exactly need from us. After that, we start working on a strategy so that we could comply with all the requirements. Note that we are full-service local movers NYC, which means that we offer all kinds of moving services that you could possibly ask for.

Crew Movers
The Dumbo crew consist of experienced and trained professional Brooklyn movers.
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Let us know when and where you need to move and we will help you plan your moving costs.


  • The distance between your current and a new address. Make sure you understand that the further the relocation is, the higher the fee will be for your relocation.
  • The volume of your shipment. We advise you to give us as a precise estimate as possible so that we could tell you the closest price for this service.
  • Will you be renting storage NYC as well? The benefits and use of storage units are growing with each day. So, if you need one, we can offer you the most quality storage facilities in the whole area of New York City. What’s more, based on your requirements, you will find exactly the kind of storage you need.
  • How close is your moving day is also a piece of very important information for us. Ideally, it is recommended to begin with moving preparations as soon as possible. It is something that will make things a lot easier for both parties.


Gathering all of these pieces of information will bring us closer to finding an ideal solution for your moving case. Rest assured that, with our Brooklyn movers, you will be our number one priority once you step through our doors.

We offer top-quality services among moving companies Brooklyn

As we strive for excellence, we take every moving project seriously. This is why we can say with a lot of pride that you will receive nothing but the best of us. No matter what services you choose, from a vast range of services, it will be delivered with the utmost care and precision. Should you need packing or unpacking services NYC, we are there.

As the competition among moving companies Brooklyn is tough, we always do our best to stand out, and our customers have recognized that. That is very important to us as it inspires us to only be better and upgrade our services to a higher level. With us by your side you will receive:



  1. Efficient service is guaranteed. Our Brooklyn movers are so experienced that even the toughest jobs are done easily. This means that we finish our obligations towards you in the shortest amount of time, thus saving you your time which you can use to dedicate to dealing with all other obligations you have.
  2. Our services match our prices. We know that the budget is almost always a problem for people who plan relocation. This is why we have made a decision that our services could fit everyone’s budget. But we also tend to demonstrate the top-quality services which you will be satisfied with.
  3. We also offer various moving services. As one of the few full-service moving companies Brooklyn, there’s not a chance that you could ask for a service we cannot complete. We have been involved in this business for a long time and we have expanded our range of services for years. We know exactly what a customer
  4. The reputation we are proud of. Our customer satisfaction is our motivation to provide the best services. This is why we look at every our client as the most important one
  5. We devote our time equally. The time you have with us is only yours. This means that you will have our undivided attention.
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The list of services our Brooklyn movers offer is long.

Brooklyn Movers are there through every step of the relocation process

We know how confusing the whole process can be. But we would like to let you know that among moving companies Brooklyn you have a reliable partner. So, do not worry that you will be left alone. We will guide you and make the relocation easier and stress-free. Once we get all the information we need from you, that’s when our moving adventure begins.

movers from brooklyn
When you are looking for moving companies Brooklyn offers, you will find our moving services meet your requirements.

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On the official website of Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, you can get familiar with many other moving services we can provide you with. For your convenience, you can fill out the moving cost estimator as well as make payments online.

Accessibility to the city, cheap movers NYC, affordable rent and an emerging art scene. Although since Brooklyn has a greater transit system at the time and seen as a “hipster” area, it will be the trendy area in New York for a while. As the best Brooklyn NYC Movers out there, Dumbo Moving and Storage has got you covered. Welcome to Brooklyn!